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I love products that are multifunctional
and I’ve got an amazing one to show you today it’s a camping lantern flashlight
Bluetooth speaker and power bank all in one this is the Virtoba camping lantern as
I said before it’s multifunctional as a lantern it’s easy to carry lightweight
has convenient handles and can be charged via USB or solar power and it
slides up in like this now as a flashlight it has its own carrying
handle and there’s a little button on top and it’s also a Bluetooth speaker it
was very easy to pair with my phone you can also use a gif card for storm stored
music there’s an FM radio so let me show you how the Bluetooth is don’t you slow decent very very decent quality sound
for a multifunctional device like this I mean it’s probably not going to be the
first choice to use in your home for high fidelity sound all the time but you
know this is definitely good quality for taking to an outing camping the beach
because I said it has FM radio I personally don’t use the radio a lot but
it toggles between the Bluetooth and they have family
ok so it has a 2200 mah power bank used to charge your devices keep an emergency
and to me the very best feature of this Lantern is its functionality and an
emergency because I actually have the power of the law here ten months ago
completely unexpected it was a windstorm and it was out for four days and I was
scrambling around the flashlights and power banks and this would become in
very handy ultimately what I ended up using for light was a lantern
I think Lantern white is great now on a regular basis I think we’re a diesel
lantern most would be on a pleasant evening sitting out
on the deck or the porch with a light I’ll be useful to keep in your vehicle
it’s terrific for camping hiking or biking and you can use these handles to
hang the lantern from a tree or I don’t know post wherever and here’s another
feature that I really really like about this and it has a solar charging
function so if you’re on an extended camping trip or hike you could charge it
during the day and use it at Wyant ignite but you can also use the device
while it’s charging and there’s it did come with the USB
cable that it takes off let’s see oh four to five hours to charge fully with
the USB to get I mentioned the lantern is five watts for night reading partying
sleeping and the flashlight is long one that’s not a super bright flashlight but
the fact that this is multifunctional and has that feature I think it’s
terrific so this is a great little device to have to have several of
actually keep one in your vehicle one by your door where you can find it for an
emergencies or maybe in your emergency shelter if you have such a thing I like
the way that this slides in and out so easily determine the lantern function on I’d actually be great to keep by your
bedside please be sure to check the description
section below for more information and thanks for watching


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