🌼Picnic with a Bag of My Favorites.🌸

hello! It’s Annabelle. I’m gonna do an April favorites video, even though it’s the second day of May already… I got sick last week, so that kind of delayed things. but today was almost 90 degrees out, -the first warm day of the year as if it’s actually spring, so I thought it’d be a a nice time to just come out here and film instead of doing it from my room. I brought everything out here in my bag.. and, let’s see! I’m gonna start with… this skincre product . so, this box has nothing in it, I like to keep my packaging- one, to show you, but also because when it’s good packaging, I kind of hoard it. this is the Lala retro whipped cream by drunk elephant, I got this back in february because my mom gifted it to me when I ran out of my Josie Maran face butter, and I’ve been loving this, as my new official face moisturizer. I actually have an info thing I wanted to keep. it has an airy blend of 6 exotic african oils to deliver and lock in intense moisture, first of all, the packaging is great, you press down on this flat part, to release the cream that comes in from the center that’s pumped from here, and it’s meant to be used in conjunction with a lot of their other products, that I haven’t tried, this product is shaped so that you can put their serums, or what ever product, and mix it up on here, kind of like a plate, and then you apply it. I tend to have dry skin, and eversince using this, it just makes my skin feel at equilibrium- like it’s not extravagant and doesn’t make it feel overly moisturized and slippery and very very wet all the time, this is fragrance free, it just has the 6 essential oils so it’s very rich with nutrients and, that’s why I like it, it’s really effective, it doesn’t make me break out or have any dry patches, half the time I don’t even think about my skin, because it’s just so normal, and at its best state. so thank you to m mom for gifting this to me, but it is something that I would repurchase. my next item is a phone case, and this is what I used to get all of my
-*Tyler sneezes* -I’m so sorry *laughter* this is how we managed to get all of our underwater video footage, in those vlogs- my last 3 vlogs were of the spring vacation, and some people were asking which camera I used, so I just used my iphone 7. before our trip, I was even considering buying a point-and-shoot, that was completely waterproof, and there’s also the option of go-pro, but I wanna film with a big screen, so I decided to invest in this phone case that’s by lifeproof, and it’s the fre series, so that is completely waterproof, dirtproof, and snow.. -snowproof and also drop proof, but, I heard from a classmate that when she dropped it a couple times, pretty seriously, it doesn’t make it waterproof anymore because I think you damage the frame… so it lets in some water. they have instructions, to submerge it under water for 30 minutes, empty, to make sure that no water can leak inside. I didn’t have time, I had to leave for the airport, so I just submerged it for 1 minute… and it was fine, so I just trusted that it would work, and it worked really well..the one thing is that when you’re under water, you can’t use the touch screen, it just doesn’t work so, that’s good that the volume buttons work, to take photos and for videos, it’s just a little hard, when you’re really used to using this, but, It’s nice, because if you have the touch ID, it works really well, even with the plastic covering. and, it’s already a little battered, I can tell that it’s like looser, and there are scratches on it, but I’m hoping I can keep it for any time I go on a vacation that would need underwater footage. this next favorite is a stationery item that I used for school, it’s a fabriano notebook. you might be familiar with this brand when my sister and I did that what’s in our school backpack video talking about supplies, she has a really big sketchbook made by this brand, they make all kinds of different products, this one specifically is dotted, -oh wait, no, she has a really small notebook from this company, sorry. what’s cool about it is they are clean, tear-away pages, so it’s meant for just making notes that you don’t need to keep. I used it to plan my weaving mid-term, so, there are a lot of little illustrations, back here, I was just taking some notes on the new american modernism…for art history, and then this next page was planning for my final for a silkscreen class, so you can kind of use this notebook on front and back a little while before it starts to tear out, but I’m somebody who likes to make a lot of kind of to-do lists, and plans, and I don’t wanna hold on to it, and that’s also the answer to why I don’t really use bullet journals, because I feel like you put all of this effort into making these very permanent pages that you only need for a day, or a week, or a month, before discarding them, so for all of my history notes, that I’ve been writing in this, I have been organizing them in a binder, so it’s really nice to have these tear-away sheets for me, and they’re also dotted. this next favorite is by Sol de Janeiro, this is their brazilian bum bum cream, which is basically a body cream you put it everywhere, but I don’t use it on my face, I mainly use it on my abdomen and all of my legs, and sometimes my arms, but I kinda wanna save it for my legs I have the full size back home, that I bought last year, it’s in California though, I didn’t wanna bring it over here this sample size was actually gifted to me by Sol de Janeiro, so thank you guys for sending it out to me, to review I was going to the caribbean, and when they knew I was traveling, they sent me the travel size , this lotion is infused