10 Amazing Motor Homes You Won’t Believe Exist

– [Narrator] Strange, quirky, awesome, and plain old weird are just a few words to describe some of the
motor homes out there. If you look hard enough
while on your next road trip, you might see some of these
unusual homes for yourself. Here are 10 amazing motor
homes you won’t believe exist. (atmospheric music) Number 10, Volkner Mobil Performance S. Dubbed the palace on
wheels, this luxury-crammed mobile home is the
ultimate house on the move. Meticulously custom designed
over the course of 12 months by German company Volkner,
no expense is spared, giving owners all the needed
luxuries fit for any royal or stupidly spoiled rich kid. At 40 feet long, the vehicle
includes leather sofas and a full kitchen,
complete with a dishwasher. Like the owner of this
extravagant home is actually supposed to do dishes. It also includes a giant
widescreen TV with a Bose Dolby Home Entertainment
Surround Sound System. The best feature of all is the cargo space underneath the bus, which
utilizes a hydraulic lift to turn the space under the bus into
a garage for your luxury car. This magnificent beast
doesn’t come cheap though. Its $1.7 million price tag
can be hard to swallow, but that’s a bargain to live like a king. Number Nine, Bufalino. This three-wheeler was built
by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns to be
the ultimate mini-camper. Based on the Piaggio APE 50
three-wheeled Vespa scooter, the Bufalino comes fully
equipped with a bed, two seats, in case you decide to have
some company, a shower, storage space, a full kitchen
with a fridge and water tank, a desk for taking work along for the ride, and even a laundry drying space. Maybe the next version will
have a washer/dryer combination. Number Eight, Airstream Extreme. The airstream is a classic
American caravan that will make you feel like you’re living on the International Space Station. The Airstream 684 Series 2
for instance, is a stylish trailer can sleep up to four
people in its 8.25 meter long by 2.5 meter wide frame. Inside, the living is easy
with its leather upholstery, flat screen TV, sound system, MP3 connectivity, and air conditioning. But, it’s not technically a motor home, as it needs to be towed
by another vehicle. So, if you value the ability
to hop in the driving seat straight after bed, then you
could always just add an engine like this funky vintage
airstream motor home. I really want this to be
attractive, but I’ve got to admit, it’s quite ugly. Number Seven, Elysium RV. If you like to get on the
road and take every luxury with you, and I mean every
luxury, then the Elysium RV is the right motor home for you. Created by Furrion, a company
that manufactures high-end appliances, electronics, and
alternative energy systems, this RV is full of surprises. Not only is it furnished with
magnificent detail to provide comfort and pleasure on
the inside, the outside is where the magic is. The roof boasts a lounge
area complete with a hot tub. But that’s not even the best part. If you run into traffic
and just need to get to the next exit off the highway, simply pull over and strap into the two-person Robinson R22
helicopter that’s included on its own helipad. You heard it right, the
Elysium RV is actually two vehicles in one. When you want a different
view, stop driving and start flying. Number Six, Wothahellizat. This one is a little piece of weirdness. Its name really says it all. The Wotha-hell-izat was created
by Australian photographer Rob Gray to get him around the Outback. The motor home is a luxury
beach house on the move with enough storage capacity
to keep you out there for three months. It contains a full separate
kitchen, bedroom, and sitting area, but the feature
that gives it such charm is its collapsible back porch. As a photographer, Mr.
