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– We have been busy all day getting ready, because we are going on
our last summer adventure. So the house is picked up, the kids are ready, but they
don’t know what we’re going to. (gasps) Are your suitcases packed? I found this on my wall this morning. Is this the party? All those games are for our party. We’re playing Whack-a-Mole. (slapping and buzzing) She was ready for that one. – Knock knock. – [Kendra] Are you a hula girl? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Why are you
wearing your swimsuit? – Because I’m a hoo-lah. – [Kendra] It’s called hula. – Hoo-lah. – Hula.
– Hoo-lah. – Hoo-yah. – Now we’re gonna be
playing Chutes and Ladders. Everybody pick your person. – Okay, we’re gonna spin it like this. – The kids are playing so
well together right now, I kind of feel like I’m
in the twilight zone. I have to go take a picture, so I can remember it for all those moments when they’re fighting at other times, and I’ll be like oh look,
remember when they were so cute and playing together and not fighting. – We have our purses on with jewelry. – [Kendra] Jewelry, wow. I like your necklace. – This is my hoo-lah. – [Kendra] Your hoo-lah skirt? – We’re doing a treasure hunt. – [Kendra] Who made the treasure hunt? – Me and Caleb. – [Kendra] So Laura
and Elise are doing it? – Yeah, and we’re gonna be helping. We do have some good things at the end for all of us. – [Kendra] Nice. – Where do you make sweet sounds? (Kendra gasps) – [Kendra] You found it. – Where do you get snacks? In the pantry. Follow me. – Okay. – Where you may get snacks. – [Isaac] There are other
places you can get snacks. Apples are good. – Ah. Where do you jump? – On the trampoline! – Oh yeah. – Laura found it. – Found it. – Where does Caleb keep clothes? – In every single drawer. – There it is. For us. Laura. – Elise, Caleb and Isaac. – Yep and you can actually keep these. – Good. – Hey, hear this. (whistle blowing) – I’m going to eat gum. – [Jeremy] Was there gum? Well that was a good treasure hunt, guys. – Yes, Isaac, the party’s
not all the way done, guys. – [Jeremy] You guys
sure know how to party. – Let me have this one. It’s a scary one for me. – We have been busy all day getting ready, because we are going on
our last summer adventure. So the house is picked up, the kids are ready, but they don’t know what we’re going to. They have no idea. Alright any guesses? – Disney on Ice? – [Kendra] It’s not Disney
on Ice, it’s not Disneyland. – Disneyworld? – [Kendra] It’s not Disneyworld. What do you think we’re
gonna do this afternoon. – I think we’re gonna go somewhere scary. – [Kendra] Oh okay. – I know that we’re all wearing cool running play clothes, so
I’m guessing it might be like a fun play thing for the kids. – Are we going camping? A restaurant? – With games. – [Kendra] I’m gonna start
by giving you guys a clue. – Yes! – The first clue, oh Janae’s excited. The first clue is that
we are gonna be staying somewhere overnight. (gasps) Are your suitcases packed? – No. – Camping. – We need to pack our suitcases. Ready, set, go. – Suitcases! – [Kendra] Get your backpacks. – Get backpacks! – We might be flying somewhere. – Guys get my backpack. – [Caleb] I think it’s like a hotel. – I think it is a hotel. – I think it’s a hotel. – [Jeremy] Get some cool jammas, – And some play clothes. – Okay. I have a shirt. – [Jeremy] Oh that’s a great one. – These pair of socks. Those are mine.
– Good socks. – [Jeremy] Oh and they’re so pretty. – My shirt and shorts. – If it’s not camping, then it probably should be a hotel. I think this is gonna be fun. – Where’s your pajamas? It’s a good thing I decided
to check Laura’s bag. She has four pairs of shirts, that’s it. – [Elise] Maybe that’s why
you said two days of fun. – [Jeremy] Good job getting
packed, my little friends. – That was speedy. These guys are fast,
when they’re motivated. Alright, you guys ready
for clue number two? You are going to get very very very wet. So what do you need? – Swimsuit! – Swimsuit! – [Kendra] Yeah. – Are we going to the place where we had the family reunion? – [Jeremy] No, but that’s a good guess. – Do we have to walk there? – [Kendra] No, we don’t
have to walk there. – Are we going to the orport? – [Kendra] To where? – The orport. – [Kendra] The airport? – And the airplane. – [Kendra] Nope no airplane today. – How are we gonna get there? – [Kendra] I’ll ride on your back. Can you carry us there? Can you carry us there? (laughing) Who’s ready for the last
clue, the great reveal. – [All] Me! – [Jeremy] Isaac’s super excited. – Okay here it is. We are leaving right now. To get in the van, to drive, to sleep overnight and stay and play at the Great Wolf Lodge. – What’s that? (laughing) – Is it a ranch? – Do you guys know what
the Great Wolf Lodge is? Well then you better
come and see, let’s go. It’s a family vacation people. (lively music) There it it. Do you see it? Lise, do you see it? – Yeah, it has a water slide. – [Kendra] (whispering) It
does have a water slide. (whispering) – (whispering) Let’s wake
them up, wake them up. – So we’re driving up, Caleb and Laura and Janae
all fell asleep on the drive, but Isaac and Elise see the outside now and they’re excited. (twangy upbeat music) There is it, Great Wolf Lodge. – Awesome. – Great water slide. I got to go on it. – Me too. – Me three. – This is like a house. – We have our own back door. We have our own TV. Look at that. – This could be the girls room. – We live in the forest. – Yeah, the whispery woods. – We came back to the hotel room and ate some food. They have a place where you
could just like order it to go, and so we got pasta and
garlic bread and salad. And Janae, we see you. Anyway, we’ve been playing card games, and now it’s time for dessert. – I want to have cake. – [Jeremy] What flavor did you get? – Chocolate chip cookie dough. – [Jeremy] Caleb, what
flavor did you go with? – Birthday cake. – [Jeremy] Birthday cake. Feeling cold? – My teeth are sensitive. – If I had infinity money, if I could go anywhere I want, I would buy this place. – [Kendra] You’d buy it? – Yeah. – [Kendra] So what would you
do if you bought this place? – I’d probably just eat all the candy, I would unlock the doors, and I’d get every place
until customers come. – [Kendra] Oh, so you’d kind of run it. – Mmm-mmm. – A boy was standing
at the top of the steps holding an umbrella. All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew, a really strong gust, and he floated down the
stairs, just like Mary Poppins. It was scary driving home, but the car was filled with kids. – [Caleb] Goodnight, J House out. – So tonight, we told Isaac and Elise to get on some nice clothes and to get ready to go somewhere, but we didn’t tell them
where we’re heading. Here’s where we’re going.

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