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– [Narrator] Whether you’re
towing it or driving it a camper is a a must-have for almost any outdoor adventure. This is Reacher with Mind’s Eye Design and here are 10 caravans,
campervans, and trailers to up your camping game. Before we get started this episode of Mind’s Eye Design is brought to you by
the I Go First Aid Kit. With over 85 items in a
compact waterproof case this often overlooked necessity is perfect for any outdoor activities whether you’re on land or water. Number ten. This entry from Airstream is a far cry from the aluminum shell trailers
your parents were pulling behind their vehicles so many years ago. A rear entry door opens
up to a compact floor plan that has enough room for
all the comforts of home. Tinted windows, as well
as a panoramic window that wraps around the front provide natural light to the interior. There’s also LED lighting that can be controlled via Bluetooth. It includes a queen-size bed, a full bathroom and shower, a microwave, a 3.2
cubic-foot refrigerator, and a dianette area with a
dual-burner range and sink. Popup USB ports and 110 volt outlets offer power for any devices as needed. Other features include an exterior shower, a powered awning with LED lighting, and pre-wiring for
supplemental solar power. Pricing starts at just under $46,000. Number nine. This behemoth is everything you’d need for a trip into the wilds of nature. It comes in six models ranging in length from 21 to 23 feet with the largest being able
to sleep up to seven people. The dianette area has a
190 liter fridge freezer, a four-burner stove, a
gas oven, a microwave, a sink, a pullout pantry, and bench seating with a removable table. The large bathroom has a toilet and vanity as well as a separate shower. Other features include a roof-mounted AC, a TV with a DVD player a washing machine, and
a stereo sound system. A wall unit displays information for monitoring the 232 gallon water tanks as well as managing the power which is provided by solar panels and a 100 amp battery with
an integrated charger. Pricing on this one can be found by contacting the manufacturer. Number eight. At first glance you might mistake this
camper for a utility van with its plain white exterior
and single window on each side but inside, there’s no mistaking what this thing is made for. It measures just over seven feet in width and 17 and a half feet in length with a height of nine feet. The fiberglass monocoque body
sits on a Volkswagen T6 base powered by a 2-liter 150
horsepower turbo-diesel engine. The entrance door is at
the rear of the right side. This unique placement allows
more room for the kitchen area which has a dual-burner range,
a sink, and a mini-fridge. The wet bath includes a toilet, sink and handheld shower head. What appears to be the ceiling is actually a dropdown double-bed that can handle up to 770 pounds and sleep two people comfortably. Pricing can be found by
contacting the manufacturer. Number seven. This entry is everything
you’d want in a campervan assuming you want a house on wheels. The aluminum and
fiberglass constructed body rides on a Mercedes-Benz
3500 Sprinter Cab chassis. It’s powered by a 3-liter V6 Diesel engine that provides 16 to 18 miles per gallon. The first thing you’ll see upon
entering is the lounge area which offers multiple
seating arrangements. The galley area includes a
sink, a dual-burner gas stove, a microwave, a pullout pantry and a 6.7 liter fridge freezer. The bathroom has a toilet and sink as well as a separate shower area. The main bed is stowed away behind the front lounge
area when not in use while an L-shaped sofa in the rear provides extra living and sleeping space. Other features include
TVs in the front and rear, a stereo system with
speakers in the ceiling, and USB ports throughout. Pricing on this one
starts at around $130,000. Number six. This entry is everything you’d
want in a teardrop trailer assuming you don’t want a house on wheels. A door on either side of this micro camper opens up to an interior that offers a little under 40 square
feet of living space. Two side windows measuring three feet wide as well as a large wraparound window provide natural lighting
that makes the trailer feel more spacious than it is. A table with bench seating is
at the front of the trailer. The rear wall has a sound system
and AC unit built into it. There’s also two foldable couches that expand into beds if needed. An external kitchen housed
in the rear of the trailer has a three-burner stove, a sink, a microwave, and a slide-out fridge. Pricing on this one can be found by contacting the manufacturer. Number five. This popup can be parked and
set up in under five minutes. Conqueror’s UEV-310
Extreme has a body shell made from electro-galvanized steel which has a total dry
weight of 1500 pounds. It has rails on top to accommodate a tent that can sleep up to four people. Optional awnings can
increase the sleep space as well as the outdoor living area. Extra features include an
85 liter fridge freezer, a 24 gallon freshwater
tank, a fold-down table, and two cubic meters of storage. But don’t let the lack of features or the small size of this one fool you. It can handle up to 1700
pounds of gear if needed. The base price on this
one starts out at $20,600. Number four. This truck camper may not look like its modern-day fiberglass brethren but it can still compete
with the best of them. It’s available in five different versions with the option of having
one custom build if needed. Loading and unloading can
be done in under 10 minutes allowing use of the vehicle
after the camper is set up. Each one is built by
hand at lengths ranging from 12 and a half feet to 17 feet. A door on each side, as
well as a rear double-door provides multiple entrances. The interior contains a
removable dianette table, a dual-burner stove, an oven, a sink, a nine liter fridge freezer,
and a full bathroom. It can sleep up to three
people with the included bed and bench seats that
convert to an extra bed. Integrated 400 watt solar panels provide power for the AC,
heating, and lighting. Pricing starts at around $80,000. Number three. This entry epitomizes the
words form and functionality and sometimes, that’s all you need in a world of big features
and even bigger trailers. It’s being touted as the world’s first expandable wheelless trailer
due to it being supported by the vehicle’s trailer
hitch during transportation instead of being towed. Once you’re onsite it has built-in legs that drop into place allowing you to leave it set up and use the vehicle independently. It’s almost three feet wide
and opens telescopically to a length of seven feet providing enough room to sleep two adults. A roof vent and two windows
provide ventilation as needed. It also comes with a USB
port and a 12 volt light. When it’s closed, it can serve
as a watertight cargo carrier with over 36 cubic feet of space and load capacity of 150 pounds. Currently, it’s in pre-order status with a price of $3500. Number two. This handy little towable would be perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors. It comes in four models with
options that should appeal to even the most seasoned of campers. A monocoque fiberglass body sits on a galvanized steel chassis measuring 14 feet in length
and almost seven feet in width. The internal standing height
can be raised up to six feet with the pop-top ceiling panel. The interior is accessed
through a rear door. Features include a
dual-burner stove, a sink, a fridge freezer, a flush toilet, and a removable full-size table. The wraparound seating can be
converted into two twin-beds or a king-sized bed as needed. Pricing on these ranges
from $13,200 to £19,600. While you’re daydreaming about
your next outdoor excursion be sure and let us know in the comments your preference for roughing it in nature. Number one. This camper’s what other campers
wanna be when they grow up. The body’s composed of fiberglass
three centimeters thick and sits on a steel chassis
with full off-road capabilities. It weights in at a modest 5500 pounds and measures 21 feet in length six and a half feet in width and almost eight feet in height. Inside, you’ll find a queen-size bed, a stereo system, and a lounge area that seats up to five people
with a removable table. There’s also a sink and
an under seat toilet. Outside is where the living
is supposed to happen. A huge 121 square foot awning provides protection from the elements. Slide-out kitchen includes
a three-burner stove, a slide-out fridge freezer, and a sink with hot and cold water. There’s also a hardtop shower
pod that sets up in minutes. Power is supplied by two
160 watt solar panels and two 120 amp batteries,
as well as the option to connect to an external power supply. Pricing on this one can be found by contacting the manufacturer. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting, and why? Also, if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching I’ll see you guys next time. (electronic music)


