ปิคนิคกินทุเรียน กับแฟนและยายนางจ้า

Welcome to Gin Pai Thai Rang. Today I’m taking you out for fishing and a picnic. But before the picnic, I’m making a stop for durians. And then we’ll have durians on the beach. Look at him. That’s it. Let’s go. Let’s go buy our durians. Are you ready? – Are you ready?
– I’m ready… Ready for what? To go buy durians and eat! Hello. Hello. Today we’re having a picnic on the beach. We made a stop on the way to buy some– durian. We visited a Thai market and got durians there. Hold on. I’ll show you. We’re relaxing on the shore at the lake, and we’re going to fish. We’re fishing the long fish that I showed you before. Look what I’ve got. Let’s eat durian! By the lake. – Smells good?
– No. Terrible. Terrible. Here. I got these and thought I could wait until we get home. I don’t think they’ll last. So we’re eating here. This weighs 500 g and costs 100 kr. These two boxes cost 1,000 baht. I bought them to eat. Let me try some and see how they taste. The price is all right. Not too expensive. There are tons of people over there, so we’re here where there’s fewer. But the view is really nice. I’ll show that later. So beautiful. It’s a lake. There are fish like herrings and– those fish with a pointy mouth… marlins. Today’s temperature is about 20– How many degrees? It’s 25ºC. I think that’s okay. C’mon, now I’m– These lobes are huge! How much? 100 100 kr. Huge lobes! Beautiful and chilled. They chilled these in the fridge. My piece is huge. Look at the small one I gave him. Yummy! Not too sweet. – Very good.
– Very good. Take more. Very good. You can eat. Someone just joined my durian squad. In Denmark, having durians. 500 baht. It’s good. So you can kiss me? Maybe not. We could cheek-kiss and not smell each other. The seed is really small. Let me show you. It’s almost like there’s no seed. Perfect. – Not too big. This one.
– No. So, it’s perfect. It is good. Do you like it? Yes, definitely. Really good. Good taste. It doesn’t say whether it’s Golden Pillow (variety) or not. It doesn’t say anything, so I don’t know which variety it is. It’s mine! Great taste. How refreshing. The smell is not so bad anymore. Like, you get used to it. He said he’s no longer put off by the smell while eating but right before eating, that’s when the pungent smell hits. 100 kroner. Is that okay? Yeah, it’s okay. Half a kilo. – How much is 1 kilo here?
– How much is it in Thailand? In Thailand… 3,000 baht per kilo. It’s a good one. He asked how much it costs in Thailand. It varies. There are different price tags. Just sitting and having a picnic. After this, we’ll go fishing. Fishing on the other side. I like how it’s almost seedless. There aren’t a lot of seeds. I like it when it’s small… this one. Are you gonna eat it all? Maybe. Oishi! Maybe I shouldn’t have taught him to enjoy durians. At first he kept complaining about the smell. Now, look. Now he’s hogging my durians. Can you smell it now, after? – No?
– No… Not much. Picnic. Instead of bringing sandwiches. A durian picnic. I love– You? No. Durians. It’s sweet enough, but not too sweet. And it’s not– what is it? Not too soft. Juuust right! Very. – So, can you put it in a cake?
– Yeah. He asked if it can be used in a cake. Yes. That could be good. I’m happy. Come have a picnic with durians. Not you! Thank you! Khob khun ka! Should I stay– or should I go? Can you finish the rest by yourself? No, we eat together. You take this one, I take this one. We share these, alright. He asked if he should go and let me eat. So I said, “You eat this one and I eat the bigger lobe.” I’m gonna eat it again and do another review. So tasty. This is the atmosphere. Eating durians in Denmark plus having a picnic with a guy. I shouldn’t have taught him. I shouldn’t have taught you how to eat so you wouldn’t eat with me. Now I get less durians. Can I have some? Thank you. That’s an indirect kiss, drinking from the same bottle. That’s it. See you next time. Be blessed with wealth. Bye-bye! – Now we’re going fishing.
– Bye!

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