[덥:플레이(THE PLAY)] 가을소풍편 (autumn picnic SP) EP. 2 – 제이콥&뉴&큐(JACOB&NEW&Q)

(Play means to play/have fun/play games) (The Play: Time for The BOYZ to play, eat
and have fun however they want) THE PLAY is back It’s been a while This time it’s
Q New Milk – What?
– Milk Oh, it’s cereal That’s right Cereal and milk
What a combination – We were on broadcast like this
– That’s right And we’re finally back
for THE PLAY It’s time to think about
what we should be doing today We have a lot of time today We get to do everything
we want to do Let’s do this Shall we go? Let’s think about it
more in the car We’ll be discussing it
more while moving Okay let’s go Where will we go? Well, we’re wearing
school uniforms today I think it’d be great to go
somewhere suited for this outfit For me I didn’t wear uniforms
since middle school Did you wear it in elementary school? – Yes
– Really? When you think about
school uniforms The local restaurants
in front of the schools come to mind Do you know what they are?
Where they sell tteokbokkee How would we not know when
we already ran one? I want to eat one of those Pikachus When you’re young and living in Korea
there are these restaurants – They sell these Pikachu-shaped…
– He wouldn’t know… Pikachu-shaped…
How should I describe it? I only know skewered rice cake You stick a Pikachu on a skewer (A Pikachu…?) The Pikachu is big It’s not a Pikachu in 3D form
but it’s rather 2D 2D It looks like this – How is this a Pikachu?
– It’s stuck on a wooden chop stick – You guys all know this
– Isn’t this just a bear? It’s really cool outside The clouds are so pretty Living in Seoul for the past five years I’ve been to Hongdae
around four or five times I’ve been there more I think I’ve been there
around five times I’ve been there before After arriving in Seoul,
I mean after becoming a trainee I’ve never been to Hongdae Really? It’ll be fun to go to a buffet I’ve never been to a buffet That’d be great Ashley’s That’s right
We’ve never been to a buffet Everyone’s going to pick the food
based on their personal preferences Really? I need to stick to my diet Don’t lie
You ate fried chicken yesterday There’s nothing I can do about it What do you mean chicken? You ate it yesterday Liar But the way I see it I think I’ll be able to eat
everything because I’m so hungry Is it lunch hours now? Shall we call Kevin
to see what he’s doing? Yes What are you doing? Thinking about you – Oh my
– Huh? I already know Hello? – Bye
– Bye Hey it’s Jacob We’re entering the doors to Ashley’s Entrance guide Whitney Houston Oh my God We’re going to eat Start Look at this Because I love pizza And I love rosé pasta I’m going to eat
each one of everything Little of each I love fried rice I’m going to scoop a little bit of each
and find what tastes good for me I try to eat little by little steadily For this one… I’ll put a lot I love pasta I’m going to leave this
and come back I’m in a rush Doesn’t this look great? It’s going to be so delicious I’m going to fill my second plate It’s not a perfect combination but… Let’s go eat
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Food I’m just going to eat everything Western food I got one for each flavor For this plate
I got one for every single one I got a little for each one To find the most delicious ones New New’s bringing more New’s bringing more food It’s delicious Bon appetit! Did you bring this? It says that it’s hot
Try this – It’s good
– Try it Corn pizza I’m into yogurt these days
I eat it once each day Yogurt? Why? I don’t know I have to have some in the morning It’s time for Jacob’s food pick! I’m going to select some deserts The yogurt and ice cream I had before What else? Hawaiian mango salad I really like sweet food Q, are you getting more? Yes Really? Clean fish cake Ade Should I get the calamansi aid? Or the pink grapefruit aid? What should I get? What should I get? It’s a real worry I’m going to try something
I haven’t even tried Today’s the day of challenge I brought it here Fish cake Soup Dessert I brought vanilla ice cream – Is it good?
– Yes (Did Jacob finish?) Calamansi Did you add sparkling water? Is there sparkling water? You didn’t add the Sprite?
Did you only bring the calamansi? Calamansi aid Is it alright? It’s so good Watermelon ice cream
(The B, try this food!) Open your mouth Mango I recommend it Isn’t it good?
It’s like the watermelon popsicles We’re done eating Good bye Beyoncé Whitney Houston Our school uniforms are
like couple uniforms Is there an Asics nearby here? There should be one here It’s right here Welcome
Is there something you’re looking for? THE BOYZ
We’re looking for THE BOYZ Hello, welcome to Asics (This really happened) There are no better choices
for shoes than Asics There are many fun things here There are so many
new things to see now There are so many cool things – Claw machine games here
– It’s so big Shall we take one of these
sticker photos? Great These are the ‘Life4photos’ Do you think we’ll all fit in? We can because we’re THE BOYZ We don’t have to sit We’re THE BOYZ The happy BOYZ What is this?
The eyes are so big Can’t we shrink them a bit? It’s done – Shall we finish?
– Yes This is exciting Hello It’s out (The results) Is it out? Oh my God Nice New Do you want to catch some fish? I caught it Where is this?
Is it here? I’m going to play
basketball one more time I’m going to take this off Who won? It’s the last one This is heavy I’m going for the Lucky Seven Let’s go Let’s go New has to buy ice cream Our parents used to buy
us legos when we were young I didn’t know it was that expensive Of course, it’s expensive I think it’ll be fun doing it
in the waiting room In the waiting room Or in our dorms when we’re
having a day off Or when we’re waiting
for someone in the shower So we’re going to buy
a set of legos The B should get a hobby too Hobbies are extremely important All our fans definitely
should get a hobby Now that I think about it
watching THE BOYZ might be a hobby I like watching animations I like watching stuff We have a lot of content I have chocolate
What is it? Honey (THE BOYZ)

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