🍳Vacation Cooking Large Family Baked Eggs in the Oven (+ one more stop!)
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🍳Vacation Cooking Large Family Baked Eggs in the Oven (+ one more stop!)

– So good morning. It’s our morning that we need to check out of this rental house. I need to feed everybody. We need to pack our bags, load the van, kind of clean our way out of this house and then we have somewhere special that we’re gonna go today, on the way home. But I’m gonna show you how I’m gonna wrangle this breakfast first. So I’m gonna do sheet pan fried eggs and we don’t have any cooking spray. It’s like one of the
things I forgot to bring. So I’m just putting
some pats of butter in. I’m going to put this in the oven. Just let those melt for a minute and then I will, we’ll crack the eggs. It’s a good way to do mass fried eggs. (calm music) 18 eggs in this pan. And then I had eight eggs
in another carton here. So now, I’m gonna get these in the oven. We will check ’em in about seven minutes. (calm music) (relaxed guitar music) So we made it out of that house. It was clean when we got there, but it was cleaner when we left. I like that. So, got my cleaning done for today. Now, we are gonna find like
a little convenience store to get some drinks and snacks for the road and head to the Biltmore,
the Biltmore Estate. We’re on our way. (relaxed guitar music) Okay, so up there, by
those traffic lights, it says, Biltmore Estate. We have found it. (relaxed guitar music) – Boo!
– Ah huh, big bamboo. Okay, I guess we go here for tickets. Now I’m seeing the word, will call, and I’m hoping, please or please let this be something we can just show up and get tickets for. I did not think I had to
have tickets in advance. Okay, Gabriel, it says, “Welcoming more than one
million guests each year, “Biltmore is one of the most popular, “historic sites in the country.” Look, that’s back in 1894. And look, that’s what
it looks like Gabriel. That’s from 1910, isn’t that gorgeous? Okay, we were able to
get our tickets, yay! So they said that it’s a 30-minute drive from where we bought our tickets to actually get up to the
area where the house is. We were looking, it was
built in like the 1890s and it took over a thousand
people to build it. (cheery music) Gonna be exciting. Oh boy, Daniel, you excited? – Uh huh. – [Jamerrill] Emilia, you
excited to go to a mansion? – Mm-hmm. – [Jamerrill] Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Our parking lot– – [Boy] I think it’s right there. – [Jamerrill] I’m looking. Parking Lot C is where
Daddy dropped us off. And now, he’s gonna drive
us up here, to the mansion. (cheery music) Oh, boy, ice cream time. Good waiting, Liam. You’re getting cheesecake, right, Gabriel? – Yes.
– Oh boy. You want cheesecake too, okay, hold on. – Cheesecake. – [Jamerrill] Did you like the house? – Uh huh. – [Jamerrill] What was your favorite part? Gabriel and Liam, they’re
all sugared up now. – It’s shutdown! – All sugared up.
(shushing) We’re touring around a bit. Here’s one of their beautiful gardens. And look, Travis’s only
view in the videos. (chuckles) The driver. We’re gonna go see the hotel that’s here and some shops and right away we are gonna head home, though, after this. Only six-and-a-half hours or so, if we don’t stop, but
that’s not gonna happen. I don’t wanna do this today, but I see people going in and out. You can probably come and tour the garden. There’s a shop there and
people are going in and out. I just wanna tour from the van right now. Okay, so we’re going to the Village Hotel. That’s what I wanna see. I told the kids, I’d like
to come back another time and just stay here. And have a full day or two to do all these trails and everything they have to offer. (cheery music) So that’s the hotel we’ll come
and stay at, at some point. (cheery guitar music) This is cute for a day
where it’s not raining. They’ve got a farmyard and a playground and a picnic area. There we go, Village
Hotel at Biltmore Estate. Okay, more road trip family fun. Been in the car a couple hours. (Benjamin babbling) Benjamin’s talkin’. We’re tired, we’re hungry, our legs hurt, so we’re in Shoney’s and
we’re ordering dinner. Do you know what you want? – No. – [Jamerrill] No? – Eat, eat, eat,
– Eat, eat. – Eat, eat, eat, eat. – [Jamerrill] You want
no, with a side of no? And then you’ll have some more no? – Um. – [Jamerrill] Um. Whoop. Mmm, you got your cup. You’re gonna get the turkey club. I don’t feel like anything, but I know I need to eat. So, I’m sure I won’t
waste away to nothin’.


  • Leslie Ringer

    You could have met up with another YouTube large family. The Maryon family has 10 kids and love in your visiting state. They were at the Biltmore I believe just last week.

  • Tessie Dobey

    The Biltmore Mansion is beautiful. My hubby did not like it, but the kids and I enjoyed seeing inside a mansion.

  • Real Life Mama

    We live about an hour from the Biltmore house and I still have not taken the kiddos. We need to do that. We went numerous times before children. Looks like you had a great time. I got so excited when I saw you were so close to us lol 🙂

  • noahsark1962

    I don't mean to spoil you trip to the biltmore but I think that family was into some dark stuff.John and Tony Podesta own some disturbing art work that looks like it was done in the pool there.