with guaraná, and it’s this fruit that has 5 times the caffeine amount than coffee. and you know how people use coffee to combat cellulite, when I use this on my butt area, it doesn’t make your cellulite go away, I don’t really know if that’s … the complete purpose. I use this because it helps firm and tone all over my skin, I can tell that I retain my definition- even though maybe like, I didn’t work out for a week at one point, cus I got sick. I still have pretty good definition, and not only that- it’s just a great body cream overall because the consistency is very plump, and it’s very light when you apply it to your skin, what is notice is that it absorbs very quickly, and doesn’t leave your skin with that very oily residue so you can put on clothes right away afterwards. then- random food favorite, I’ve been very obsessed with this strawberry pocky this month, you guys all know what this is. I think this is my favorite flavor, I’ve tried the cookies and cream, chocolate, and they’re all very okay, they’re average, but, I just love this one. so good, do you want one? here just take the box really quickly, I wanna talk about some of my beauty favorites, I’ve already talked extensively about this YSL lipstain in my latest beauty routine that was updated, and I’m just gonna say it again, I really like the application, it really feels like you’re wearing nothing, when you apply it, and you can wear it very opaque, or, use your fingers and make it very natural, and soft, at the edges of your lips. just really nice. mine is shade 13, but, everything is linked in the downbar for you anyway. the next one is this… sugao? I don’t know how to pronounce this exactly, cus it’s a japanese drugstore brand, I got this in asia last summer, this has made it really convenient when I get ready in the mornings, and I rush my makeup cus I don’t have much time, and I just do kind of minimal makeup, this just adds colors to your cheeks. it feels like a face primer, just very smooth, and it doesn’t go on very opaque, so you can apply quite a lot and blend it out, so that’s what I really enjoy about this product. leaves your skin feeling kind of silicone-y, just like face primer does. and this is ideal to travel with, cus you don’t need to bring a compact with a brush, so you just apply it with your fingers. my last product is what I’m most excited to share with you. and it is the bees wrap. just open this up- this is a new one, cus we already have one that we’re using, and I went by ‘ impact everything’ today on Thayer, to get another set, because now that we are packing lunches more, especially Tyler’s packing lunch almost everyday, I started using this and felt that it was so convenient that we got a bigger size. so I’m unraveling this one to show you quickly- gosh, this smells like honey, I really hope that the flies don’t come over. this is basically a natural alternative to plastic wrap, because it’s infused with wax, and you can reuse this up to a year, you just have to wash it with cold water, and soap, because using hot water would make it warp, cus the wax will melt, but this has been great for the past month that we’ve been using it. this is Tyler’s lunch bag actually, that we have the current one with. this is what we’ve been using… and his sandwich is actually in here! it’s great to wrap with, because it’s kind of tacky, almost like a little bit sticky from the wax that’s on it, and when you fold them onto itself, and, roll it up and press it, it stays shut. so it makes it really convenient to use, so, it’s great we never have to use aluminum foil, or plastic ziploc bags, and yeah- here’s your sandwich. that is it! I’m sorry if I annoyed you with swatting all of these bugs, I am just trying to keep it cool but, I managed to get through my entire bag of monthly favorites, I’m actually looking forward to doing more talking videos because it’s really fun and theraputic, I don’t know about today… that’s kind of stressful, to be in here with all the bugs, but, it’s great to just get out here again, because it’s the first day that it’s been warmer than 60 degrees… sigh so I’m gonna take a breath after this, and I got some food, like lemonade and sparkling water, I’m gonna lay down and… actually no, the bugs know how to get that low. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but, I’m just gonna try to enjoy it- I mean, people picnic with bugs, it’s fine, like, they’re just.. this is their habitat. you know? despite the bugs, I’m gonna try to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, with Tyler here. he’s just chilling out next to me, I thought it would be kind of weird if he was just sitting next to me in this favorites and not talking, so he’s just enjoying his picture-taking. -I’m a wannabe photographer please share with me any favorites that you’ve had recently, I’d love to discover new things, and especially just hear anything that you’d have to say. so, I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day, and I will see you very soon! love you, bye! -food! food!! *bloopers of my gasping from bugs everywhere* there was a giant- there was like a wasp above your head I can’t say that without laughing okay oh, a dandelion! what was that? -a silverfish. GASP GO AWAY ! alright, those bugs were too close sorry, sigh gosh. people are gonna just be like DAMN, You’re such a snob, like you can’t handle some flies, …YES i am. *laughter* -okay I dare you to come sit out in these flies and not swat and freak out. cus there are a lot. it’s even bothering me. -I hope that it’s not visible. -I think it’s probably visible. we drove all the way up here. we are doing this.

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