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Girl Slices Her Finger Open With a Knife! Accident Prone | Dyches Fam – Good morning Dyches Fam. Today’s a beautiful day because the sun is shining and Christina is pregnant! – Still pregnant. – Still pregnant. Look at this baby.Look, hold on I’ve gotta.. Oh my goodness, Christina. That baby is about ready to ( pop ) Pop. – Yep anytime now. – So um, what do we have going on here? – I’m making a delicious breakfast. For our friendly ants that have moved into our house. – So we came home from our vacation, our trip. And discovered that we have an ant problem. And so Christina is whipping up a concoction that they are going to love. – So I read online.. That if you mix.. I mean they obviously like sugar. This is powdered sugar mixed with baking soda. And because ants have acid in their body the baking soda is supposed to react with it and kill them. All the other like home remedies were like cinnamon and vinegar just to keep them away. But I think we need to kill them and then spray vinegar. – Destroy them! – [ Josh ] So here is our ant problem. We have ants. Can you see those little puppies running around? – [ Christina ] They’re super tiny. – So that’s what we’re dealing with this morning. But before we move on I want to show you guys something. That I would like you to participate in. And that is… The Dyches Fam Baby #4 – Guess or baby’s gender survey! I’ll be sure to post a link below if you want to guess what our baby’s gender is gonna be. Click on that link and go to this survey. Where you can guess if its a boy or girl. Its height. Its weight. Its hair color. Hair color. Boy name. Girl name. And then uh, put your email address in there if you want to win a t -shirt. If you want to win an official Dyches Fam t -shirt be sure to put your email address in there. So that you can register to be in the drawing. And then once the baby is born and we do the We’ll do a vlog with the results. We’re going to take the top ten, give you guys a shout out in the vlog. And then out of that top ten we’re gonna do some drawings and give away at least one t -shirt. – K look right here everyone. – [ Josh ] Yeah can you guys.. – [ Christina ] Official prediction. See if you can see through there. – I don’t think thats fair because you’re wearing kind of a blue-ish dress. So people are going to think blue for boy. – Well tomorrow I’ll wear pink, okay? This is my belly. – Get some vibes, guys. Do you feel em? Do you feel em? Boy or Girl? – See how big it is? Does it look like a boy or girl? What size? – Yeah be sure to click on that link. Go vote. – [ Josh ] Can you say good morning to everybody? – Good morning! – Say how are you guys doing today? – ( Giberish ) – ( Laughing ) Nobody understood what you just said. Say how are you today? – ( Giberish ) – Hey everybody’s saying how, how big you’re getting. They’re saying he seems like he is getting so big. – No. – No. How much am I turning now? 4. – You’re gonna turn 4? You’re getting so big! Can you do uh, show em your squeezy cheeks today. Say squeezy cheeks! – Squeezy cheeks. – Okay tell everybody bye. – Bye! Piece out! – [ Josh ] You should just be like laying down in bed relaxing. – You’re right I think I will. – And the kids should be fanning you, feeding you grapes. – No I am scrubbing ants off my bathroom floor. So they were eating the stuff but I don’t, I got impatient. ( Laughing ) And I saw them taking it back to their little hive. And so I watched them when they’d pick up the little sugar baking soda mixture. And I watched where they took it so that I would know where their house was. And they were going in this corner over here underneath the baseboards. So once you know where they’re coming from then you can stop them. And I read, vinegar, this isn’t Kaboom. This is vinegar. – Kaboom- vinegar. – This is vinegar. – Kaboom! – They don’t like vinegar. – That smells so strong! – It smells so vinegary in here. – It seriously smells like a vinegar house. – As you can see now I can just spray over there because they don’t like vinegar and they won’t come in if you spray there. And then I sprayed it all along the baseboards and the vinegar instantly killed all the ants too. There’s just like tons of dead tiny ants all the way along the baseboards. – [ Josh ] Mass murder of ants. – [ Christina ] Yes I killed them with vinegar. Cross your fingers! We’ll check tomorrow and hopefully they’re gone. – Well it stinks bad enough. – Well do you want some more? – Its gonna keep me out of the bathroom. – Vinegar is like seriously the world’s greatest product. Non toxic. Kills everything. It actually kills most bacteria too. – You’re like one of those salesmen that come to the door and they drink it. Spray it in your mouth! – I know. You really can. – See how safe it is? – Its really safe. Vinegar is great! – Can you clean these? – Ew it needs it. – Sick! You weren’t supposed to spray me. – Now your feet won’t smell so bad. – Sicko! – Guys watch. – [ Josh ] Guys watch. I just think you’re so cool, dude. I just wanted to capture that cause it was so cute before I started recording. He’s like.. Like holding it upside down. It was funny. – [ Christina ] K