  • GorillaGuerilla

    Number 9 is my favorite camper shown in this video!
    As a camper van, number 8 is a very interresting option – love the bed in it!
    Number 7 is very ordinary!
    Number 3 is an excellent idea, and I could easily see good reasons to buy it, not only for camping, but for its cargo capacity!

  • Валера Момит

    Долбоёбы !!! Иметь большую машину что бы возить маленький (сраный прицеп) ?!!! А в самой машине нет места сделать кровать , сральник и тд ?

  • Crazy Harry

    Great video as always 🙂 Any chance you could do the same but for International ( Australian ) models?
    Also you need to get Cassy ( hope I spelt her name right ) to come back and do another ending clip for you because it is awesome to see her but her jacket is getting a bit dated, thanks again for your clips 🙂

  • Toaster Toke024

    I can't wait till I get enough money cause I am definitely buying one of these. I don't have to worry about mortgages and all that. the only thing really are lot fees

  • Minds Eye Design

    Go Compact First Aid Kit
    Hard Shell Case for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Car
    👉Get it on Amazon https://goo.gl/1cMgvo

  • Diane Chicklo

    Still trying to decide but love that go pod, the price is not bad I wonder it I can tow it with my KIA Soul?

  • Carol Hall

    Awesome. Saved it so I can refer back when I'm in the market to buy. It would be interesting to know if any are available to rent. Thanks.

  • Siward Beorn


  • Brenda King

    I would love to make my own, to fit my needs and wants. But….If money were no object, I like #7. I would like to travel with my son, Jonah, who is 19. Interesting to see these, just wish you could show a little more detail and have the description with the item that we're looking at. Thank you!

  • Robert Hersh-geer

    Prices start at $47000 so what is the little guy supposed to buy…a tent? Sheesh…these are far too expensive as you can buy a full three bedroom house for less than some of these.

  • Jonny Woods

    Nothing I haven't seen before, except for the telescopic one but that's just stupid. If you want to amaze me make a camping van that can convert to any room that is in a house.

  • RamZ

    Don't you mean [creative] 'Minds Eye Design'. Your logo is very nice — a well thought out design.

    The video presentation was nicely produced also, including the choice for a 'voice narrator' — soooo approriate and pleasent to listen to. THANK GOD YOU ARE TOO PROFESSIONAL to use those annoying digital robotic voices!

    Thanks for the camper presentation video!

  • Frank Fitzsimmons

    You missed Peewee Campers out of Nashville, Tn. Wonderfully constructed comes in 4 models. We got one this year and love it.

