Engineering Design

  • Design by Analysis

    Optical systems are complex. Stringent performance requirements often make it impossible to design by engineering experience and intuition alone (though both are certainly beneficial). Optomechanical design engineers must be able to do the analysis themselves or work closely with people who can in order to create the highest performance engineering design. Hand calculations are appropriate for some systems while topology or parametric optimization are required for other systems. At Optomechanical Services, we provide the full range of engineering approaches that best fit the optical system that is being designed.  

  • Design for Manufacturability

    Optimization by engineering analysis can produce excellent, theoretical results, but it is absolutely imperative that the design can actually be made. Today’s additive manufacturing capabilities can make obtuse geometries from materials like aluminum, titanium, and polymers, but the glasses still face very tight manufacturability constraints. Milling into a glass is an art. We understand the manufacturing constraints and make sure to acknowledge those in our design. Check out our 3D printing capabilities at

  • Produce Hardware

    Often projects want our engineering services and don’t expect hardware from us, but the culmination of our engineering design services is to provide the customer with high quality hardware. Some hardware can be sourced from local machine shops while other hardware must be made by people with a unique heritage and expertise. Our engineers know the lay of the industry, so that we can provide the hardware the customer needs without the customer going through an additional, burdensome procurement process.