❄️ DIY Freezing to Death – ft. Simplynailogical – Man Vs Vacation #2
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❄️ DIY Freezing to Death – ft. Simplynailogical – Man Vs Vacation #2

Hey hey, what’s going on everybody? Rob and Corinne here, you are watching yourself another episode of Man vs. Vacation. It’s a little early. It’s approximately 5 o’clock in the morning We’re getting on a plane to go to Calgary, Canada to visit the Nailogicals!! These subtitles took over 3 hours to finish. Hope you enjoy!! 🙂 It looks real f***in cold down there Holy s*** Calgary looks like an asshole *takes in breath* We made it. Cristine and Ben are outside. There they are *flicks them off* *excited heys and hugs* Can we even fit anything in here. Oh look at this leg room. Dad are we there yet? I gotta go to the bathroom! Don’t make us turn this car around kids. BAM one kilometer. Wtf is a kilometer. I mean Jesus Christ Ben don’t run into the mountain. Wait where’s the beach? *Laughing* You told us we were going to the beegee (not sure what she said) guys what the hell *excitement* OH OHMYGOD I GOT IT I GOT THE SHOT FIRST BAM That’s our hotel oh my god. So pretty. Prints like Harry Potter. *GASP* It is like Hogwarts! This place looks like a s**t hole. *enters door* Whee..oooo Welcome to vacation. This is some fancy youtube s**t, oh look at this *camera turns around to show room* So coool. Alright, so what we’re in room five eleven then just right next door or something WoAh wOaH WOah we’re sharing the same room. *points in small closet* Rob this is your room. Oh wow, look at that. We’re gonna be swingers now Wow Well that’s the vacation I was waiting for *Ben chuckles* Ah HEY! So since it’s Christmas time, we’re gonna buy each other some presents, okay? Alright so what we did is we bought everyone a stocking. Yay socks! So I’m gonna flip the coin and heads is Ben, tails is Christine, flip it, and then we call it *pumped up “do it”* Here we go, here we go. *flips coin* It is *struggles* I don’t know wtf that is.It’s Canadian f***in bulls**t money. What is this? Oh wait you got Christine! I think that’s a perfect match actually. But guys that’s not fair *laughs* It’s Corinne. *claps* Yaaay You’re not get s**t. I’m gonna surprise you Rob. So we all have $200 spending limit and it’s all gotta fit in this stocking I got everyone the money. You get $200 He can very expensive And cool also. Wow, alright Cheers, all right, so we’re in this restaurant We are like the only people here there’s some smooth jazz and we’re drinking some fine wine BBEEEYYEN. BEEYYN. Holo everyone it’s me Cristine again, Welcome back to another review. Oh my god. Subscribe to my channel *laughs* Whatever you do don’t get trapped in a room with simply nailogical and a giant f***ing horn or this f***ing Keep her on the other side of the glass You look like a f***ing ewok over there Cool here we go Vacation day one. Oh, what the s**t is this? It’s snowing! *Owen Wilson type of wow* It really is a white Christmas. You said shiny side up? Yeah. We aren’t even hiking anymore we are tricking like what you put on your f***ing car like snow tires but for your shoes. Look at us sit on this f***ing snow Jesus Christ You want me to wipe your ass for you? You guys so f***ing lucky *laughs* This is nice. C’mon guys That good? Yeah Where’s our limo? Yay! I guess this is a f***ing trail during the summer That’s what we’re f***ing doing right now When you go on vacations you think about, you know beaches, pina coladas, f***ing sand, warm weather Cristine’s by far the noisiest motherf***er on this whole mountain hiking two hours with this s**t. Two hours? It’s been like fifteen minuets. *laughs* What? Look at all that nature. It is negative 2 Celsius I don’t know wtf that means but anything in the negatives means that it’s f***ing cold. Are we there yet? Jesus Christ Who’s f***ing bulls**t idea was this? This is not a vacation. This is a f***ing s**t show Some National Geographic s**t right here. Get the s**t out of here. That is a frozen f***ing waterfall. Captain f***ing science over here. Holy s**t Alright, that’s f***ing rad. All right. All right, it was worth it. It’s getting hot. You think you’re really cold and then you start climbing a f***ing mountain and then you start getting really hot like my glasses are all fogging up. I’m sweating my dick off here. And we gotta walk all this way back too alright. I guess we’re just gonna keep on walking till one of us f***ing dies. I’m not really sure what the f***ing plan is here Hey! We’re in a limousine. So here’s the deal these sons of bitches are all decked out in Calgary Flames gear Y’know You’re really nice to buy for everybody. Except me. You’re gonna get booed at. BOOOOO F***k you guys I don’t even like hockey. I don’t even