【Eng】野餐 Picnic|章鱼小丸子 · 煎饺制作|make Takoyaki & fried Gyoza
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【Eng】野餐 Picnic|章鱼小丸子 · 煎饺制作|make Takoyaki & fried Gyoza

Picnic, make Takoyaki & fried Gyoza . Ingredients . spring onion, pickled ginger cake flour frozen octopus bamboo skewer(tools to make takoyaki) light soy souce & egg bonito powder (dashi powder) boiling frozen octopus first chop the spring onion and ginger into small pieces add 1tbsp cooking wine into boiling octopus to get ride of fishy smell (checking recipe……) 340g cold water + two packs of bonito powder 1 spoon light soy souce *I poured too much (1 small spoon is enough) 100g cake flour a little bit of salt (optional) add small amount of bonito-water, mix the batter until no lump, and add the rest bonito-water in and mix well batter is ready * boiling octopus is also ready Finally, I can start, this is oil I can’t wait! use kitchen paper to dip and cover whole plate with oil (with one pour the batter is finished… luckily I’ve prepared extra batter) I’m going to change the heat to median put the octopus in I think I can put more octopus in, as this is home-made (my cat want to go to another room, I go to open door for him) chopped spring onion pickled ginger, it only tastes ginger so don’t put too much (* I put too much) fill the plate full with batter *I am using that extra batter I made in advance not yet success… (making 3rd batter …) success is coming, i feel it! YES! you have to press bamboo skewer hard to make it turn around when I see half of it turning out, I see hope, it will become a round ball later ok, i will add batter again mix before pour in add more batter (in total 3 times), Takoyaki will become bigger and round now it is very easy to turn around easy to shape it into a ball, right? squeeze in the edges add a little bit oil . seasoning sauce . bonito flakes okonomiyaki sauce mayonnaise I couldn’t find seaweed powder, so I will just use spread seaweed sheets yeah, I am done, take a close look Congrat./ soft and chewy~ finish the rest ingredients make fried Gyoza put gyoza when oil is cold, this will prevent sparking oil one plate can put in 30 gyoza, a whole package when bottom crisp like this, you can add water * change to small heat, prevent sparking oil cover water till 2/3 high of the gyoza cover, turn on high heat when it’s almost done pour in starch water, this will thicken the bottom (optional) when you hear “piri-piri” sound, it means water is almost evaporate, now open lid, turn small heat and let oil crisp the bottom for 1-2mins. . Picnic equip. wooden box(for Takoyaki), metal box for(Gyoza), a cover sheet, chopsticks, one pair I oftenly use, the other one is a gift from my friend elastic wrap I made a lot ~ *acutally already ate some it taste sooo good, I’m regret not taking more vinegar here i will put key . What’s in my bag. hand cream/lip stick/tram card/lip balm /Autumn is end/ find a small lake, will seat here orange sprinkle water / apple juice if next time I could bring some tea, fruit tea it will be even better ❤ So goood made by @snowenn beautiful tree shadows under sunset /sound of wind/ Hope you have a good day, thank you for watching. /see u next time/


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