【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Hashitachikawa Camping Ground」
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【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Hashitachikawa Camping Ground」

Depart from Urayamaguchi Station and go to Hashitachikawa Camping Ground. Then go to Seibuchichibu Ekimae Onsen Matsurinoyu Hot Spring. Speaking of bicycles, the city cycle. Versatile and can do anything. Near the station. What is this slope. There is a parking lot over there. It is a popular campsite because it is close to the station and cheap. However, it is not open in January and February because the water supply freezes. A popular campsite. It is raining on weekdays, but there are other customers. The restroom location is clearly visible on the left. OK! Is the toilet here? This one. A rocky staircase that looks slippery. The color of the river is amazing. That is my tent. The best view spot is the bridge over the river. The Chichibu Line has SL, so it’s a more view. It’s raining, but I’m going out for a while. There is a famous spring near Urayamaguchi Station. The name is 不動名水(FUDOU MEISUI). Pay 200 yen and drink. This spring is amazing. After enjoying the spring water, it is a hot spring. Seibuchichibu Ekimae Onsen Matsurinoyu I bought some festive food. Looks delicious. The octopus is good inside. Thank you for the meal. Ms.MATSURI CHICHIBU Very cute. Cute. Fashionable Beautiful Relax We can stay overnight on Friday and Saturday. It looks like a hot spring inn. Convenience is good in front of the station. A little too relaxed. Cheers to civilization. Tonight’s side dish is boiled sardine. The gloss is great. The bones are soft and delicious. Best match for white rice. Thank you for the meal. I brought a windbreaker. Sleeping bags are still early. Today’s breakfast is rice balls and miso soup. It ’s burning. Small and cute. Remove oxygen scavenger. Add hot water and shake. Then wait 15 minutes. The fire is still burning. A rice ball that does not hold. Delicious. Miso soup is delicious. It was a great breakfast. Withdrawal work started.


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