✔️ Best Camping Pot! – The Toaks 750ml Pot – Review

hello hello everyone I am back this
Brian with ZimCo Survival and today I’m gonna go ahead and do a review for you guys on
one component of my ultralight cooking kit now I’ve already done
reviews on the two larger pots but this is the Toaks 750 ml pot typically
my kit and I’ll go ahead and do reviews on these as well for in just a
second but this is part of my ultralight cooking kit now if I’m going out alone
I’ll bring this if I’m going out with myself and my wife I’ll bring the Toaks 1100 ml pot
and if I’m going out with a large group of people I bring the Toaks 1600 ml pot and I have
the complete kit going but if I’m just going out alone this is what I bring
now this size pot here is large enough to make a stew for me so if I
get lucky and I manage to get a Rabbit or something I can make a stew in this I’m
not gonna be demonstrating cooking and boiling water in this I’m just gonna let
you guys know that I’m gonna do a review go over the specs kind of let you guys
know why I like it but there are a hundred videos of this thing boiling
water and it is a pot you can boil water in a plastic water bottle if you know
what you’re doing so a titanium pot is gonna boil water just like every
other pot in fact it might boil it a little bit faster because how quickly it
transfers heat but it’s boiling water it’s not that big of a deal
with this so normally when I have pots and stuff I like to show cooking in them
actually cooking not just boiling water but cooking and in this particular
instance this is a little bit small cook anything
serious in maybe grits something like that but this is mainly going to be a
water boiling pot this is something that’s going to be using when you’re
actually cooking ramen or something of that nature rehydrating a
mountain house meal this is not something that you’re gonna be really
cooking in now if you want to cook in a pot I would recommend the Toaks 1100 even if
you’re going to go ahead and use it as a solo pot it’s not too much larger than
this it doesn’t weigh much more but it gives you the cooking
option in a way that is actually beneficial this this pot is not
large it’s kind of like the size of a large mug it’s not a cooking style pot
so I just want to go ahead and let you guys know that as a result because I
can’t cook in it or very limited in my cooking ability with this particular pot
I’m gonna go ahead and skip the whole boiling test because to me boiling water
isn’t a test it’s kind of adding filler and I would much rather be able to show
you guys how this performs with cooking and like I said this is a water pot I don’t use it pretty much else than that
let’s go ahead and get into the durability and the design of the pot
itself so I’m gonna go ahead and take the top off you have the standard kind of
butterfly handles mug style handles that’s because this is more like
a large mug than a physical pot now this is a new one I have not cooked in
this as you guys can see this is one that I bought for my wife I can’t find
my other one it’s somewhere she tore apart our hiking room to organize
everything and has organized it in a way that I cannot find it so this one I
could find and this is the one I’m going to do the review on but basically you
have your standard butterfly handles they do have some friction to them so
they do stay put fairly well when they’re open and closed they don’t have
a tendency to wobble around all that much they do wobble a
little bit but not much it has the standard tokes kind of cut out
here for your finger so it’s a three finger hold the three fingers go inside
there and then your pinkie kind of sits down in that little notch it makes a nice
comfortable pot to hold as far as the durability goes I don’t know if you’re
gonna be able to see it but you have three welds or six wells basically down
each side here here here here and through use on my pot
it hasn’t loosened up I haven’t seen any examples of the welds starting to separate or anything like that so in my opinion I
have no doubt that this is going to be a lifelong pot based on the use I’ve put
it through so in my opinion it’s just
a good overall kind of pot now since this is a water boiling pot and I want
to show it kind of let you guys know that is what it’s designed
for cooking ramen things of that nature most of the time the Toaks
graduations will come all the way up here with the 750
milliliters being actually up to the rim so you can’t fill it to the full amount
but with this one the graduations stop here at 500 and the reason for that is
pretty simple if you put a brick of ramen and you
break it up and you put it down in there that fills the pot up to about here so
when you put your water up to that line and then you break the ramen up and you
put it in the pot the water comes up to about that line which then gives
you plenty of room to put the top on and let it cook without having over boil so
even the graduations on this pot are more so for cooking ramen if that gives
you guys any concept of what this pot is really designed for it’s a great
drinking mug it’s a great water boiling pot it’s great for cooking ramen for
boiling water for Mountain House it’s not gonna be a just keep repeating myself it
is not a cooking pot if you want to cook in it you need to go ahead and get the Toaks 1100 ml Pot that is the smallest cooking pot that Toaks makes in my
opinion they do make a 900 but the 900 isn’t much bigger than this so I go with
the 1100 and it works really well if I want to make stews or I really want to
cook anything like that you can certainly
make some grits in here if you want to instant style meals but
it’s just too small to make anything more
anything larger than that and those of you guys who have watched my
other Toaks videos and other videos of that nature I really do enjoy outdoors
cooking to me is one of the reasons I go camping I like being
able to cook outdoors and so I pay a lot of attention to my cooking equipment and this in my experience just isn’t
the best for that it will do it but it it’s just too small heats up too quickly
you really have to pay attention to temperature control because
of just how little is actually in this pot it’s very easy to burn stuff so I really try to avoid cooking anything in here that’s really gonna
take more than a few minutes but there you have it with the the
actual pot itself it is graduated there it does have Ml and Ounces and this is type 1 or type 2 titanium Toaks
does not have a standard titanium they use they use type 1 or type 2 both of
which are extremely corrosion resistant and biologically inert which means that
this does not react with the human body in any way so you don’t have to worry
about anything coming off of here that will potentially gonna make you sick as
far as the metal itself goes type 1 and type 2 titanium is also used more so in cooking equipment and things that are
titanium that you find over the counter is
going to be type 1 or type 2 the higher types type 3 type 4 type 5 titanium are
used in commercial purposes where they don’t need as much corrosion resistance
what they need is strength so type 1 and type 2 are really strong