  • Nic C-H

    It's awesome that you and Youtuber Amy Maryon were at the Biltmore around the same time. Someone on her page suggested your large families get together before you posted this video. Be blessed. I enjoy watching your family.

  • anordinarymom

    I like my fried eggs over easy, so I'm not sure if I could handle them that way, but now I'm curious and going to have to try, lol!
    Have you tried them scrambled in the pan? So easy to slice them up and use them in egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches!

  • anordinarymom

    We (most of us!) got to tour the Biltmore a couple summers ago when 5 of my kiddos advanced to the NASP Worlds (archery tournament), which was in Myrtle Beach that year, so the Biltmore was on the way! It wasn't cheap, but it was AMAZING and a highlight of our road trip all the way from Minnesota!! (We specially loved the outfits from Pride & Prejudice!! 😍)

  • Kitchen Capers

    I love how you left the house cleaner!!! Ur amazing…. Where did you find out about the house, or did it come with the package of the skiing trip? love your videos, keep them coming girlie!!

  • candice nickens

    I wished so much that you would of met up with Amy Maryon and did a vlog with her family. That would of super sweet 🥰

  • Heather Owen

    Gat a package in the mail for you today 🙂 My 1st mailing to Jamerrill LOL We were just at the Biltmore last week. BEAUTIFUL Would have been AWESOME to run into you. Not sure what day you were there. We were there on the 5th of March. BLESSINGS 🙂

  • Tammy Osborne

    I just love seeing my home thru others eyes. I love living in the mountains of West Asheville , NC . So glad You and your family had a nice vacation , come back when the weather isn't so rainy so much wonder things to do . FYI the McDonald's at the entrance to the Biltmore Estates is something to see its made all fancy.

  • Kira Ward

    Saw Mr Travis in the background.. had to do a double take thought he was wearing a man bun! Nope just a beanie 😝

  • Chris Whitt

    At Christmas the Biltmore House is Amazing, you really need to bring them back … the kids would be amazed by it, every room is decorated, and tree's galore. It is a dream seeing it all decorated up.

  • Tisha Rodriguez

    My husband and I and another couple toured the Biltmore Estate. We loved it! Very interesting. It’s very expensive to stay in a hotel around there. We did air b&b and it was great and cheap!

  • OnePurplePrincess

    ⚠️💬Looks like a great time was had by all. I'm so glad y'all got to go – it even made me wan to go with my healing broken hip and healing broken arm lol.
    They need to sponsor you every year and you can do a fresh Vlog review each time
    Inexpensive advertising for them considering the heavy weight of your honest review and the number of people who would go based on your positive and helpful review because we know your opinion cannot be bought.
    Actors can be bough because that is their job to pretend and convince however Jamerrill Stewart's opinion cannot be bought because Jamerrill is a strong honest homeschooling mom with integrity and Jesus as the focus
    They need to partner with you for a lomg term as do other places like the air bnb company an other vendors, like restaurants or hotels along the way and during your stay and other family friendly destinations and historical or learning (sports, and other skills like maybe art or music camps etc, and fun exploring venues (digging fo gems, sifting for gold, archaeology or caving digs, or even beach themed vacation to go shrimping & fishing, and have clambakes, or surfing and watt skin and scuba and snorkeling, maybe even go on a dune buggy adventure Etc.
    I would love to see you take a free sponsored vacation 2 to 4 times a year and watch the Vlog reviews Warts and all. The wart's wont stop me from waning to go it just makes my expectations more realistic. Watching your family do it makes it easy to imagine our own families doing it and making happy forever memories
    I encourage you to explore this road if you can find the time. I loved this vacation Vlog. Now I want more 😂👍👍👍
    Thanks for sharing love and prayers ✝️🙏✝️
    PS any vendors out there encourage you to reach out to Jamerrill and offer her sponsors trips or use of your products for honest review warts and all. I know Jamerrill has integrity and let's face it. Life comes with blemishes. So knowing them is not a deal breaker. It's actually a deal maker because its truthful. I love watching Jamerrill reviews, vacations, journeys, and daily life. She makes us want to try or do them too. #TeamJamerrill 💜✝️🙏

  • Fab4Gal

    Wow, that's not fair that they wouldn't let you film at the Biltmore House. Several other Youtube Channels (Amy Maryon and LoveMeg) have both filmed there, Amy just last week, I think it was). In any case, your eggs looked very awesome!! I have some non stick foil that I would love to try that with…everything slides right off of it…if you can get your hands on this stuff, I suggest you try it for things like that…saves a lot of cleanup…I live in Canada so I buy the Reynolds Non Stick Wrap but Walmart down the States has their own version…
    I hope you don't mind but I used your zip code to check and see if the Walmart's in your area carry it and they do so here is just one for instance…I'm sure it's just like the name brand, Reynold's Wrap….believe me, it's worth it!

