☼ camping • boat • cesky krumlov trip ☼
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☼ camping • boat • cesky krumlov trip ☼

What are we going to do? Going to camp with the Czechs … Hi! (in Portuguese) (Speaking Greek) Who wakes up at 5am in the camp? Before everyone
Brazilians, the Brazilian couple What are we going to do now, my love? Rafting! We are on the boat, we survived after almost
not survive several times Thanks Anna for the cell phone, we’re going … How many hours did we stay on the boat? 7 hours (laughs) What’s up guys? Is difficult to follow this life of Europeans
I’m used to Netflix, popcorn, faustao. We are going to the city center … walking, come on! We came to lunch at an Italian restaurant.
Then we go to the train station to come back to Prague though
that’s it, tired, destroyed, but we survived and we are happy! ahooooooj
Thank you guys for the trip, and … ahooooooj Forever. Goodbye!


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