kids, time for lunch. – [ Tayden ] Bleh! – What’s wrong? – What are these? – What do you mean what are those? – Did you say bleh? – You don’t even know what they are. They’re delicious. – What are they? – What are they, sis? – Carrots. – But look, this one is a carrot. What are these? – Okay. So when we went to the grocery store yesterday, I don’t know if I showed you guys these. But I got these locally grown air loom carrots. Most of our vegetables now days are genetically modified to be a certain color or a certain size. So carrots used to all look kinda weird colors like this. And the kids are a little nervous. They’re not sure. – I only like originals. – No you didn’t even try the other kind. William what color are you having? – Yellow. – The yellow? The yellow is good. Koi what color are you gonna try? – [ Tayden ] Its green. – [ Christina ] Its kinda greenish. Show em the purple, how pretty it is. Ohh that just looks pretty! – [ Brock ] The yellow greenish tastes fine. – [ Christina ] See, Brock even says it tastes fine. Koi, hows the purple? – I didn’t taste it yet. – Try it. – [ Tayden ] Mmm yeah the gre.. the yellows are fine.. – The yellows are fine? What does that mean? Does it just taste like a regular carrot? – No its just got this, a little bit of a weird flavor. – Koi try it No – [ Tayden ] Lets try the purple. – But you know what? When they’re different colors they have different nutrients. They’re good for your body. You need all the colors Come on purple people eater! How is it? – Its actually pretty good. – [ Brock ] Yeah! – [ Christina ] Yeah oh now Koi’s gonna try it cause Tayden said it was good. – [ Tayden ] Its a little better than the yellows, I’d say. I don’t know. – [ Christina ] Its just a carrot, Nikoi! ( Laughing ) – [ Tayden ] Its a little better than the yellow. Right? – Kids are so funny! Like the appearance of something totally freaks them out! They all just taste the same. So you should try yellow and purple carrots. You’ll like them. K people, eat your vegetables today. – [ Josh ] Look at that. Oh shoot my camera is breaking. Look at that cute mommy belly you have. – So cute. – Hey hold on. – Look. – Hey, ha look she says. Wow. Dead girl floating. Good job! K are you gonna do a trick for me? – Yeah. – [ Christina ] All the way under! – [ Josh ] William! You little punk. – [ Christina ] All the way under! – [ Josh ] William, give me five , buddy. – [ Christina ] That was awesome. – [ Josh ] You were being so brave. – [ Christina ] That was awesome. Swimming lessons totally paid off, guys. – Totally. – Nikoi is swimming so much better too. Its amazing. – Is she? Lets see it Nikoi, show me something amazing. Show me something amazing! – Brock what are we doing? – Super dog. – Super dog! – Ha. I call that a glorified belly flop. Show me William. Oh dad look he’s swimming with his face in. – Good job. He held it for 10 seconds. -Yes. I counted all the way to ten and held his head under. He is so excited to be able to put his head all the way under. We’re so proud of him. – [ Tayden ] I belly flop very hard. – Awesome! – [ Christina ] What was that? – Jump into the water okay? Go all the way under. – [ Nikoi ] Can I do it too? – [ Christina ] Good job! – Record me throwing him one more time. – [ Christina ] Good dive. Koi’s gonna dive. Good job, kiddos. Good hand stand, Tay. Hi Will. You’re crazy. Oh okay. That’s crazy, William. I’m so proud of the kids. They are all swimming so much better after swimming lessons. I forgot his puddle jumpers so he had to wear our niece, Natalia’s pink one. And he was so mad! Josh walked in with it and he was like.. It’s pink! And he just cried and cried and cried. And then he almost drownded and that’s how I got him to wear it. Because he couldn’t get back up. But he’s really upset. He’s all boy and he cannot wear pink. So shhh, don’t talk about it. William has learned another new trick today. William what are you gonna do with those? You’re gonna throw them. And then what are you gonna do? You’re gonna go under the water and open your eyes and find them, huh? That is awesome. K throw it. There they are which one are you gonna get first? Where are they? Where are they? Can you see it under there? Good job, you found it! Can you open your eyes on that one and find it? Good job, buddy. You did so good. – [ Josh ] There’s a cute puddle jumper he’s got on there. K William’s gonna be brave. Yay! – Good job! You did it! Show dad, I’m awesome! He didn’t even rub his eyes out. – [ Josh ] Christina should I say anything about his pink thing that he’s wearing? – Don’t talk about it. Its a very touchy subject. – Very sensitive. – I’ll pull you up. Weeee! Wave at your dad and say I did it. – [ Josh ] You did it, buddy. Gonna have the Dyches kids all jump in together. This is gonna be fun. William’s even gonna do it. He’s getting so brave. – JUMP! ( Laughing ) – [ Josh ] Delayed reaction. Dyches Fam 2016. Best summer ever. We’re having a good time at the pool today. – [ Josh ] Lame. – [ Thomas ] Hey its a long day at work, man. – [ Josh ] Hi. I can see myself in the reflection of your glasses. Look at Troy’s scab, he can’t get in the pool. He’s not allowed. He’s infected. – Nobody