冬ソロキャンプ【ゆるキャン△聖地】🏕1話登場の本栖湖浩庵キャンプ場マイナス5度❄︎富士山湖畔キャンプ VLOG
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冬ソロキャンプ【ゆるキャン△聖地】🏕1話登場の本栖湖浩庵キャンプ場マイナス5度❄︎富士山湖畔キャンプ VLOG

Solo camp at Yurucamp’s location Today, I’m off to Kouan campsite to enjoy the spectacular views. I stopped by here for a while for some breakfast. I love this,,,
Sorry, it is not related to camping though. Haha Wow! Now I can see Mt. Fuji.
Great weather! Excited. Yamanashi is about “Houtou(Thick noodle)”
I’m stopping by again at another place. Looks delicious! Let’s eat. It was a good meal! So now, I can take my time for setting up
Because I always arrive with an empty stomach. Haha Arrived! This is the reception. Very close from Mt. Fuji. Excited!! Please don’t be mad.
I didn’t know about Yurucamp▲ haha I chose this place based on my colleague’s recommendation who love camping. So, let’s read the first volume later. We have to remove this rope by ourself to go down. It seems it will be hard for even four-wheel drive when it snows, so be careful. This is the view from the downside. Much steeper than I expected. That is Kohan Campsite over there. Left side is the forest campsite. There was a scene like this in Yurucamp. I read it later. What kind of views are waiting for me, beyond this spot. I am going by walk.
Be ready for the great view! This is the absolutely spectacular view…
Wonderful. Really. Even the half of lake site is this huge. By the way, this is an overview of the campsite from a long distance. I am going to make a base around here. I am using Circus TC of tent mark designs for the first time! I am setting up by watching instruction video. It was built at once. Haha The ground was too hard and I broke some pegs…haha It will be cott night, so no inner mat. I only laid out ground sheet of mont-Bell! Here it is. Isn’t it the great location here? I am already impressed. Breathtaking beauty
Mt. Fuji. No.1 I have been impressed from the first day by the wonderful capture of Mt. Fuji. Although I am still a beginner at camping, I always find new impressions every time I go camping. Really fun. By the way, do you remember the picture of mountain on the backside of 1,000 yen bill? I didn’t know about this either haha I will try exploring the forest. Also, get some firewood. Climb up the road, right side is the forest campsite.
There seems to be some firewood there. It is actually good area around here. Also Mt. Fuji. I found firewood! So easy! Haha There are many firewood place? like this in this forest. Before picking them up, I decided to explore a bit more. The atmosphere of the forest is very nice.
The combination of trees, lake, Mt. Fuji. It seems we can ride up to on weekdays, but on the weekend,,, We need to travel by car. Otherwise, the amount of tent would be limited. At the lakeside, it was ok to park alongside.
It was a good decision to stay here. Haha So many huge logs on the ground.
Probably it is hard to cut them. I brought a Silky saw, Zubatto 390mm this time. Well, it’s a very sharpness saw Open fire is allowed here, it is a very precious campsite. I am looking down the lakeside from the mountain forest. I am going to walk around a bit more, and pick some firewood. This video is not edited much on purpose. If it bothers you, please skip a bit. Huge haha Can we even cut them well? It is a good place around here. It looks good for setting up the tent. They can be good fire starter. I made lantern pole, but I couldn’t stick into the ground. Too hard. Haha Zubatto is so sharp! I got some firewood! Captain! Also I got peel of ceder from abandoned firewood I actually brought plenty of charcoals as always. But since it is unlimited firewood,,, I didn’t have to bring them. Don’t forget the leaves It is not a folding saw. It should be kept in a sheath. I was surprised when I open the box from amazon. It looked like a gun. Haha Heave-ho! Since I like oil lanterns, so I firstly light the fire even if it daytime. Haha Full of energy! Light the fire. But not yet, I need to make a fire place. I am going to carry some stones. I am not quite improving at wood chopping.
But I am trying it anyway. Wish I could chop very well. Haha Also, light the charcoals. I’m using Iwate charcoals this time. By the way, please look inside of my first “Circus TC”. I am laying out the air mat on top of the cot to sleep. down hugger EXP I’m thinking to use “Therm-a-Rest X Therm” this time. The detailed movie will be uploaded later. Even this small one can be 6.3 cm big mat. How is it? It is quite good cushion and warm. I’m not joking. The part I touch is already warm. Very comfortable for sleeping.
Comfy comfy. Since it is the first time for me to sleep in it, just in case I also brought a sleeping bag. Well done. Next. The charcoals caught the fire. I am going to eat something sweet.
I am very sweet tooth. After lighting the lantern, I will make chocolate fondue. This coffee bean is Guatemala full city roast from Ohisama dou. I am pretending like I know coffee, but I checked the name while I was editing. I actually like the time when I make coffee. so happy that I bought a kettle of Trangia Because I can put it on the fire directly. Don’t forget I am surrounded by the amazing view while making coffee. I like bitter, so slowly extracting.
It would be a good match with chocolate. The sound of burning charcoals also make me feel relaxed. What a relaxing moment, staying away from noise. Let’s eat Satisfaction level 100% But I also want to eat chocolate Black one White one I added some milk. Let’s heat it up and see what happens. I have a bad feeling… Very watery…haha My guess was right On the other hand, it can be a drink. Let’s try with the black one.
I am a quick learner. It’s going to be great. My sixth sense was right. As you can see. Yes, strawberry was for this. Opinel is thin. So it is useful for cutting fruits. Rough one is too thick… Strawberries looks tasty. My childhood friend was a strawberry farmer, I used to eat too much strawberries. Let’s try with the black one. Let’s try with the black one. The quality was almost the same level as afternoon tea, or it can be better than that. I started to love myself more. (Kidding) Let’s try with the white one, even it is worse one. Well, it looks good, isn’t it? Looks just like condensed milk. Ohhhhhhhh!
I was stunned by it. DELICIOUS! I call it white chocolate soup style. It gets hard if I leave it for a while, because it is cold. The black one. I enjoyed eating them all after that. Clouds make Mt. Fuji even more beautiful. Motosu lake. Beautiful. Sorry about bad focus. Haha Sorry about bad focus. Haha It may be burnt so I will heat it in a water bath. I also bought marshmallows. Yummy Oh I almost forgot this. I love it. Too much. Haha It reminds me of my childhood.
Topping Of course, I have this as well. It is like a dream that I can put them as much as I want. Fantastic! It was very sweet. To be continued.


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