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we’ve got running water inside of a
floating box for this rate here is my my shower device how’s it going everyone it
is a brand new day here at the Papa Jake house and today guys I am gonna be
showing you something so disturbing something so scary in fact you might
want to click away right now you might not even want to watch here it is
are you ready to see this in three two small gross
guys this is Logan’s pool it is the outside pool that he picked for us to
film our videos in and I told him right after he bought it that there is no way
we’re filming this that’s why I took it upon myself to get ourselves a brand new
pool but Logan has no idea about this and honestly he’s gonna freak out I’m
kind of messed up a little bit guys I went into the store and I was like hey
you guys sell pools and they’re like yeah we got poles heads be entire
backyard I’m gonna go let him know what happened he has no idea about this today
this is enough Logan beer the coolest guy that’s why I think we’re like the
coolest friends because we never get mad at each other no matter what we do we
stick together cuz you’re such an awesome guy I might have gotten you a
little present you got it yeah check this out man okay
I spent all night working on it with a friend and now we have the best thing
you can ever have in your backyard a bull you see I saw it when this mine
I think it’s a massive pool how do you not see that like it’s kind of
ridiculous what we need Logan it’s the pool we need the pool the people need
the subscribers need yes it takes up half the backyard yes if this were to
rip it would cause a tsunami blowing our house away but Logan there’s no way
we’re gonna do anything with that tiny little pool
what do you mean this pools dope dude it’s not it’s like small and gross this
you can’t even make a floating box board in this how we’re gonna do floating box
for challenge how we’re gonna do underwater box for challenge look at
this guys if I put it like this you can’t see the end of it G you’re saying
you can’t build a floating box for it in this pool I could 100% build an awesome
floating box for it in this pool okay okay okay so what Logan’s saying is he
wants a classic Papa Jake versus Logan challenge $1 crummy box for it versus my
10,000 rme Jake I’m saying I can make just as good of a box for it with my
little pool than your big pool I mean it’s not gonna happen but I guess
challenge is on all right my $10,000 box for in the massive pool versus your $1
box but that might not even float to be honest I mean we’re just gonna have to
get creative like we always do all right Logan this challenge is officially on
and I’m arting soft it’s locked out ha see you don’t get scream inside anymore
also guys I wanted to remind you if you are brand new to them if you are brand
new to the Papa Jake family do not forget to sub and that like button down
below I had a really cool idea that any of you after this challenge we could do
in my big pool because it’s the only pool we do a floating box for cruise
ship a.k.a hotel the seas so if you guys think that’d be
awesome hit the like button and of course hit the subscribe button so you
never miss a brand new video Logan I’m trying to vlog you’re not allowed to
come in man okay guys so it is now officially time to start building our
$10,000 floating box for now Logan’s building something probably out of old
straws and like garbage bags since he only gets a dollar to spend but guys on
this we get $10,000 so the first thing we need to start off with is our
inflatable base I’m going to be using two of these bad boys put together to
make our base for this box for it and then on top of it
we’ll be building our cardboard fort hopefully it doesn’t sink in so we got
our first floaty down and so far we’re already probably beating Logan but we
need this house to be legit I’m talking I want gaming Center I want luxury
places to sleep I mean this is gonna be a test build towards us building a
floating cruise ship three two one final we got ourselves the second layer to
this box board let me know in the comments section guys have you been
around my channel long enough to know how we build our floating box sports
because if you have you’re probably already like a box for an engineer you
probably know what I’m doing okay so as always Jake’s bought something
outrageously big that I don’t necessarily think we need so I’m gonna
prove them wrong with a 1 dollar box for him which means we got a fine material
so like we’re kind of left with you know leftover tape and whatever we can find
okay guys so we’re in the garage and as you can see on one side we have Jake’s
car and the other side there’s a lot of garbage but one man’s garbage is another
man’s treasure eventually we’ll find some okay guys so I just found my floaty
device I knew it was somewhere in this pile garbage and now I’m just gonna find
some cardboard I will leave this pile of mess for Jake to deal with and let’s get