wants to chew on my scabs. – Gross! – [ Josh ] Don’t plug your nose. – Why dude? – Cause dudet. – [ Josh ] Christina.. Cannonball! – [ Christina ] Oh my gosh. – No we are all home and we are hungry. So I’m cooking up a big batch of corn on the cob. And we have these two little cuties. What are you guys making us? – Salsa. – Salsa. – What? How do you know how to do that? – Um my mom taught me. Koi how are you doing over there? – Goodie. – Don’t chop your finger off, please. They got all these awesome ingredients they wanted in their salsa. Lets go see what papa Dyches is making. We’ve got some chicken over here. We got us some steaks, folks. – [ Christina ] Wow you guys are so fun. – Snapchat. – It’s like being in a room of teenagers. – [ Thomas ] I’m trying to get Pokemon. – Boring. Nikoi. – What? – What is that on the toilet paper? – Blood. – What happened? – I cut my finger on accident. – Oh man girl. You cut it good! – It doesn’t hurt. – Ooo sissy are you okay? – It doesn’t hurt. – [ Josh ] What did she do? – [ Christina ] She cut her, she tried to cut… – [ Josh ] Oh wowzer. – [ Christina ] Cut her finger into salsa. Darn it I thought Nikoi was ready for this tiny tiny knife. But I don’t think she’s ready. Natalia. – What? – Don’t cut your finger. – I’ve done this 100 times. I’m not gonna cut my finger. – Well, why not have a little blood in the salsa? – [ Christina ] Okay we got Nikoi a butter knife. So she can be a little more safer, huh? How’s your finger, sis? Show me. – It didn’t hurt. – You’re a tough girl. Talia have you ever got cut? – Yeah I tried to grab a potato when my mom was cooking and she cut me. ( Laughing ) – Your mom cut you? – [ Christina ] How’s your picnic? – Good. – Good.. – Good. – [ Christina ] Is your food good? – Yeah. – Everybody give a peace. – [ Christian ] Where are your clothes? – Right there. – You boys think you’re so awesome. And our sweet little girls again being so sweet. Eating their dinner like they’re supposed to. And then we got the crazies. – [ Josh ] K we’re feeding the bearded dragon. – [ Tayden ] Look mom. – [ Josh ] Cleaning its poopy cage. We don’t know this bearded dragon’s name. – [ Nikoi ] Hey do you want to see his poop? Look at the poop. It’s huge. – [ Brock ] Look I’m touching its fingers. – [ Josh ] Open up. – [ Josh ] We call it the cockroach convention. This is where all the cockroaches. – Ahhh. – [ Tayden ] Look. – Wow look at all those cockroaches. – [ Josh ] Dude look at all those cockroaches. – [ Natalia ] Oh I’m gonna throw up. – [ Troy ] Grody, huh? – [ Josh ] You’re gonna what? – Throw up. Oh I don’t like bugs! – [ Brock ] I think it’s ready. I think it’s ready. – [ Tayden ] Dad he’s ready to eat. – [ Josh ] Look at that big old one. That must be like the queen. Guys you have no idea how disgusting this is. – [ Tayden ] Oh I got one. – [ Josh ] Are you gonna lick it? – [ Josh ] ( singing ) Sidewalk. Running away from the street. We knew. Hey, whoah I can’t really see. – That light is so bright. – I know I can’t really see and walk at the same time. – Oh my gosh. – Guys we’re gonna end the vlog tonight. We’ve had a fun filled day full of family and fun. And funness. – Oh my gosh we gotta try to get so much crammed in in the next couple weeks. – I know. We are. And we’re out for a walk right now. It’s after midnight. Because this little lady. – Well number 1, I’m supposed to get more exercise. Especially after I eat to manage my gestational diabetes. And number 2, I thought restless leg was like a total joke and I would like laugh at the commercials on tv. – It’s real. – You guys, I have it like with this pregnancy. I get so anxious at night and like when I got lay down in bed it’s just like I want to kick my legs. Like all night. – She kicks me. – She kicks me really hard. – It’s like they can’t calm down. It’s so weird. And so I’ve heard walking before bed helps. And also heard like being iron deficient. Trying to be better with taking my prenatal everyday. – Oh there’s a tree. – But anyways. Yes we’re trying to get all the wiggles out of my legs so I can go to bed. – Yeah and so she won’t kick me tonight. But guys listen. Please go fill out the survey. – Yay! – Uh it’s Survey Gizmo or whatever. It’s a pretty trusted sight, supposedly. You know we’re basically just wanting to get your take of whether it’s going to be a boy or girl. If it’s gonna have hair, what color it’s gonna be. Height, weight. – What size it’s gonna be. – And then if you want to win a t -shirt.. Be sure to put your email address in. – Yay. How fun. We’ll find out soon. – Yeah and then also be sure to do that. The link’s below. And go follow us on Snapchat. We just started being Snapchatters. – Yeah Josh is excited to use all the crazy filters. – No I think the kids. I’m gonna let the kids kinda run it. But I’ll be there too if you guys want to see me. But be sure to go add us on Snapchat. And then tell us what your Snapchat username is and then we’ll add you back. Okay. – Awesome. – I think that’s it. – Goodnight people. Love ya. – Thanks for hanging out with us. We love you guys. We’ll see you tomorrow. – Dyches Fam, peace out. ( Music playing)

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