  • Tamson Darland

    Nothing like a Hardy breakfast of delicious eggs. Great idea for egg preparation. I love egg casserole too. Mix and dump casserole. Eggs, Real Bacon Bits, Frozen Mixed Pepper Medley, Milk, Cottage Cheese. Mix all until well blended. Add to greased casserole dish and bake on 325 until eggs are cooked. Can top with Parmesan.
    I hope you all had a fantastic vacation. Saved so much packing alot of meals and eating in. Was the rental home an Air B&B? I've always heard fantastic prices. We have a some here in our little community. We're near Bardstown, Kentucky about 15 miles away where My Old Kentucky Home is. And The Stephen Foster Amphitheatre is. And near Harrodsburg about 40 minutes away where Old Fort Harrod is. And near Shakertown Village outside Harrodsburg. There are many historical places to visit in Kentucky. Hopefully you and your family can visit Kentucky on a vacation. We have beautiful state parks with numerous free fun events throughout the year. Along with beautiful festivals. We have Cave country in Western Part of State. Mammoth Cave is breathtaking. With several interesting tours. 😇💖 Love Tamson.

  • Jamerrill Stewart

    Here's the Baked Eggs in the Oven recipe https://largefamilytable.com/baked-eggs-in-the-oven-large-family-recipes/ xoxo

  • Gypsy Rose

    Interesting. I just watched Amy Maryon's channel and she did a tour of the Biltmore on her channel. The house and estate is fascinating. That swimming pool is epic.

  • Holly Walker

    Did you go visit the Maryon (Amy) family in NC? I know they were having friends come visit… thought maybe it was you!

  • One Mama To Another

    I'm surprised they wouldn't let you film. Knorrp & South Filmed a visit there with their kids- that would be a fun family to see you a do a meet up with!

  • speedyproductions100

    Trying the fried eggs in a pan this week! What a nifty idea!

    What where you staring at out the window when you were scrubbing away at 3:20? Lost in thought??

  • jpwhataboutit 14

    Purple is your color Jamerrill! You look beautiful. This week I am going to try our first freezer meal prep activity. You are a blessing to so many and I truly thank you! God bless you, your hubby and your beautiful kids.

  • Sevenforrests

    Your eggs looked so yummy. I don't know why I have never thought to do that. You all seem to have had a nice vacation. So happy for you!

  • Jules Cannon

    oh how fun! I had the pleasure of touring the Biltmore estate many years ago. I need to take the family there. that place is a treat. can you believe the family still lives there?

  • ChelSierra Remly

    Have you ever tried breaking the yolk and swirling it around a bit like when making an egg sandwich? Then you can cut them in squares to fit on bread.

  • The Church Tribe

    I’ve been watching you for a while now. I know you don’t know me but I have 8 kiddos and we just found out we’re expecting TRIPLETS. I’m so excited scared and overwhelmed. We are 17wks 3days and found out at exactly 17wks. I love your channel 💙💙💙

  • jules1210

    I live in Asheville, near the Biltmore House. The best time to visit is in the spring time. It's a lovely place but so is Asheville.

  • Eve M

    Wow The Biltmore's we're one if the Wealthiest family's in the World , wish we could of seen the Home heard it's gorgeous n just breath taking n the gardens are beautiful n espically at Christmas they say Trees everywhere in each room lots of Christmas decorations n trees just amazing to bad it's way to many States away from us . Ur very lucky to live closer then most of us. To bad u couldn't film it but , they don't allow it we understand very Private … Tfs 😊

  • Mechell Miguel

    I’m glad you all had a wonderful vacation!! Biltmore Estates is a beautiful place!! I went there several years ago

  • Mechille

    I loved the Biltmore.  I went there many years ago… and they didn't even allow you to take pictures on the inside… but it was sooooooo pretty and the tulips were in bloom when I was there and they were beautiful.  I know y'all had a great time… 🙂

  • Rachel McVay

    It's obvious that God knew what He was doing when I subscribed to you years ago. Life. Changing. Eggs. Oh mama, bless you. This is wonderful!!

  • Triple S Crafts

    Don't know if anyone else said this or not but you were in the same state (looks like you might have even passed their town) as another large YouTube family lives. That's kinda cool!

  • Rebecca Oprea

    You should have a cow bell and “come and get it “ although I wouldn’t want that many people in my kitchen .

  • Perfect Ceecurves

    You are such a wonderful woman, mommy and wife. Your patient with your kids, your kindness comes across through your videos. It's a very pleasant voice. You relax me and lift my spirit. It's just me and my mom,but I do make some of your recipes and give food to my neighbors. My nephew's spend the weekend with me too so we cook. Thank you for your ideas and show. 🌺

  • Pepper Derr

    Do the yolks come out soft at 7 minutes to dip toast in it? Was it at 350? I love the idea of doing them in the oven.

  • vinjulieann1

    I never thought of baking the eggs – they turned out perfect – – I really like the way you did your eyeliner – looks really good on you.

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