🔴 Our thoughts about RV dinette replacement | RV Renovations
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🔴 Our thoughts about RV dinette replacement | RV Renovations

hi everybody and welcome back to another
episode of 3tailsRV.com my name is Aron and this is going to be a real
quick blog spot on the what we’re talking about doing this weekend it’s
going to be RV related so today is February 20th it’s a Friday kind of
overcast and cloudy in Seattle it’s some rain drizzle but that’s the typical
winter for us and I tell you what everybody on the East Coast have fun
with that snow and don’t miss it at all I’m originally from the Midwest and know
what that’s all about and that’s why we moved out this way now that being said
this weekend we are in the process of going to where the process of picking up
some my cabinets so what that means for you the viewers it’s uh our plan is to
rip out our little dinette table set here and put some cabinets along this
wall right here in addition to that we’re going to go ahead and put another
set of cabinets behind the driver’s seat of the RV and we’re going to use that
for an entertainment system so that’s going to be quite a few cabinets going
into this space and over that space over here on this one I’m trying to
incorporate more storage space for some more of our stuff meaning that we still
haven’t really got all the way down to I think where we need to be for bare
essentials but we’re getting there and this will help it to get a little more
organized and a lot better ready for the road so we’re trying to keep that in
mind um in that there should be what what the plan is for this cabinet is to
have a recycle ban and a trash can and a cab that comes out and we’ll have cans
in there so that can be used for those two and then on the other side we want a
space and a cabinet for the dogs Doug Fir
um dog food dog toys so basically the dog compartment their leash is all that
fun stuff all in one place instead of having it little baskets here and a
little basket there and a little basket over here it can all be centrally
located in one spot and that will give us some more space for some of the other
things that we have like our crock pots and the popcorn popper and a few other
items so that will definitely help there in addition to that I want to
incorporate one of the top shelves most of them are fake on cabinets first they
have sinks that go into them while I want to incorporate the fold front the
fro front on that and put some kind of gliding system or rail system or bar
system or some kind of system to that to where I can incorporate a tabletop that
will come out so that we can still sit down and use it as a table if we want to
there’s still some engineering stuff that I’m working on in my head I’m about
98% sure of what I want to do and how I want to do it so stay tuned for that and
you’ll be able to see that as it unfolds on a video that we I will create for
that and then on the other side behind the driver’s seat our entertainment
center that will hold the the flat-screen TV our DVD player our
satellite receiver and movies and I also incorporate our desktop computer that I
use to edit these films with and possibly some more storage for our DVDs
that we have for when we’re in locations where we can have TV at least to give us
something to watch so that way it’s all incorporated into one so it’ll turn into
two items are going to turn into a big project plus the the demolition of the
current system that’s here I’ve got two makeshift system over there that I’ve
been using it works great I just want it to all look uniform and
something that’s pleasant to look at so with that being said I’d like to thank
everybody for being a part of our community the RV community with the
three-tails community we hope to be growing this adding more videos I’ve got
a ton of product reviews that I’d like to do just to get them out out there I
figured the more that I can get out to the people that are in the colder places
the more that they’re going to be thinking about their RV and the more
that they’re going to want to get started got that cabin fever already so
some of these items that you’re looking at you can already get bought and have
them ready to go in here RV for this next summer so just trying to inspire
people to move forward if anybody has any comments on what they’ve already
done to their RV and give us some more ideas on what they did with their their
dinette and what they use for an entertainment center please go ahead and
share those with us the more that you can help us so the more informative that
it’s going to be for the other users of the channel so if you’ve done something
and you’d like to share with us please go ahead and put that in the comments
section or you can put it on our Facebook at it is passionate for RV
living and you can check that out there and leave your comments there post this
same video there probably this evening so that we can start generating some
comments arm how did you face jobs on the cabinets that’s one of the questions
that I keep asking and would like to get some feedback on so if you can help us
out to help other people out that would be great and see um
that’s about it so I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up now again our product
that I thought for this weekend is to look at some gringo look at Craigslist
they had some free cabinets there if it’s something we think we can
incorporate we will we’ll bring those home and start ripping out the booth
I’ll take some video footage of that and how it comes out and what we did and
then we’ll do the install videos of both the entertainment center and our our
kitchen cab counter tops over here so stay tuned to that and we’ll and until
next time this is Aaron signing off and happy trails and happy RV you


  • Jerry Densmore

    I had a thought on the cabinet that is going to replace the dinette. You Could add a board to the top of it that swings out to the center isle and use that for eating at. Just need to figure out the swing part using a shaft and bearing. Or use TV trays. Just thinking out loud. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dean's of Nomadica

    I'm a cabinetmaker as one of my trades. Aron, I was just introduce to your channel. I've done a lot of different kinds of video projects for YouTube. You are on the right track on your videos. You got to spell check the word graphics because once the video is produced/published, you can't change it. That's the only negative I see on your video. Feel free to delete this comment, I'm not trying to embarrass you. I like your videos.
    My wife and I started in November 2014 doing the same as you and yours. I identify with the newbie fever paced renovations to a new machine. I got my hands full right this moment with our New 1962 Greyhound motor coach and lately its been super cold, like 0 degrees outside but still happy to say, "we are full timing it". One thing that helps is our winter curtains at the windows and yes I do have a video about it.
    Best wishes to you and your wife. DD

  • Aron Jemison

    DD Thanks for the encouraging word on the videos.  Some time I get in a hurry to get the content up there that I don't take a second look at it, but I see I need to slow down a little and get them 100%.    Like I said in one of my other video's we are originally from Iowa, so we know all about cold winters.    

  • Aron Jemison

    @ Jerry Densmore – Have had that same thought, there are so many different Ideas out there, its just trying to figure out what will work the best for this application. thanks for the input. 

  • Dean's of Nomadica

    Aron, I just posted a video, at the end of it, I recorded the dinette table idea for you to see the design to know if it would work for your coach. Custom oak threshold video.
    I'll do close up still photos if you need them.

  • Aron Jemison

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  • Dreaming of RVing

    Hello!!! New subscriber here! I’ve just started binge watching from the beginning so get ready for lots of comments on old videos!! As for this video… one dog cabinet is not going to be enough. Just saying. I have just one miniature dachshund named Oliver and he has more toys and clothes than I do!! Safe travels!

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