  • Cj W

    Would have liked a little bit slower viewing of the inside. So much is missed when you go so fast.
    I think I liked number 1.

  • Laurence Murray

    I like having a house on wheels so the bigger the camper the better as far as I’m 🤴🏽 concerned! 🤓

  • rocksaltcomando

    I'm so confused with them showing a car towing the Airstream Nest… Why do they say the towing capacity for small SUVs is 2000lbs and so I can't tow an Airstream Nest, yet this video shows it being hooked up to a CAR. Can someone explain that to me?

  • House Of Bowles Lost Tribe

    Would you please do a piece for those wishing to ditch their
    Truck bed for a (rebody) instead of a Slide in or someone else's choice of Coach . These are seemingly hard to find .
    Why you ask; I have an excellent crew cab 93 Chevy c3500(most would prefer 94 on w obd 2 computer )
    As I Now only have 80,000 miles just broke in 6.5td which gets 20 mpg min pulling a 9000lb 5th wheel . Parking & overall length
    Can be a pain. Empty my truck gets 25mpg No Joke .
    Newer vehicles for whatever reason get horrible mpg .
    I mean empty mpg is bad enough w these companies choice of vehicles. Also I bought the truck w 50,000 miles for $5500
    Which leaves say upwards of $20000 easy for Body & retrofit . The balance saved
    May make finance payments for a yr or self sponsor 1-2 yrs of travel . The amount of price gouging by these manufacturers is deplorable ; as a Congressionally awarded biz guy of the yr ..that makes little financial sense . What I see these Co's charging is over 2 times what I feel is fair .
    So replacement rv truck bodies
    & say a few reputable not overly
    Greedy coach works shops info
    For viewers this increases freedom of the coach (truck or van) choices . I do not like slide ins ; Due to safety !
    So a 94 crew cab c3500
    W rv body Fully loaded w gear can expect 18-23mpg
    & that's a stock boost levels .
    Most of these empty don't even get 20mpg ; WHY?
    btw I have a background in engineering & this makes little sense . In 25 yrs mileage hasn't improved from manufacturers
    But actually got worse ;
    Smells like fraud by say Vw & others . Can you do a special edition for Replacement truck bed rebodies please ?
    Ps I'm an autistic protagonist so please excuse my Logic centers
    Typing lol I'm sick of hauling my Paid off 5th wheel as my trucks 24'long +30' 5th wheel is a chore
    & gets old pulling & parking fast . Ps keep up the gr8t vids
    Truly gr8t presentation . Thx 😉

  • Traegermeister1

    Have been watching your vids awhile and appreciate your insight on the great design movement in the "less is more" RV market. I'd be interested in knowing if you could indicate in the videos which ones are currently for sale in the US? Also, with all the great units you've exposed us to, have you ever considered doing a piece on the Oliver Legacy Elite?

  • Riko Texas

    it is NOT possible to compare apples against oranges. comparing these tow living units against the others is completely nonsense. they're awesome but its not the same!

  • Trish Page

    So you can’t say what the models are? You are telling the best 10 but not mentioning any makes or models!?!? Really helpful! NOT!

  • JKTV Justice

    This is great, however, I think you should double check some of your prices. They are too inexpensive on a few. If the prices are as said..book me..

  • Richard Farmer

    All I want to do is go camping! You’re totally missing the point with this overpriced equipment! It depreciates just like a car does! It requires maintenance just like a car does! I’m retired, I’m not looking for the Taj Mahal on wheels, I just wanna go camping! I may as well invest in the cabin in the woods that I thought I couldn’t afford. Better investment!

  • Austin Taylor

    #8 was cool, too bad it’s not for sale in the US or Canada. If VW makes a gas, hybrid or electric version then it may be able to be sold in the US and Canada because VW isn’t allowed to sell any new tdi models in the US and Canada as far as I know.

  • Sprits Fal

    Holy hell these things are overpriced! The only one that was reasonable was number 3 and you could've easily just had a SUV, put the back seats down to flat, and added a mattress for the same effect for thousands of dollars cheaper.

  • IraQ Nid

    Hitch Hotel is the best of the lot for size, price, flexibility. Having said that I would love to see campers with omni direction tires and one (or more) with hover craft performance or actual hover craft functionality. As a kid I recall how hard it was to back a trailer into a camping spot. Even though my dad was a Lt. Colonel in the Army at the time he cussed at the whole effort every single time. He was an ace pilot and decorated soldier from the Korean and Vietnam wars. Backing into a tree lined campsite?

    But with omni-direction steering with the performance or an actual hover craft feature could mean turning on the thrusters while one or more people push along the trailer/camper until it is perfectly positioned.

  • N B

    Holy cats! I need to hit the lotto. Lol. But fun to dream, so thanks. Of course, I like the $130k house on wheels with great gas mileage for its size. Better known as number 7…


    great list but why wouldn't you guys get the prices before hand? It started to get really annoying hearing you tell me to contact the manufacture over and over.. thanks!

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