back to building our ship we got our teeth we got our materials and we got
Groot let’s start building okay guys so we’ve been working on the
floating box for for a little while now and as you can see it is coming along
it’s pretty good I mean we’ve got most of it complete we have our two layers
here our bottom layer of tar board but because it’s a ten thousand dollar box
fort I think it’d be really cool to have like a massive sunroom
I’ve got some other awesome ideas that I’m not gonna share with you guys just
yet I want to be a surprise but we need to put the final wall on get the roof on
maybe add a second room here and then I also want to make a really cool entrance
to this thing so it’s a lot like a super secure entrance and we should probably
throw some windows it okay guys so our floating box fort is looking pretty
sweet as you guys can see we have the structure here we got some windows we’ve
got our window here okay guys so update for you the fort is coming along it’s
looking pretty sweet as of right now we have the roof on it we’ve got some
windows made on the sides here I also made a really cool sunroom up
here so you just kind of dress up like this of course the best part of all this
is going to be doing the interior I want to be comfy luxurious you’re really nice
to kind of blow Logan out of the water I also have this here because I’m gonna
try and use it as a good ventilation system vent before you know make it nice
and cool and fresh inside because it is a ten thousand dollar floating box fort
I’ve got Logan’s down there right now probably like like playing with garbage
bags so I’m pretty far along in this build right now I have some sweet
attachments like an umbrella I have a flotation device and of course my
floating box for the time is now it is officially
complete my ten thousand dollar floating box fort is done and I want to give you
guys a little peek inside obviously once we get it in the water I’m gonna be
going inside and chilling in it for well I guess until Logan gives up on this the
guys I think eSports gonna sink but check this out okay
this is living in luxury this is the ten thousand dollar floating box fort you
open up the back here we got the super secure back door this comes down like so
you step on this get inside we have running water system with my own wash
basin you know you can wash your face in there over here we have our safety
system this is an inflatable lifejacket that you can use in the event that this
actually sinks which is not gonna because it’s built by yours truly Pappa
Jake master box for Builder back there I’ve got my chill area with my pillows
and the blankets and my food and water up on there plus we also have a defense
system in case Logan or the raccoons try to attack us we’ve got these mounted on
the side here we have our own activated water systems so you simply click this
button and it’s gonna spray water and whoever’s trying to attack your base
last but not least because I have a lot of stuff in this guy’s I really wanted
to win this challenge I have my own ventilation system up here because
obviously it gets hot in the summer so it vents air from the outside of the
fort through the ventilation system inside the fort if I had a Mike I would
drop it right now because this is the $10,000 floating box fort and what’s
gonna beat low alright guys and final update worthy one dollar box port we
have a fishing rod from the dollar store in which we can fish some fish and he or
she is Jake you definitely got the $1 part down it’s pretty good for a 1
dollar box for come on guys if you think my box board is better put a hash tag
wagon in the comments you know where they have a landfill it’s just random
stuff impressive even gonna flow where’s your
safety my safety up there just in case we sing there’s the life jacket I mean
yeah it’s up to you guys you guys get to vote in the comment section down below
who do you think wins okay guys so before I bring out my $10,000 box for it
and put it in my luxurious massive ocean we are gonna be using Logan’s $1 box
inside spawn I mean I don’t see much of a difference so I’m gonna be standing
outside because I’m not stepping foot in this thing Jake Jake I need help putting
this in they’re gonna need a lot of help when it sinks we don’t know that
I mean physics all right here goes Logansport use the umbrella kind of like
a sail all of the materials in this we’re found from our garbage it’s
actually a percent accurate Logan’s not lying everything everything here was
garbage now it’s a luxurious box for it made with lots of intelligence and
creativity beautiful ship float around our pool Jake how does that make you
feel uh I kind of worried for you man I want us to get in this thing I are you
gonna just jump Logansport it lasted t-minus you look like someone got
shipwrecked to see this right here is my my shower device you just get water okay
and you you have a shower yeah it is time for me to grab my $10,000 for cuz
it’s much fun as Logan’s haven’t we’re gonna be having a lot more fun in mine