know why I’m going to this f***ing game Here’s the f***ing problem. I gotta take this f***ing hat off. *IS GETTING BOOED AT* I gotta get the f**k out of here. Hey welcome to vacation, day number three. Corinne and I are going dog sled racing. Holy s**t, f**k me it’s because I look like a cat, isn’t it? They didn’t tell me that I’d be in this thing. *Corinne laughs evilly* You got to be f***ing kidding me. Eaasy *Rob laughs* How you feeling back there? Pretty good, pretty confident my hands are freezing though. So are mine. These gloves are doing s**t. Ben and Cristine are right there Day five of Man vs Vacation if you’re wondering what happened on day four I still don’t know but here we are in Lake Louise. Lake Louise. This is a lake that is frozen that we are walking on right now. Oh Jesus that’s the lake right there. Well don’t break the lake. Jesus Christ. I literally almost just fell into the lake. Yep it was a sad day we lost Rob into the lake. Now it’s just me and you kids. Still here. Oh *laughs* what? I got a pee. Hold on. Ew gross Okay. All right finished. I think you need to drink more water *laughs* Look at those magnificent nature s**t. First of all, these trees are soo cute. I love them. They’re my new favorite trees We’re gonna have an attempt here at a snow devil You gotta move your arms and legs around now. That didn’t really turn out right. How much f***ing further we going I can’t even see the goddamn hotel anymore. That’s the hotel we’re staying at right there. That’s real life. I am literally f***ing staying at that hotel, looks like a goddamn movie There’s also I heard about an ice bar back at the hotel if they open up in a couple hours So I think we should head there next. Yeah ice bar this whole thing is made out of ice. What is that a trout? This is how you warm up you drink some Canadian whiskey. This young gentleman here is getting a shot of fireball Uh oh this is breakfast Cheers. Happy holodays. Cheers. To Lake Louise! To Lake Louise! Yeah *clinks glasses* *Rob offers sippy sip to camera* That’s why I’m talking about what it taste like Oh damn. So you put it in the snow. Lady:”Yeah I can let you do it.” *Rob’s first attempt* Oh c’mon now. Lady:”Slowly :)” *she laughs* Don’t worry Rob patience.Pure diabetes right there that’s what that is *shows diabetes enhancer* Oh look at that, that’s a good looking one. yeah. Wow that’s sugary. *laughs* The beers are a little frozen. Not gonna stop me. *laughs* Okay, so I’m at the bank and I’ve decided that Rob’s Christmas present is gonna be whatever 200 American dollars Is in Canadian loonies? (loonie coin=$1 US dollar) Merry Christmas Rob, love you *laughs* Hey what you guys getting? Nothing. What? *is confused* All right, well everybody just got back and we are at our new accommodations for the evening Ben and Christian thought it would be a Good idea for us to you know connect a little bit more with With nature and get a little bit more rustic. So they got us this Canadian log cabin. Let’s see are they in there. Oh, yeah, heeeyy Look at all these guys, huh? Holo. Hanging out in the cabin. Yeah, we’re out here. We’re deep in the wilderness This is our bed. That’s the thread banger bed right here. We got Ben’s bed right here. And then that’s Cristine’s bed right here Don’t come near my fire. We got some rich ass bulls**t charcuterie board here. It looks beautiful. It does, it looks really good This is actually, this is all the food we have for the next three days. Very rustic here I’m not sure that that’s gonna last, so who are we gonna eat first? All right. It’s usually the most healthy one because they’re gonna taste better. Yeah, yeah. She doesn’t eat sugar, gluten, dairy, nothing. Oh, she’s not gonna taste good at all of it. No, she’s like grassfed beef over here. *laughs* Well, well, well is this the only game you guys brought. You need to learn Rob History arts Geography s**t. What’s general? The St. Lawrence River originates in which Great Lake? This is an ocean. All right, you got ten seconds for your final answer I don’t know. We’ll say Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is the answer. Whoo-hoo! I knew it. Ben’s turn to spin History. Oh yeah a little history. Here’s to a night in the cabin Hey be quiet over there Oh c’mon hey guys we’re all in the same cabin here This’ll be good times, oh yeah. All right goodnight everyone. Goodnight Ben. Goodnight Rob. Goodnight Cristine. Goodnight Corinne. Goodnight Cristine. Goodnight Rob. Goodnight Ben. Goodnight Corinne. Goodnight Moon. Okay, shut the f**k up just go to bed. *cricket noises* *is tea slave Ben* *SCREAMS* F**k. What happened last night? Wtf is going on over here? Take five. six? seven? eight? of vacation ice-skating not sure where we’re at What we’re doing, Who am I? There’s