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🔴 How we reduce moisture in our RV | RV Living

hi and welcome back to 3tailsRV RV my
name is Aron on today’s episode we’re gonna review a few products that will
help reduce moisture in your RV so stay tuned and we’ll be right back today we’re going to talk about
different products you can use in your RV to help reduce moisture moisture can
be one of the most common problems inside of an RV Moisture can also cause
a lot a lot of damage internally and externally to any RV we’re going to talk
about the two different products that we use in our RV to help reduce moisture so
to start with we’re gonna talk about the dry air the dry air is a product that’s
built by dry air that is a simple design it has a holding cup and a filtration
system it has a pin at the top where you can add the moisture attracting chemical
compound that they have in the top to this that they use so you pour this
stuff in you put it and then you put the top back on it and you set it in a
designated place or in spent places throughout your RV and it will help
reduce the moisture what this product does is it pulls the moisture out of the
air and places it in the cup so every once
in a while you need to go back in and empty the the moisture that’s in inside
the collection cup this product is great when you have your RV in storage because
it doesn’t require any electric electricity to work the problem is that
it might have overflow from all the moisture that you collect from your RV
especially if it’s been several months and and this the and the pellet stuff up
here it only usually lasts for about sixty to ninety days I’d be afraid that
this might overflow if you’ve had too much moisture in your RV so this is a
great product to use I highly recommend it you can find this at any of your
hardware stores just about any store Walmart carries on any of the outdoor
stores camping world you can also find them at any of the big box hardware
stores it’s a great product love this product we’ve used this since the day we
moved into our RV and it has taken a lot of moisture out of the air but hasn’t
taken all of it the big drawback to these is for the amount of space that
you have in your RV you might need several of them and the initial cost of
the unit is can be rather expensive and then you got to go back in and put the
refill in it and that just adds up really fast so another product that
we’ve we have used here at three-tails is the dry air 1000 this comes in two
different sizes they have the 1,000 which is what I have and they have a
smaller version which is the 5000 the 1,000 covers 1,000 cubic feet the 5000
the 500 covers 500 cubic feet so you can have more than one of these in your RV
for us in our 37 footer we are only using one of them and that is in our
main area in our kitchen over in the corner I plug this in and this sits in
our corner and that is the best way that i have found to help to reduce moisture
if you try to place this on a table so that you’re not kicking it around or you
try to put it on a shelf somewhere I’ve tried it in all three stages and the
best way to use this is right on the floor how this system works is that the
cold air comes through these tiny little holes so the cold air goes in and it
heats up and it locks that moisture into the air and then when you open up your
door or you have open up one of your vents crank that thing open and all of
that moisture rich air gets pulled out of the RV so it’s not pulling the water
out of the air it’s actually heating it up so that it locks the moisture in and
then when you open the door or run event it will let that water that water soaked
air out so that’s the basic premise of it now the dry air 1000 we initially
went to Camping World to get him we were told that they had them on backorder
because it was a popular item because it is winter time in this Pacific Northwest
and believe it or not we have a lot of issues with moisture
I don’t know why that’s rigidly like I said we went to Camping World they
didn’t have them they said to get him in the next day we went back down there he
still didn’t have them so after two trips to down to Camping World we ended
up getting it on Amazon I got this for twenty-five dollars cheaper Amazon we
can take a look at Amazon you can check out our webpage and there are links for
it in our store where you can purchase it so take a look at that I highly
recommend both of these products to help reduce moisture in your RV they will
both do with the jobs that they say they do some take a little more maintenance
the other one you just plug in there’s pros and cons to both so take a look at
your needs and figure out what works best for you in your RV and your
situation these are just recommendations based off of what I’ve used and how it
has worked for me the reason that this video came about is a good friend of
mine Pam Delaney was asking me questions about the different ways that we reduce
moisture in our RV so Pam there’s a shout out to you and I hope you and Mike
are doing well up I think that’s going to wrap up this episode of three-tails
RV and we hope that you learned something today and can take something
away from this video that will help you with your RV lifestyle and get you read
it get your RV reduced in moisture so until next time this is Aron signing off!
Happy simple living and Happy RVing


  • TexMass1

    Hi Aron, I would take you more serious if you were not wearing that Seahawk garb…….ha ha ha. No but on a serious note, nice vid, great information and options, humidity is a killer here in East Texas. I been using the five-gallon bucket filled half way with rock salt and it seems to work ok, any thoughts? Thanks…Gary the Pat Fan!

  • nezerac

    Thanks Aron! I'm about to be doing a lot of sleeping, camping, hiking, stealth camping in my van and last night was just muggy!! The small Dri-z-air unit is PERFECT for my needs and you really helped me out with this video. Had to make sure I came back and tossed you a like and a comment! Good job sir!!

  • Aron Jemison

    🔵 WOW 100+ likes 👍 You don't know how happy this makes us, thanks for watching and leaving a comment… If you liked this video you should consider subscribing TODAY at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4g8YB5j_Q1sDCtTNy3wWyQ?sub_confirmation=1

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