【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.5「Tsukigawaso Camping Ground」
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【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.5「Tsukigawaso Camping Ground」

Visit Ogawamachi Station by bicycle and go to Shimozato branch school for sightseeing. And camp at Tsukigawaso Camping Ground. After all, speaking of bicycle city cycle. Versatile, you can do anything. Shimozato branch school was closed in 2011. After that, nostalgic scenery becomes a popular tourist attraction. And in 2018, “branch cafe Mozart” starts business. We can have dishes using local ingredients. By the way, it seems that the zuckey sold directly is taken from the field there. It is amazing to sell directly from such a close distance. Very delicious. Coaster cute. And this soup has a great taste of vegetables. Truly local organic food. It was very delicious. My physical strength has also recovered, so do I exercise a little. Why is there a tree here. It seems that time has stopped since the school was closed in 2011. I’m worried about the management of play equipment. As expected, iron bars are fine. Iron rod is okay. I also made soft gliders well. There are many types of fighters and it’s fun. This is the signature of a famous Japanese voice actor. This is the sign of the person who leaves the name in human history. The best exercise to get back the camera. Even if you twist the faucet, there is no water. May save all humanity. Let’s start camping now. And before that, because there are a lot of insects here, I sprinkle mosquito coil incense. It is too good to put on a tent. After all front return is great. Peg is hitting it like this. It is easy if there is a bio course. Completed tenting. I will explore. At first from securing of water. There is a faucet in such a place. Great water comes out. Japanese water is the best in the world. As you can see from the four major civilizations, water is essential for humanity and even for living things. Water and fire are important to humanity. There is something great here. Bio-coke, a cutting-edge fuel produced by mankind. Miracle! Bio coke is burning. I was able to fire. Toast to civilization. When the flame is burned with the cycle glove, the heat sensitive part is melted away. Eat a night meal. Bicycle camping food. It is lightweight and easy to carry,easy to cook, and is a disaster prevention measure. Good corned beef. Good rice. Good Ramen. Thank you for the meal. In Japan, since earthquakes occur anywhere, it is necessary to take disaster prevention measures regularly. On the other hand, there are also benefits. In Japan, hot springs are everywhere. Tamagawa Hot spring Hot spring which imaged old style. The admission fee for Tamagawa Hot spring is 450 yen. The feature of the hot spring is retro. The fact of shock. The mosquito coil was moist. Until now, bio-coke was substituted for mosquito coil Bio coke is perfect! Shrimp pilaf. Delicious. It’s a great breakfast. Withdrawal work started.


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