✔️ Snugpak All Weather Shelter “My Favorite Camping Tarp!” – Review

Hello Hello everybody this is Brian With
ZimCo Survival I’m back out in the woods today I’m gonna go ahead and take this
opportunity to do a review of the Snugpack all weather shelter. I ordered this
a while ago and I tried to do the video once but I realized that it was really hard to do
alone and give you a sence of scale so I brought my wife
Sarah along with me to kind of help give an idea of scale for the
shelter itself, so first we’re going to take this
out of the pouch and show it to you and then we’ll go ahead and set up the
tarp in a couple of different configurations. I think three of the most
popular I’m going to do those. Lets get started first off the stuff sack that it
comes in is okay but it’s not the best quality stuff sack as you can see down
here it’s just a single stitch so I I would be a little
concerned about trying to shove this whole tarp in here. so what I always do
is I actually wrap it up first and then put it in. Let’s go ahead and get the
tarp out. The tarp itself is made out of 210 ripstop Dimond weave nylon it is
waterproof and windproof it’s actually designed a little bit cool now it’s a 10
by 10 tarp and it has a number of features that I really like. The first
feature is it has these snaps all the way around the all down one side
of the tarp so that you can snap them together and turn it into a bivy. I’m not
going to turn it into a bivy because I personally don’t think that a top like
this would make a particularly good emergency divvy this is the waterproof
side or the top. As you can see you can see the
the ripstop patern which is something I like. Another thing is that each corner has a nice
metal grommet that’s been reinforced and the tie loops here have all been
reinforced as well. This whole thing connects to the tie loop so you get this
nice big area here of of actual good sewing. So, I don’t feel like this thing
is going to come apart. Now what it does have around two sides are additional
anchor points and down the middle at an angle
here’s one it has additional type points so that you can put it up in the
stereotypical hammock fashion using a Ridgeline with this so I’m gonna go
ahead I’m going to show you that one first and then we’ll do just a standard
you know kind of pup tent style tarp tarp layout and then I’m gonna do one
that I like which I use personally for areas where the wind is kind of heavy so
let’s go ahead and get started I’ll be right back once I get this put up and
I’ll see you then all right there we go this is your standard kind of tarp shelter for using a hammock where it’s in a
triangular pattern now let me go ahead and bring you up a little bit closer
here you can see I have the ridge line and I have it actually running through
those three loops across the top now you don’t have to do it that way you can run
it like a regular ridge line if you want to but I
just decided to show it to you the way they actually kind of set it up to be
laid out now you bring you right over here you have the grommet there and this
I think it’s the only weakness to the whole setup
little aluminum pegs I haven’t gone out and bought more yet because I wanted to
show you guys kind of what comes with it. what comes with this particular kit is 4 10 food lines they’re 550 paracord and there’s
the other peg and they come with
little tensioners on the end now I never use tensioners because I tend to use
slip knots but you do get them for those of you who decide to use them so now let me
take you inside the tent alright all that the seams are taped I haven’t seemed to have any issues with
them all the seams are double stitched all of the inside anchor points right
here are already enforced as well and double stitched so the overall quality
of the tarp I think is pretty good and I have Sarah in here to give you guys kind
of a scale see there she is she’s standing up now so that gives you
guys a pretty good idea of just how large this thing actually is now let me
go ahead I’m going to set it up in more of a traditional lean-to style and I’ll
be right back welcome back I have the the lean-to
style here setup and all I did was I raised up one corner and tied it over
there to that tree so that I could get the water runoff down this way and I
could tie a container here and be able to collect water that way but this is more
like what I would use for like a base camp where I had more than one person
with me now you can raise up that side over there and take it out farther if
you wanted to I didn’t think it was necessary for the demonstration that’s
always you know personal preference let me go ahead and kind of give you guys an
idea of the size but this as you can see with this one is plenty large eoungh for a group there you
have it that’s the second style let’s move on to the third and this is the
third one now this is the one that I build if I know the weather’s gonna be
particularly bad and it’s pretty easy and quick you tie one corner right up
there in a diamond shape put a stake here put a stake here put a stake there
now you can always add more stakes if you need to if the wind is really bad and
you want to lower the bottom here so it touches the ground but I don’t really
worry about that let me go ahead and show you what the inside looks like
my wife is doing some decorating there we are more than large enough for
three people now this whole tarp weighs 2.2 pounds so it’s not
not ultra ultra light but as far as a 10 foot by 10 foot tarp goes and how much
space is in here I honestly believe it’s well worth the extra weight
now snugpack does make one called the I forgot the name of it it’s a small one
it’s a five by eight just a one-man tarp this is more of a group tarp unless
of course you’re doing hammock camping in which case it’s just a really big
one-man tarp now I’ll be right back actually I’m gonna set the camera down
here and I’m gonna sit in front of it and talk to you guys there we are
I believe the tarp is really really quite good
I think it’s definitely meets all my expectations now I said I brought my
wife along because I couldn’t give a good idea of scale on the the video
without having somebody in the vid in the actual tarp and it was hard for me
to kind of walk around and do everything and then get in the tarp to show you
guys so I figured I bring her along and kind of have her help me out a little
bit but some cons about this tart they give you cheap aluminum stakes all right
just very cheap little aluminum stakes I would highly recommend buying
some good stakes the other con is because it is large it’s kind of hard to
pack down so it’s not something you’re going to be able to pack down really
quick so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a quick tarp this isn’t the
tarp for you. The general concensis on it in my opinion and my friends who
have used it and kind of asked me about it and stuff like that I probably give
it an 8 out of 10 I think they could change the design up just a little bit
kind of give a some more lashing points along the top if you want to use it as a
standard kind of pup tent style because right now it only has some running
diagonally so that would give you kind of some more options without having to
actually run it over your Ridgeline but other than that quality of the tarp is
there I mean it’s a good tarp and I think the price that I paid for it was
fifty five dollars so it’s it’s not an ultra expensive tarp but it’s not a
cheap one either so I would definently take a look at that and make sure that
this kind of tarp is what you’re looking for because you do spend fifty five
dollars for it. So it’s not something you just buy and say oh yeah I think I can
do without it make sure that a tarp is something you want to use and if you do
I think the snugpack all weather shelter is a good price and it’s a good high quality tarp like I
said the only real cons are the pegs and the fact they only have
the the straps running for the ridgeline in one direction and that’s diagonally
other than that I think it’s a great tarp so yeah probably an 8 out of 10 in
my opinion but there’s there you go there’s my review and now you guys have
met my wife so thank you guys for watching remember you can find this and
pretty much anything else I do reviews on in my Amazon store just go ahead and
click the link in the description as always if you like this video please hit
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