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【ENG SUB】E02 烈火军校 Arsenal Military Academy | iQIYI

Arsenal Military Academy Episode 02 Guards! Hang him up on the training ground! I don’t care about your background. In this place, you have only one status. You’re all reservists. From now on, who else dares to bring up their families will be severely punished. What are you waiting for? You don’t want to have dinner? Carry your luggage. Run! Run! Liangchen, I can’t carry all of it. What were you thinking? I’ll I’ll sue you for abuse! I’m angry now! I’m sorry. Put me down. I’m sorry. I know I was wrong. I apologize. What are you doing? Don’t touch my wine. Please, put me down. Take this wine and let me down, OK? I have more in my car. It’s all yours. Good wine! I like it! Here are two silver dollars. Here, take them as the money for the wine. Take them. Are you kidding me? Did anyone lose two dollars? Whose money is this? I’ll take it if no one claims it. Keep running! Speed up! Tomorrow is the registration day. Are you nervous? Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Your stamina is good and you have kung fu skills. Remember, you’re a boy at school. Don’t be too competitive. Be sure to control yourself. Or others may discover your real identity. Relax. I know what to do. I will make my rank stays in the middle and keep a low profile. Run faster! Hurry up! Turtles can outrun you! They just arrived. Isn’t this too harsh for them? Not even close. For these rich brats, if I were easy on them, they’d turn the world upside down. Are you planning to train them as ordinary new recruits? It’ll be 10 times harsher. We’ve recruited them to make a difference. Right now, all eyes are on us. They can’t wait for us to make mistakes. We must be extra careful. Then what about Mr. Guo? Ignore him. We can’t count on him. Just pretend he doesn’t exist. OK. I’m dying! Help! They’re abusing me! They’re monsters! Alright. You can rest. What are you doing? You still have two laps. Haven’t I finished? Don’t try to fool me. Hurry. Sir, please cut me some slack. Five laps. Ten laps. Stop, stop! I’ll continue. Hurry! Speed up! Liangchen, come on. Hang in there! Last two laps. I’m beat. My lung is on fire. Stick your tongue to the palate. Close your mouth and breathe with your nose. Try it. I can’t. I really can’t. Almost there. I can’t. I can’t move anymore. You keep on. What about you? I’m exhausted. I can’t leave you alone. If you won’t go, then neither will I. Let’s both skip dinner and sleep on the training ground. Who says you’re honest? I… I am honest. You can skip dinner but I need to eat. Let’s go. A single room! What are you doing? Why are you here? What’s wrong with you? Why am I here? It’s my room. You thought you’d live alone? Who do you think you are? Why do you have such things? You’re a pervert! Why does it have to be you? I don’t want to live with you. You think you’re an ideal roommate? I’m going to ask them for a different room. Need I open the door for you? Everyone, assemble now. We’ve met this morning, so I’ll skip the formality. From now on, at this Academy, your study, training, tests and examinations will be under my watch. I’m easygoing. But you must know I hate troubles. If you don’t cause me any trouble, then I’m sure we’ll get along very well. But if someone gets on my nerve, then don’t blame me for being harsh on you. Now, back to business. Here are a few requirements. If you follow all of them, then I’m sure your two years of study here will be pleasant. First, follow all dormitory rules and regulations. Get up at 6 a.m. Finish tidying your room before 6:10. Dress yourself neatly before 6:20. Breakfast begins at 6:30. No breakfast after 6:35. Run 20 laps if you’re 10 minutes late. If you’re 15 minutes late, a “bath” will be waiting for you. Sir. Yes. What’s a “bath”? Try sleep late tomorrow. When you’re 15 minutes late, you’ll find out. Second, The light will be off and the door will be locked after 9 p.m. Whoever comes back late will be beaten 30 times. Those who stay out the whole night will be expelled. In the dorm, no smoking, no drinking, and no gambling. If I catch you smoking opium, you’ll be executed. No one is able to save you. Don’t think this is a bluff. Besides, fighting isn’t prohibited. But if you break something in the dorm, watch your ass. Also, except for vacations, nobody is allowed to go out. File a