especially for the thickness so you don’t have to worry about breaking or
anything like that but it has the corrosion resistance that you’re looking
for where a higher type more pure titanium can actually corrode over time
and they won’t rust like steel will what they’ll do is they’ll form almost like
this oxidized coating we’re the type 1 and type 2 really don’t
do that so basically there you have the inside just so you guys can see it
is a fairly small little pot it is very very light
in fact it’s it’s so light you basically don’t even know it’s there I
can’t remember what the exact weight was but it’s stupidly low it’s honestly
almost weightless now I can’t balance it so those of you who are waiting for that no but it’s so absolutely light there’s really no reason not to carry it I mean as far
as cooking equipment goes this is as light as you’re gonna find and I
know a lot of people say well titanium bends and distorts no it doesn’t let me give you guys an example see no matter how hard I squeeze
on that it doesn’t really bend much and that’s because titanium is very good at
that titanium is one of those things that even though it’s very thin unlike
say aluminum it holds this rigidity it doesn’t distort so you don’t have to
worry as much about crushing this now you can crush it if it’s at the
bottom of your backpack like this and you got heavy stuff on top of it and you
slam your backpack down yeah you’re gonna crush it but everyday use you’re
not gonna damage it let’s see there’s something else I wanted to go over with
you guys when it came to this thing I mean durability wise is fantastic
Oh the older pots the older 750s and all Toaks pots in general had a problem
with the lid now this newer one doesn’t seem to have that issue my older one
does but this one doesn’t this is the newer one that I got for my wife so it
looks like they made some changes because those you guys who remember you
could tap like this and the top will come flipping off but
look nothing I saw how much deeper that ridge is compared to the way it used to be
which was almost non-existent and you guys who already have Toaks will
know what I mean but see how deep that ridge is in comparison it’s I’d say
at least twice as deep as mine so it actually is a lot more stable than it
used to be so I might actually replace mine with one of these newer ones
because those old lids flipped and that was annoying yeah
sits on there just fine now versus the older ones so if you already own an
older tokes and you’re looking for a fix for these lids that keep flipping off
all the time you can buy them on the Toaks website lid replacements and I think you
can also buy them on Amazon so I’ll go ahead and in the description below I’ll post
some affiliate links and see if I can find those links for you guys for those
of you who own the older ones and want a more stable lid but yeah I mean those
of you own the old Toaks will know exactly how impressive that is compared
to the old lid let’s go ahead and go on to the rest of the lid here right
here you have your little pot handle and of
course you have your vents now as with all Toaks lids there is a little slit
right there so you slide this down into that little slit and it will keep it up
so no matter what you do it won’t fall over until you slide it back then you
can put it down so it still maintains the other benefits the older lids but
without the drawback of that thing flipping up I mean you could look at the
old ones wrong and the lid would pop off so I’m really impressed by that when I
first got it and started messing with it the first thing I did was
pull off the lid and to look at the pot and I saw how thick that thing was
and I was like I wonder so I went like this and it stayed looked at
my wife and I said I hate you because these things are so annoying but anyway
I digress yeah I’m sorry we won’t be doing a boil
test I want to do a cooking test in here but the problem is hey I’m not a fan of
wasting food and no one wants anything and I’m not hungry so I’m not gonna waste food trying to cook it the next thing is the only thing I’d really
be able to cook here to demonstrate for you guys would be something like grits
or oatmeal and everyone’s cooked that stuff out on the trail so
you guys kind of have an idea of what that does anyway but I wouldn’t cook
anything more than that in here I wouldnt try to cook a stew or anything
and yes I have cook stews over a fire out of the woods
why because I enjoy so I do stuff like that I will cook a fish stew
with natural edibles and stuff I found and fish I’ve caught and I’ve done it
before I’ll find what I can out in the woods and
that’s that but this is an awesome little pot and the benefit is what I do
now I’ll show you in more detail later in my actual kit video when I put
everything together and make the video for the kit but what I do is I put my
450 cup in here which is also Toaks my folding utensils in there and put
everything together just like this and you have the standard Toaks bag nice
bright orange so you won’t lose it good high-quality bag I put everything down
inside the bag because most of Toaks items that are meant to nest with each
other there you go a nice small little cooking kit that I can toss into my
backpack no problems at all so there you have it the Toaks 750 m pot if you haven’t
already seen it take a look at my Toaks 1100 and
Toaks 1,600 videos if you’re looking for something that’s a little more capable
of cooking go with the 1,100 if you’re looking for a family type kit that is
still light enough for you to pack out and pack back
without killing yourself take a look at the 1600 I’ve also done a review on that
so watch that video and hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys an idea of
which way you should jump on if you’re a solo backpacker this paired with a 450
cup and they’re folding utensils weighs practically nothing I mean you’re
talking literally what was it I remember the weight it was about 4 though for all
three pieces was about four just over four it was like 4.2 ounces which is
nothing for a cooking kit like this I mean it’s like actually I think it was
less than that can’t remember but I know it’s something point 2 and it was
really really light so I love this thing it takes up almost no space in my pack I
don’t have to worry about it getting damaged unless I do something stupid
with it and overall it is a great great pot and the things that matter your cup
your utensils will all fit in here so there you have it the perfect solo
ultralight base camp cook kit if your cooking pot if you want to turn into a
kit there are plenty of things that will fit in here too like alcohol stoves and
windshields and stuff that you can also buy that will fit in here so there you
have it the Toaks 750 ml pot definitely worth buying I will
be posting affiliate links to this as well as my other pots and things from
Toaks that I also use so go ahead and take a look at the description
and shop around a little bit but there you have it there’s the review if you
like this video always remember to hit like button and
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