💠Winter RV living tips – how to keep warm in
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💠Winter RV living tips – how to keep warm in

in this video I’m going to share with you our essentials for full-time winter RV living and we’re starting right now Whats up youtube? I hope all is well in your world? My name is Aron with 3tailsRV before we get started today I would like to set a goal for 100 likes and I would appreciate your help with achieving this goal, also if this your first time here and you want to see more RV related tips tricks DIY projects another RV related stuff then hit the subscribe button right now because we want to help you do just that and with that out of the way let’s get on with today’s topic. Unfortunately not all of RV is designed to be used during the winter months and as full-time users we face many additional challenges when dealing with them. Luckily there are plenty of things we can do to make our RV more winter friendly. The first thing that we need to do is to keep the cold air out and the warm air in, unfortunately most RV windows are single pane and do not provide much of a seal from the cold outside. The simplest and easiest solution that we have found is to use shrink film kit on the inside of your RV windows you can be purchasing a big box store for around ten dollars this clear film can be custom fit to any size window. It attaches to the inside of the window frame with double sided sticky tape and finally when the heat is applied from a hairdryer the plastic shrinks creating an airtight seal around the window. This will only slightly improve the R factor of the window, but it will drasticaly reduce those annoying cold drafts!? After winter is over you simply just peel it off and throw it away. Now that we have our windows covered our next step is to do something about those air vents when warm air rises you will speak using these openings there are many different ways that you can achieve this you can use the shrink wrap film that we use on our windows, silver insulation held in place with velcro or you can purchase a pellow that are designed to fit snugly into the fan opening. Now finally we need to steal all the other places where cold air can enter our RV under the RVs are many openings for electricity gas and water lines enter the RV. these openings need to be sealed! You can seal these aerosol based self expanding foam or foam rubber finally the entry door needs to be checked to make sure that it seals properly. Adding some inexpensive weatherstripping will help you to seal any air leaks. If you enjoyed this video and you haven’t yet done so remember to give us a thumbs up and if you have not already subscribed you can click on the round icon to subscribe to this channel you can also click on the square icon and head over 3tailsRV.com where you can find more other RV related projects and other related topics and if you do not see anything that interests you then you go ahead and click one of the videos on the side.. Lori and i would like to thank you for watching. Live simple Live Free and enjoy the ride and we’ll see you next time with another RV Living Winter Essentials Episode 2 until then we will see you later.


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  • zane sutherland

    I am moving into my camper in a month or so. I live in Montana. To keep things warm I am putting on interior storm windows using plexiglass to make them double pane. I will be putting foam mat squares on the floor and 1 in. rigid foam in the back of all the cupboards and places that aren’t seen. I am doing an insulated skirt, electric heat as my main source and propane as my backup. Also using pvc pipe for waste water. going to put a thick blanket over my door since RV doors aren’t insulated. will be using a dehumidifier, some bamboo charcoal packs that absorb moisture, as well as putting silica packets in all of the cupboards. Opening the windows when there is sun can help solar heat the camper.

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