report if you need to leave, but it may not be approved. I can’t think of anything else for now. Once someone breaks the rules, I’ll let you know. Here’s a warning. Remember every word I just said. Don’t think I was joking. Arsenal Military Academy isn’t a place you can goof around. Now, I’ll search your personal belongings. I hope you didn’t bring any contraband. This is our first day. I’m trying to leave a good impression on you. Search. This also counts, got it? Such an old model. Can it still work? Can it kill anyone? It can’t even hit a chicken. Put it away. Don’t embarrass yourself. Even the chefs here are using Mausers now. Pick up that sock. Pick it up. Open it. Pour them out. The candies are good. Won’t they get smelly in the sock? The…the sock is clean, sir. Is this yours? I’m asking you if this is yours. What is it? I… I… Sir. The suitcase is misplaced. It’s mine. What are you looking at? Can’t people have a hobby? Your hobby is unique. My girlfriend gave it to me. She said once I was here, we could no longer see each other. So she gave it to me as a memento. Sir, having a girlfriend isn’t against the rules, right? Those who failed the search, step forward. Beat those three five times. Run 30 laps. Why are you only punishing us? Ten times! Sir, I didn’t do anything! I didn’t even say a word! Twenty times! What about Gu Yanzhen? Take them away. So strict. Thank you for that. What did you say? I didn’t hear you. I said thank you. You’re welcome. We’re roommates. We’re supposed to help each other. Help me wash my clothes and bring me some tea. Polish my shoes, too. Also… Excuse me? We’re roommates. We’re supposed to help each other. Don’t worry. I won’t judge your sick hobby. So comfortable! Huang Song, Huang Song! Junshan, Junshan! Junshan! Help us open the door. Junshan. This isn’t fun, Junshan. Shen Junshan, what are you doing? Junshan! Thanks. Enjoy yourself. Wine, please. Coming. Here’s your wine. Let’s call it a day for now. We can continue next time. Enjoy. Fine, that’s all for today. See you next time. OK. Is it for Mr. Guo? Yes. Thanks. You’re welcome. Mr. Guo, your drink. Where’s your boss? Oh, she’s out for business. It’s late at night. What business does she have? If the business is bad, how can we pay your rent? Please enjoy. Who asked you to pay? Ms. Huo, you’re back. Xiaoyu, care to join me? Xiaoyu, good evening. Ms. Huo. Xiaoyu, you look amazing. Ms. Huo. Mr. Guo is at his usual spot. When did he come? A moment ago. And already drunk like this? Liu, pour me another. Liu! You need water. You’re back. How come I smell blood on you? You can smell blood on everyone. How long have you been back? How’s your family? Now the Germans and the Japanese are at war. What do you think? Glad you’re back. Come. Refill my glass. I won’t sell you more wine. You own a bar. What can you sell other than wine? I can sell myself. Do you want it? I can’t afford it. I heard Arsenal Military Academy’s reopened. So what? None of my business. You’re the Deputy Director and the Instructor of Tactics. How come it’s not your business? Ms. Huo. Let him take a nap. Take him upstairs after he sobers up. Ask the chef to cook some porridge and side dishes. He’ll eat them later. OK. Liangchen, are you up? Coming, coming. Liangchen. Coming. Stop rushing me. Liangchen, this place is magnificent. Is this a palace? Boor! – Hey, what did you say? – What are you doing? You can’t cut in line! Let it go. Never mind, Liangchen. It’s OK. So what? Liangchen, have an egg. Thanks. Good morning. Good morning. Morning. Hello. I’m Huang Song. I know you. The Giant. I’m Ji Jin. He’s Shen Junshan. Hello. I’m… Huang Song. Ignore him. He’s always like that. Shorty, what’s your name? You called me what? So feisty. I was joking. What’s your name? I’m Xie Liangchen. Xie Liangchen? Quite a nice name. Well, where are you from? I’m from Shandong. I’m from Peking. Peking? Then why did you come here? I’m a local. Since we’ve known each other, give me a shout if you need me. Have you read the newspaper? Germany and Japan are at war in Shandong as we speak. There are biting remarks all over the paper. But towards whom? The Germans? The Japanese? None of them! They’re criticizing our army, our soldiers, including me, as well as all of you. Today is Shandong. Tomorrow, it might be Feng’an. When the sky of Shunyuan is filled with enemies’ bombers, and all streets are packed with their