[덥:플레이(THE PLAY)] 가을소풍편(autumn picnic SP) EP. 4 – 현재&활&에릭(HYUNJAE&HWALL&ERIC)

(Play means to play/have fun/play games) (The Play: Time for The BOYZ to play, eat
and have fun however they want) Today Hello This is our team The youngest members The youngsterz and The present of THE BOYZ I feel comfortable in this group Of course Hyunjae and… The kids that I love First of all Today – We’re right now very hungry
– Yes Because we are so hungry We’re going to eat – I’m…
– Please recommend something I already have something in mind Where? There’s a place that Hwall
wanted to go to Where they sell hamburgers I wasn’t able to go It’s in Garosugil Garosugil I’ve only been there once in my life – Really?
– Yes Even I’ve been there twice And so today… You’ve only been there twice? It’s my choice Let’s think about it
while eating I saw Eric when he was 16 December of when he was 16? I saw him the July of when I was 16 How old was I? – You were 19
– You were 19 When you were wearing
the Hanlim school uniform Everyone, I have something to say Through this opportunity Hyunjae really had a hard
time waking up in the morning What? – In the morning during the school week
– School? No, I woke up very well – I used to go to school with him
– He woke him up I used to wake him up all the time But still… It wasn’t bad What’s the name
of the burger place, Hwall? Brooklyn Brooklyn Let me check the reviews I’m fine with watching movies Watching a movie would be great It’s been a while since I’ve seen one – This is Garosugil?
– Yes Are you excited? I’m so excited Shall we get off? Today we’re food fighters I’ll show you Food Fighter Hyunjae The hamburgers here are really big Thank you This What’s the hottest one
on the menu? Right here They gave us this
to eat a hamburger The hamburgers are literally this big It’s a yes or no I’m more of a upper picture type of guy Yes I also eat it like this Do you know what’s funny though? If you look here Yes You eat with your hands No You cut it with a knife It says it here They gave us a knife
to cut the burger Why? That’s not it You’re not supposed
to cut it and eat it with a fork Because the hamburger is big They’re saying to cut it
and eat it with your hands? I’ll eat what Hwall eats What I eat when I come here is… I do want to try out other ones But I haven’t I only saw the menu These are very big These are this big Really? The ones that I always eat are The Brooklyn Works or
the Cheese Burger How are 8 and 4 different? Try number eight How is number three? Number three has salty
cheese and mayonnaise Then, number eight please The fries with the cheese And meatballs Do you mean the chili cheese fries? Yes, the chili cheese fries Hwall, you’re pretty good at this You’re going to like this The food is finally here Please show them the burger Alright What burger is this? – The cheese burger
– The cheese burger I’m going to… Try out something new Brooklyn Works Brooklyn Works This is the famous fries that
I’ve been tell you guys about It looks so good This is the cherry aid that
Hwall was talking about It’s so good It’s good What is this? Taste it What should we do
after we’re done eating? I’m going to state my opinion Movies or… Screen baseball I want to do something energetic Younghoon We’re eating I heard you went to Songdo You got to eat the beef (Yes sir, the hanwoo)
(Refer to ‘Episode 3) You used to ask me
to go with you first Hyunjae, you have something here Look over here You have something there – Let go
– How is it? Mukbang It’s so good Is it good? Let’s head over to Namsan Tower And hang a friendship lock Alright, let’s go Let’s meet Over there Cable car Are the cable cars operating today? Do you guys know that
having a cup of hot coco In front of Namsan Tower
during the winter is the best? Really? As shown on “Boys Over Flowers” Really? I can see the tower We’re going to Namsan Tower Yes When we hang a lock We’re going to make a wish or a dream What are you going to wish? That all our twelve members Are always happy And healthy And that their lives are
filled with good things to come That’s great That’s how you’re
going to hang the lock? Yes We’ve arrived at the
entrance to Namsan Tower I really wanted to go
visit Namsan Tower Who would have known
it’d be today? Along with Hyunjae and Hwall If not today, we might not be
able to come for a long time We’re very busy Because of the tight schedule (Photosynthesis) – Can I touch?
– Yes Hello How cute Cute You’re like a pigeon My outfit’s the same color Hello, friend We’re here at the place
where we can take the cable cars We have to find a lock A lock This lock has lights coming out Let’s buy this Thank you Thank you You can’t lock it now Where’s the key? It wasn’t in there? There’s isn’t a key – Won’t we be able to open it?
– Originally It’s meant to be never solved There’s isn’t even a hole in here (THE BOYZ!) THE BOYZ
Heart THE B I feel so proud I’m so proud of it We’re finally on the cable car – I’m scared
– The view I’m actually scared of heights We’ve gotten off the cable car We’re walking towards
Namsan Tower I’ve been telling you guys
The pork cutlets here are famous We’re walking I can see the locks All the way from here This place is to be revealed soon I used to only see
this place through the screen Can you see? There are really old locks too Of course I’ve been to Namsan Tower before But I don’t have much memory of it I used to… Live in Seoul with my grandmother Back then I used to come to Namsan Tower often I remember coming here in a stroller It feels like it’s changed a lot And it’s stayed the same
at the same time It’s great to be at Namsan
Tower with all the members We’re going To hang the lock now There are so many locks We can go up I knew that But there isn’t a place to
hang locks there There’s a bee I can’t open my eyes But for the last time It got smeared There’s nothing I can do I wrote ‘Awesome’ Let’s see Let’s lock it up together Yes Finally We’ve had our moment of healing
and we’re going down right now Let’s hurry down We have to do something else What should we do? Bbyong! First of all Namsan Tower Was very meaningful I hope our wishes come true We locked it up, forever Look Look Right here That’s not that funny Please add this part to the video That’s really not that funny What should we be doing here? We have to walk, happily You were created to
receive the greatest love That’s not it Hyunjae was created to… Yes, this is great It’s awesome! Hanging a lock For THE BOYZ – Was a success
– Success And now We have time left What shall we do now? Or We’re here at the theater “Venom” is screening There are a lot of movies We came to see
the movie “The Great Battle” “The Negotiation” is really fun “The Negotiation” and “Venom” I love Jo Inseong Let’s see that one Eric I’m eating chicken in the theater – My life
– Hyunjae Hwall got nachos I got squid Hyunjae got chicken That’s how we ordered Chicken and popcorn After this, I’m not
eating any more today That’s a lie I’m serious After three hours He’s going to be eating
something at the office (The Play) (THE BOYZ! Stay healthy,
energetic and handsome) (Let’s not forget where
we came from!) (And let’s succeed!) (Love you) (THE BOYZ)

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