• Optomechanical

    We are a one stop shop for your optomechanical engineering design and analysis needs. We can assess the performance of your optical system using hand calculations, finite element models, and error budgets. After a complete assessment, we can complete rapid design improvements by using parametric engineering models to optimize your design's performance.

  • Thermal

    Thermal analysis is necessary to understand the dimensional stability and performance of your optical system. Our engineers have the ability to analyze and test optical systems to understand how thermal stability affects the system's performance. We can design athermalization into the system to minimize thermal breathing, and we can provide insulation that will reduce thermal gradients and slow the system's thermal response - thereby minimizing the system's need for active corrections and maximizing the system's performance.

  • Structural

    Your optical system must perform well in all environments, and it must be able to survive without breaking even under the most extreme circumstances. We understand that. We believe in intelligent structural design, because it prevents distortion of the optics, and it ensures a lightweight optical system that will not bend or break. Our engineering process begins with topology optimization to find the best structural architecture and then bridges over to parametric finite element analysis to create high quality designs that are also very manufacturable and affordable to the customer.

  • Design

    We believe in providing the customer with well engineered product that they can touch and use. We are capable of producing engineering drawings and cutting metal without all of the red tape. Upon reciept of the hardware from one of the area's local shops, we will perform an incoming inspection to make sure that the hardware is what our customer needs. Our engineering design focuses on form, fit, and function, and with optics the aethetics come for free. Be sure to also check out our 3D printing capability at