Gray can certainly make use of that high vantage point for his shots. Also, should the need arise
to make a quick getaway from those baby-eating dingoes, the garage holds a motorcycle. It’s unlikely that anything gets through that armored shell though. The design is similar in concept
to this UNICAT expedition vehicle fitted to a
Mercedes-Benz Zetros 4×4. From the outside, it
looks like the ultimate rough terrain vehicle, but open the doors and you’ll step into its luxurious living space on the inside. With family seating in the
full kitchen and personal sleeping accommodations,
comfort is the focus of this vehicle, right down
to the heated towel rack. The Outback will never be the same. Number Five, The Sealander. OK, so you’re traveling around
and getting tired of driving. In an ordinary vehicle, you’d
just stop and get some sleep. That’s nice enough, but why
not take it a step further with the Sealander? This mobile home can
be towed down the road, but then just slip it into
the water and float away to continue your journey. You don’t have to drift,
the Sealander comes equipped with an onboard motor so you
can float where you want. With sleeping quarters for
two and a table extension, you can rest on the water
for the night and be ready for breakfast in the morning. If you’re looking for something
a little less inconspicuous, maybe the Terra Wind Amphibious
RV is more your style. It includes all the home
comforts you’d expect from a luxury RV, but
it doubles as a boat. All this can be yours for a
starting price of $850,000. Or, you could start with a
Sealander at about $25,000 and work your way up from there. Number Four, Mobile Mansion. Some people think bigger is always better. If you’re in that group, then
the Anderson Mobile Estates Double Decker Semi Trailer is
probably right up your alley. Known as the Mobile Mansion,
this motor home rivals any stationary palatial estate
in size and furnishings. It’s more than just a bus you live in, this is an 18-wheel-long
haul truck converted into a double-decker to create a complete home for the rich and famous. These vehicles have been
custom created for the likes of Will Smith, Brad Pitt, and
Harrison Ford, among others in the entertainment industry. We can’t have our actors living
in some poor little trailer while shooting a film,
oh no, that will not do. They need the comforts of home,
which means high-end custom features for each resident. For the rock band on the move,
they might ask for a fully automated sound system, for
the gamer, it might be multiple screens and diverse gaming components. Either way, the common theme
of each one is maximizing comfort inside a moving vehicle. If you want to take one
for a spin before you buy, you’re able to rent one, but
if you have to ask how much, it might be out of your price range. Number Three, The Doubleback. For something a little more
down to earth, here’s a unique and revolutionary design
that’s far more affordable. This Volkswagen Transporter
is a breeze to drive and when opened up, just as nice to live in. The back end of this vehicle
extends out to provide about as much room as
a full-size motor home. Then with just the press
of a button, your regular transporter van will become
a full camper with two rooms and a raised roof. Its design features
techniques and materials found in the aviation industry to save on space, strength, and weight. The back extension weighs
less than 300 pounds. Along the same lines, the
Beauer is a towable pod that can extend up to three
times its collapsed size. One person can easily click
a button to set the pod in motion and 20 seconds
later it has expanded its three modules into a living space, complete with furniture. Everything in the living
space is automatically set in the proper spot and folds
in on itself in the same fashion upon closing. If only packing a bag was that easy. Number Two, eleMMent Palazzo Superior. If you’ve ever wondered what
it would be like if a UFO fell in love with a bus and made
a baby, then look no further. The eleMMent Palazzo Superior
by Marchi Mobile is that baby. Recognized in over 190
countries as the most luxurious motor home ever, this vehicle
combines design features from motor-sports, yachting, and aviation to create a stunning
work of art on the road. Coming in at 45 meters long,
the cabin can extend outward on both sides to a whopping
five meters wide for a lot of added living space. It features a lounge area,
kitchen, an enclosed master bedroom with a king-size
bed, a spa in which you can experience a rain shower along
with a light therapy function and electronic water controls. Also inside are two large
screen satellite televisions, and a state-of-the-art sound system. That’s just the inside. The outside features a
retractable rooftop walkway and an automatic sun
canopy with integrated lighting and audio systems. If your wealth still isn’t
obvious to onlookers, you can even order it in gold! At $3 Million, this motor
home will blow your mind and your bank account. Before I unveil the most
amazing motor home out there, here’s a look at some others
that were just as interesting, like this Porsche RV, which I
doubt is real, but is still an interesting concept if
you need to get somewhere fast on your road trip. The same thing has been done
here, except this is a real vehicle, and all about
off-roading instead of speed. And if you want take
off-roading to the extreme, this one’s for you. Though it won’t be any good
as a mining truck anymore, it would be an amazing
way to skip the traffic, you could just drive over it. But if you’d prefer something
with an even greater view, then you should get a hydraulic camper. Known as the Caravan of the
Sky, creator Bufalino Benedetto intended the camper to be a
work of art and not really a living space above the trees. Still, imagine how useful
that lift would be if you ever got lost. Now back to our list and
the number one motor home you won’t believe exists. Number One, The Neverwas Haul. This three-story Victorian
house is a steampunk work of art that was designed as a vehicle
to explore the Black Rock Desert at the Burning
Man Art Festival in 2006. Since then, the Neverwas Haul
has appeared in music videos and shows, and traveled the world to the delight of onlookers. The Haul, designed by Shannon
O’Hare and built by a team of volunteers at the Shipyard
art space in Berkeley, California, is made of 75%
recycled materials and equipment. Standing at over seven
meters in height and length, it’s four meters wide, and takes a crew of 10 people to operate. It can even reach a blinding speed of up to five miles per hour, which
won’t win you any races, and will even result in fines
if driven on most roads, but it will certainly
grab people’s attention. Currently, the Neverwas Haul
is parked at Obtainium Works, an art car factory in Vallejo, California, owned by its designer. So, which motor home would
you most like to own? Let me know your thoughts
in the comments section down below, and thanks for watching! (mysterious music)

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