🔴What you need to know before getting an RV Club membership!
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🔴What you need to know before getting an RV Club membership!

In this video I want to share with you four tips to help you make a decision on whether or not to join an RV club and we’re starting right now. What’s going on youtube before we hope that all is well in your world. My name is Aaron with 3tailsRV.com. If this your first time here and you want to see more RV related tips tricks to help you with your own RV or you want to learn how to do some simple RV DIY projects another creative stuff then make sure you hit that subscribe button now, so we can help you do just that and with that out of the way let’s get on with the day’s topic. Lori and I get ready to start traveling the fall we started thinking about joining one of the many RV clubs out there Campground fees or major expense and we want to try to come up with ways to help reduce those costs. We have come up with 4 tips that may help you make your own decision Tip 1- Do your research – In today’s world it is always good practice to research what you are really getting before you buy There’s no point in buying a camp club membership if you don’t like the parks or none of them on your travel route plus you should never get into a long-term contract untill you are sure it is something that you use. Understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into for how long and what the cancellation terms are before you make a purchase Tip 2: Buy only when you need it and not before. Why have something you’re not going to use? RV clubs are only useful if you make use of them Most memberships can be paid for online and are almost instantaneous but some require 24-hour notice before benefit apply. Tip 3 – Know the restrictions – Most campgrounds want honor a club discount during holidays and weekends and some block off entire weeks or months in the peak season you can only expect food will run parks but not five star amenities. You may have to drive 5 to 10 miles out of your way and sometimes phone ahead for reservations. However if saving money is an objective camping at $12 – $15 a night. sure beat 25 to 30? Tip # 4 – Cancel it when you don’t use it anymore . unless you find yourself using your membership, Don’t make the mistake of buying a membership and then auto renewing every year you can always buy another membership later so buy it when you use it and have it set up to remind you when it is due then if you don’t use it as you imagined you would then you can cut it loose Let us know in the comments section below how you feel about RV membership clubs? Are they worth it? What RV memberships do you have? We hope that you found this video helpful in some light and if you know someone that would benefit from watching this video make sure that you share this video with them. If you want more RV related tips and tricks still be with your RV and you want to learn how to do simple RV DIY projects an other creative stuff then make sure you hit the subscribe button some where on this page so you can get more videos like this in the future thank you so much for watching and as always Live simple, Live free and enjoy the ride!! and we’ll see you next time… bye


  • Aron Jemison

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  • SKPjoe Coursegold

    all good suggestions.
    i did Thousand Trails for 1 year as a fulltimer and stayed in their parks for 300 days, so about $4.00 per night.

  • Jean Decker

    We've only had our motorhome one season, and it's been in storage for the winter. We're looking forward to using much more in a few months when the warm weather comes back. The tires more then paid for the membership, but I really enjoy the FMCA magazine they sent. I'm not sure how often they send them out.

  • Hippie Gypsy Travels

    We have Passport America and have more than got our monies worth with it's half price structure. Lots of campgrounds in the areas we travel. Also, we have Harvest Host, which has possibly been the most fun. But probably the absolute best membership has been Boondockers Welcome. With Passport America you get half price at campgrounds. With Harvest Host you stay free but are expected to make a purchase on your stay — this is not a problem but still an expense. Boondockers Welcome is completely free stays after membership dues. All that is expected is sometimes your host likes to invite you in and visit, which is great. Also, with Harvest Host and Boondockers Welcome you are not in a campground with a lot of other RVs. Have had Good Sam in the past but 10% saving and 3 cents off games just doesn't make it worth it to us.

  • Alice Hutchison

    thank you for letting me know this I haven't started yet but hopefully this year is Good Sam's and good membership for insurances and things like that

  • Aron Jemison

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  • Aron Jemison

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  • Daniel Grosscup

    Hello Aron. I have three memberships. Good Sam, FMCA and escapees. These three seem to be the best so far, and I just joined them because I'm going back to full time. After traveling for awhile to see what's up maybe they will work maybe not. I just have to try. My plans are to stay in parks and resorts until I get my solar system set up then some boondocking is next in line. Wish me luck in my travels. Bye now.

  • Carolyn Morgan

    We are Retire an looking for a good RV Club to join. We go out West a lot .An stay on the road for months. Before coming back home to Ga .Thank you.

  • bucsfan116

    Were just starting out and was wondering, memberships are good if your staying 1 or 2 nights but if you style of travel is to stay for 1 or 2 weeks before moving you cannot use your different memberships. Is this true?

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