【冬ソロキャンプ】2連泊(渓流、夜景、星空絶景!)大黒オガ備長炭でキャンプ料理 japan camp solo camp cooking
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【冬ソロキャンプ】2連泊(渓流、夜景、星空絶景!)大黒オガ備長炭でキャンプ料理 japan camp solo camp cooking

I went to a gorgeous starry sky spot called ”Tsukigawasou Camp Site” It’s around 1 hour away from Tokyo and I stayed there for 2 nights Let’s enjoy camping in 2019! Arrived! I’m using the pulley cart to get my gear to the other side of the river. Didn’t use it last time when I only stayed during the day. Woa, it’s heavy… View from the pulley cart Isn’t this a good spot with a nice view of the river!? It ended up looking like this. From the other side of the river Making pumpkin soup as I’m hungry! Adding milk for better taste Looks “PERFECT” Tastes “PERFECT” I’m using my trusty axe again for making a lantern pole since I’m obsessed with videos from abroad lately… The longer you cut the less you know what you’re doing, don’t you? It’s a bigger campfire place than expected lol I’m using “Daikoku Oga Bincho charcoal” I heard It lasts for a long time. (Voice) I got this Bincho-tan charcoal from Amazon It was around 2000 yen for 10kg. I’m gonna try this out today. I’m gonna make fire first and then use the charcoal to check how long it lasts. This is made with sawdust. Normal Bincho-tan is difficult to light on fire, so I chose this type. It looks really neat, very uniform. It’s actually made from charcoal powder So looks neat and tidy like this. It lasts as long as normal Bincho-tan. I normally use the regular one from Mangrove. But will try this tonight. Let’s see how long it lasts! Setting up the lantern pole Considering this is my first time I guess it’s not too bad… I got some firewood, so I’m cutting and splitting the branches as needed. Playing around with the axe. Viva solo camp~ This is fun. It’s dinner time and I’m making cream stew. (Ingredients in English are in the description box ) Let’s see how it goes~ Campfires are awesome. So much fun. Dropped some chicken… My voice though lol The pot is swinging around and it’s hard to cook… Alright, time for beer! Adding cooked onion paste! I really recommend this! Nike-Guy told me about this (he was featured in my last video) Adding Bouillon paste! Also tastes good! Let them simmer~ Tadaa! Broccoli. Just boiled it. The charcoal is burning nicely I feel like this might be okay even without adding the instant cream stew cubes? But then it wouldn’t be cream stew, so I’ll add it of course. Sorry that it’s too bright… But looks really really good! It was epic. Incredibly delicious. I like the sound of this charcoal when I play around with it. Actually, I even love it. Oga Bincho-tan, you’re my new favorite! Just changing the position of the charcoal made it much warmer. And I’m happy with this wooden lantern pole too! (Voice) This piece of charcoal has been in the fire around 1 hour Still in its original shape. There’s almost no ash as well. I think this is really good First I used firewood that I collected in the area and then added a bit more charcoal than you usually would. And later on… (Voice:) I’ve been testing out Oga Bincho-tan The pieces I put in first are still not burned up. I put them on the fire around 2 and a half hours ago. It’s really warm. It lasts for a really long time. If you buy charcoal at camp sites, it usually costs around 600 yen for 3kg. But this one costs around 2000 yen for 10kg. So if you can buy it before you’re going I recommend this. It’s great value for the price and I feel this is much warmer. The best thing about this charcoal is there is no ash flying around and there is no smoke at all either. So there’s no mess here like ash flying out from the fire. I’m wearing new shoes and was afraid they’d get dirty, but I feel so comfortable using this charcoal right now. If you brush off the ash on the surface of the pieces I feel they instantly give off more heat. Almost like they’re reborn. Compared to when not all of the charcoal had been glowing bright red yet, now that it’s all lit up it’s very, very warm. Feeling like my knees are burning. I need to stop now. (Making cocoa) Japanese sugar “Wasan-bon” I don’t like this noise… Haa~ I lay down on the cot bed and watched the starry night sky! Watching the sky from my sleeping bag on the cot bed, it was amazing. But taking pictures of it is difficult isn’t it. There’s a lot more to it than it seems. Can’t get these to turn out as expected… I selected only the good ones for this video. This is the end of part 1 and will be continued in part 2!


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