【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Shiroishi Camping Ground」
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【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Shiroishi Camping Ground」

Depart from Kinomura Campsite and have lunch at a Udon noodle restaurant. Then camp at the Shiroishi Camping Ground. Speaking of bicycles, the city cycle.
Versatile and can do anything. Delicious. Kinpira flavor is good and chewy. Udon is smooth and delicious. Thank you for the meal. We can have coffee at the service. This is wonderful. There is a lot of ice in a small glass. Even after eating, you can drink without problems. Cold coffee is exceptional. It looks fashionable and is perfect as an after-meal coffee. The campground is nearby. Here? The building is strangely old. There is no sign of people. It looks like an abandoned house. What is this place? There is nothing even if I go deeper. Why is there garbage on the roof? I can’t understand. Water comes out. Come back and ask at a nearby store. I had a manager come. There is no one without a reservation. There is no written on the website that a reservation is required. Salvelinus The tent site is across the bridge. There is also a shower. This campsite has a nice atmosphere at dusk. Horror feeling. However, the toilet is clean and the shower can be used. Amphibious A-RENESU Start. I will play in the river. I found a fish. Amazing! I like this equipment. And the river is beautiful. But there is only one problem. Cool Alright, let ’s shoot underwater from early next year. Cool. Lecture on how to use the shower. Switch on the boiler. There should be no time limit. Bread that can be stored for 3 years from production. Fluffy and delicious. Cheers to civilization. Camps that can be used for disaster prevention on a daily basis are wonderful. Alpha rice can be cooked in 15 minutes with boiling water. The rice is delicious. Consider the waiting time, make chicken rice. And make smoked. Smoked effect is improved by using Sierra Cup. It ’s really black. This is a chicken rice. High completeness. Bio coke No Smoked meat It is hard. It ’s like bio coke. HA HA HA Thank you for the meal. Withdrawal work started.


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