so let’s get it and put it in the mega pool oh and there she goes is officially
set sail look dude look at the wind on this thing it’s got its own sail system
it’s flying around this pool and there’s a ton of space for it it can go anywhere
vast ocean how are you getting in it’s very tall if y’all bring over the stairs
just like any luxury ship this is the official boarding zone so you get on to
your boarding board here you climb up like this you say hi mr. ticket man yes
I’d like to board the luxury $10,000 ship well why don’t you let me inside look it’s good jump I might just have to
go for it yeah how is this up $10,000 ship working out for you Jake
you jump that’s the thing it also has a built-in fitness plan so it’s like oh
you want to lose weight well not now you got it you got to make sure you do your
job all right guys and we are now officially on board the SS Papa Jake the
most luxurious $10,000 ship as you guys can see we’ve got a nice view outside
our window if you look way down there and in the dirty pond that’s where Logan
ship is but outside our window it’s a beautiful blue ocean I actually realize
this guys but because I built this as a like a supported system back here it
actually can just stay open like this and you’ve got like a nice view of the
pool and of the outside but if you wanted to just pull it like so and there
you go you got yourself a nice little private ship area you can lie back here
like this enjoy winning this challenge you also have the firing system over
here which just showed you guys earlier so we can just press this we’ve got our
own personal water got also brought into the fortnight water cone defense so if
someone comes in the back here like this we can take him out easy we need to do
another pirate ship battle or water gun battle because I think this ship would
hold up no problem we also got ourselves if we need it if this is enough light
for you an awesome sunroom I think I might have
gone overboard I really wanted to win this challenge and I put everything into
this there’s no way Logan wins in terms of
structural integrity my Forte’s never gonna sink right now guys I think it’s a
perfect time to launch an assault on Jake’s base with this bar under attack
defensive positions all right Logan you think did you throw rock at me he’s
probably jealous that our fourth he’s that much better than his well I’m not
gonna have any of that oh no no no no Logan is gonna get what he deserves
it’s gonna take a piece of this hey Logan while you’re out of your fort we got switch to the for next shotgun that’s what you get bro don’t mess the
$10,000 Papa check for it guys honestly it is really nice in here
I’ve just kind of been chilly I don’t even know where Logan went but I’m just
floating around the pool there’s a nice breeze hide I wish this was a 24-hour
challenge like the other cool thing is this is venting nice air you can’t
really obviously see it but this has nice air venting in from the outside if
I get hungry I mean I only brought it up for a little bit of a snack because I’m
not in here that long and over here I got my water system so all you need to
do is actually just put like one knee on it and then you have your water hose
here which you just unclip and there you go we’ve got running water inside of a
floating box port I could literally be doing my dishes filling a cup of water
right now while I’m inside a floating box for it has this ever been done
before I don’t know does it need to be done yeah it does I take my bottle of
water and I have a portable cooling system is simply stick it in our water
like this and when we pull this gauge it’s gonna release all the co2 and it’s
gonna make this canister super cold turning it into ice and actually making
the water super frozen so let’s let’s do that right now and there we go guys now
you can’t build up but that is absolutely frozen and to show you guys
how cold this is check this out the co2 canister is covered in ice that is solid
ice it’s a few really cold touch all right if he wants war he’s getting
war everyone battle armor time he couldn’t withstand the power of our
$10,000 fort and now it’s time put this this on this should defend us against
any water and also protect us if we fall in the pool three two one d board the ship always go time enjoy sinking this is a win for Papa
jigs 10,000 i I don’t think so the challenge wasn’t who can seek each
other ship it was who has the best ship which is why I want you guys to decide
hashtag Jake your hashtag Logan is hashtag Jake but yeah guys let us know
in the comments section down below and if you’d like these Papa Jake versus
local challenges man be sure to hit the subscribe button and let us know in the
comments what video we should do next to challenge each other I think if we do an
awesome floating box for cruise ship but guys this has been Papa Jake and Logan
we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video


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