cannon and tanks, who do you think will help you? The Peking government, or the Revolutionary Army in the south? When all your parents and relatives suffer from the war, when your wives and sisters are abused by the enemies, who will help you save them? No one else can help you. You can only count on yourself. All the condemns and protests won’t do a damn thing. In the end, it’s you and your gun that can save lives. You’re the 7th batch of recruits of Arsenal Military Academy. Frankly speaking, you’re the worst soldiers I’ve ever seen. But you’re also the bravest. Most of your families are well off. You’re educated. Some even studied abroad. At a time like this, many people have fled to the south or even gone abroad to seek refuge, yet you’ve chosen to enlist in the army. That proves you’re all brave. So as a reward for your bravery, I assure you that the toughest training is waiting for you. You’ll all become the best of the best on the battlefield to protect our nation, to protect our people. Can you do it? Yes! Louder! Yes! What’s wrong with you? Sorry, sir. I ate too many eggs. I apologize. Stop laughing. Cut the crap. Hurry. Director Lv. Don’t push me. He’s been sleeping in the room. Didn’t you hear what I said last night? Sir, you said so many things. How could I remember all of it? You have a bad memory, don’t you? Sir, I didn’t mean to sleep late. I…I didn’t hear the alarm this morning. Also, well, yeah, it’s his fault. Yesterday, I told him to wake me up, but he didn’t. So I was late. He should take the blame, too. Well, how about you let me go this time? Next time, I won’t do it again. You! If he can’t get up on time tomorrow, both of you will be punished. Objections? No. Louder! No! At this Academy, there’s no compromise and no favors. I want you to engrave this in your mind that all you need to do is following orders. Am I clear? Yes. Yes, sir. Stop. Take the “bath”! That way. Sir… Take him there! Go. Sir, what about him? Where are you taking me to? Will it be comfortable? Attention! Yes. Turn right. You’ve…you’ve also tried it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. March! We all have. So great! Of course. Liangchen. Liangchen. Are you OK? I’m fine. Let’s go. Let’s go. Hurry up. Quickly. Hurry. Faster! Speed up! You’re soldiers, not a bunch of girls. Faster, shorty. Liangchen, hang in there! Liangchen, you can do it! Speed up. Shut up. Hang in there, Liangchen! He’s about to collapse. A rich brat like him can’t do anything. He’ll drop out tomorrow. Bah! Loser! Liangchen, are you still good? Let me carry it. I’m fine. I can do it. Come on. Hang in there! Almost there. Hang in there! Loser! A good-for-nothing! If you always have to rely on others, you’d better pack your stuff and go home now! Otherwise, you’ll get others killed on the battlefield someday. Sergeant Song, he… Shut up! Did I ask you to speak? Did I give you permission? If you help him now, when he’s sent to the battlefield, he’ll die for sure. You’re soldiers. Soldiers never quit. Keep going. Hurry! Liangchen, come on. Liangchen, you can do it! Hang in there! Go on. Keep going. Beauty, where do you think you can go? Brother. Hit him! Do it! Let go! Go away. Let me go. Xiang, run! Don’t hit my brother! Brother! -Xiang. -Brother. Run! Go! Xiang, run! Don’t stop! Faster! Your speech is inspirational. I’m greatly encouraged. Really? What a pity! Looks like I’m old. I can no longer feel that. You enlightened them, but you didn’t feel anything? Young people are always passionate. With passion, they still have hope. I guess that kid is about to faint. That brat can’t hold any longer. He’s suffered a lot this time. He sure has. Stop! Come! Come here! Come on! Come! I’ll kill you! Don’t let him get away. Hurry up, you guys. Catch him! Stop! Stop there! Don’t move! I’ll stop. Stop there! Let’s make deal! I mean it. I’ll go back to the water dungeon. Beat him! Little punk. Now you have a lesson. I said I’d stop. Don’t you have any principles? How come you’re back alone? Where is Liangchen? Liangchen and I fell behind. He didn’t want me to be punished so he asked me to come back first. He forced me to leave. So stubborn. Right. He’s a grown man. A wuss wouldn’t join the army. Assemble! That’s all for today’s training. Have your meal in canteen now. Dismiss! Sir! Sergeant Song! Follow the order! Dismiss!


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