a Ben in his native Canadian environment? What’s up peeps? *Corinne falls while trying to be cool* Boom and there’s Corinne. *laughs* Are you okay? *Ben helps Corinne up* Why did that have to happen right then? Let me go sit down on the bench. You and Ben go have fun together. *still laughing* Ben and I are just gonna go in circles and film each other. We are the only ones out on this ice. Yeah buddy that’s a born Canadian. Coming for you. Is it me or can you see through the light like all these like particles of ice? That’s crazy the Christmas magic fill in the air right there You see that it’s so cold that electronics do not work out here. Ben’s phone is freezing. It just shut off *laughs* Corinne’s giving up and I’m done back to the room All right *she says w/no h because her name doesn’t have an h like a basic Christine* *rEInDeEr* I see a wild Cristine doing wild things. Oh, yeah, unikitty shake that little tail. Yeah *laughs* We have Ben over here as a magical unicorn You look so happy. I have my Harry Potter one on which just looks kind of like my normal clothing. So I lucked out *higher voice* Hi I’m Rob come and play with me Really this is what Christmas is to you. Someone ate a bite of the cookie Santa was here or was it you? Alright who’s playing Santa? Chucky? Sure where do we start? Stockings. Can you get those out without? *DROPS THEM ANYWAYS* Nope. Rob! Rob’s the worst Santa ever. So I’m gonna take over the job. Alright here is the first C. Mm-hmm. Alright open your stocking. So this is from Rob Starbucks?! *gasp* Beeyn, cool Wait, you have to be her drink slave all day on Christmas too – that was part of the deal TEA. See? WOW. SOCKS! OOWHH I LOVE THESE SOCKS. Yeah. Thank you Rob, let’s see what Christine got for Rob this is a heavy one right here. Oh oh We’re looking at a pair of socks Lululemon Thanks mom Oh we got another pair of socks Perfect we got a Christmas cash. Oh nice some Reese. *is confused* Don’t even call them Reese’s over here Just Reese. Is this is a knockoff brand? Yeah probably from 1982. And what is this? Can’t get it out of here. *proceeds to spill 200 coins out of stocking* Wtf Wait you gotta *laughs* *shows mug & in Canadian accent* Sorry $200 in Canadian Loonies for you. Oh wooow, I’m gonna make my luggage a lot heavier I’m sorry though *hands mug over to Rob* Oh thank you so much *laughs and hugs* There you go You’re welcome. Merry Christmas! Oh Merry Christmas! Moving on to the next stocking here Do Ben’s next. We got the Big B in the house. I’ll get that book too. There’s a book Corinne you got me a banana book. It’s nice cream. Oh a little note “eat me later” *laughs* We know what this is *whips out a banana from stocking* Ohh ayyyy *hugs* Peanut butter?! Uh huh. Wooow. You really know the way to my heart. Banana bread? Banana bread, yes. HEYYO This didn’t fit in your stocking. Uh oh. *large wrapped item in frame* You actually got a gift. I did. Wooow *Ben is surprised & happy* That’s nice, why did you do this? *laughs* I’ll take this to Fiji. Yes. You and me. That what you really get. Look at that it’s a Roots (Canadian Brand) bag. It’s Roots, not sponsored. It’s way too nice. No, thank you so much. I’m gonna cut all the sentimental s**t out of this And for Corinne here we go Fifty walks and hikes in Banff National Park. Boom. We were there. We probably did at least one of them. Ooo awww look it’s the little kitty I wanted the other day. Wow, where are you gonna put that? With the rest of my porcelain cats that I collect. Thanks, Ben Look at this. I love a spoon. Ooo look, this is beautiful. It’s a galaxy dream catcher. You’re so thoughtful Ben. I love rocks. That’s why she married me. They like to be stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Wow oooo Wow, it’s like Galaxy rocks. Yeah. Thanks Ben. Oh what’s this? Oh there’s more? Wtf is that? Don’t tell Rob. Oh are you proposing? *laughs* Ooo woow look at these beautiful earrings BEN!! WTF WTF Jewelry?! Jewelry and leather bags for each other The budget was two hundred dollars. This is some f***ing bulls**t. F**k the budget that’s stupid. Wooow Mom and dad got the real gifts. Alright well we’re gonna go get breakfast. Are we invited? I don’t even know. F**k it’s so cold here Well, that’s it folks The vacation’s over but if one goddamn week of me just freezin my f***ing nuts off in this place, ready to go back home I think I need a vacation from this vacation. What do you think? Are we gonna vacation with these guys again? Hell no. No I don’t think so. Maybe Ben. Yeah *laughs* Final vacation hug. We’re going in the same car. *laughs* That’s it the Thread-Logical vacation has concluded See you, Merry Christmas. Bye. *laughs* Thank you guys. See y’all later bye.


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