【廃墟 キャンプ場】静かな湖畔の廃キャンプ場から車のキズの音がする♪余呉湖の廃墟廃キャンプ場 字幕推奨! 翻訳あり
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【廃墟 キャンプ場】静かな湖畔の廃キャンプ場から車のキズの音がする♪余呉湖の廃墟廃キャンプ場 字幕推奨! 翻訳あり

Good evening with subtitles is Femar. (Translation is in progress …) I’m sorry to whisper because there are people around. Today I am at Lake Yogo. It’s a ruin there. It is a national dormitory Yogokoso. It has been closed for about 10 years. I thought I could go around shooting, but I stopped because the grass was overgrown. Today, we ’re not shooting here, There is an abandoned campsite, so I’m going to look at that one This is the end of this. There are people around, so it is quiet (fisherman and camera photographer It’s an approach way of a national lodging. Lake Yogo is on your right. It is a parking lot. (Ghee ♪) I’m saying ghee (with hay)
It is not really matter. Rattling ♪ (the sound of tree branches rubbing the body bottom) I do not mind at all. I’m sorry. The people around the lake are more nervous about the sound. what? I’m saying ghee! What. This is a campsite. Because it is written on the map as abandoned campsite. So, will you go? What is this here? Lake Yogo Outdoor activity center. (1.5x speed audio) In 1971, as part of a comprehensive development project, It is said that it was a campground as part of a project developed in connection with the lake promenade. Around Lake Yogo I guess such a business was developed as a whole in 1971. Lake Yogo is a lake with a circumference of about 6.4 km. Did you separate from Lake Biwa in 30,000 years? It is said, but I am not sure. Let’s enter the campsite. There is a kid today. I’m there but don’t come out before me again! (I do not want to be reflected) Please refrain from pets. Yes, toilet! Is it a toilet? toilet? Is it a toilet? What is this reception? Toilet is a toilet. the toilet. small! Why are old toilets so small? What is this square? Is that it? Where to campfire? Bungalow, 9,000 yen on the day before the holiday 3000 yen carry-on tent, Tarp tent is 1500 yen Facility use fee is 300 yen per person Is the price. Pool! ? Is there a pool? There’s a pool! It says there is also a tennis court. Kanebo can be old-fashioned. KANEBOU ice cream Fine … What is fine ice cream. The world isn’t just luxury, it’s not just what you declare. Cars from luxury manufacturers that use their own commercials are not luxury cars. I guess (maybe it ’s luxury but there ’s no goods) pool pool The pool. Although there is a pool Looks like there was a shower there. It’s a big pool. Is it a barbecue here? Oh, dirty pool. . (Lol) SUGE-! It’s big. It’s a nostalgic pool. It feels like a pool when I was in elementary school. I guess it was made around the 1980s. The sense of concrete gives the Showa era. This is a bungalow. It’s a poor bungalow. Ojamashimasu! What … It’s closed … Sorry! In my youtube video I went before, Everything in the vast camping ground,
The door was open. . I guess that’s not the case. Camping is quite easy … Isn’t it profitable? There is a building with a patrol light. let’s go. Toilet? Anyone can use it freely. Can it be used? This toilet is new. It was made in 1996. (About 20 years ago) This isn’t for everyone. A little·· This is a little … wow. . This is a mosaic thing … I don’t think I’m going to shit here. Is this a barbecue? A kitchen? I wanted to see inside this bungalow! Isn’t the window open? The key was open! As expected! There is no help for it. Something so much, just It’s just a room to sleep. It’s just a Japanese-style room with no sho. Not interesting. I wonder if this is a camp on the lake shore. I’m fishing but can I catch it? Oh, smelt was written Untara Kantara. Black duck? It is. Basabasabasa ~! It is Lake Yogo, which is about 6.4 kilometers around. Some people have tents. So do that, It’s a nice place to camp. That’s it for today. Kid) Shobo … I was called Shobo (laughs) It ends with something that’s really interesting. That’s it for today. Good night, Femar! Thank you very much! It is Yogo Station.
There is a rainbow. Amazing, it’s unusual to be this big. Amazing stunning,
This is a wonderful rainbow. May a beautiful rainbow hang over your heart! There is still a rainbow in my heart! Thank you everyone!


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