10 Best Camper Vans for a Long Drive to Everywhere 2019 – 2020

Camper vans and the van life. Like anything, it has its ups and downs. Whether you’re a fan of a solid foundation
or a firm believer in not being tied down, one thing that can’t be argued against is
the freedom of the open road. I’m Reacher. Unless you’re thumbing it down the pavement
trail, you’re gonna need a solid ride. With that in mind, we’re bringing you 10 Camper
Vans for the drive down the long highway to everywhere. Number 10 French company Citroën is celebrating 100
years in the business with the release of The Citroënist Concept, which is a modified
version of their SpaceTourer van. They chose to go off the beaten track with
the design by incorporating a digitally supported multimedia center into the traditional camper
van layout. Although it still looks like any other camper
van from the outside, the cost of doing so, in terms of features at least, was a removal
of the kitchen. There’s still a bed that sleeps two located
in the pop-top roof. And there’s an outdoor shower located under
the liftgate. Add in the dual bike carrier beside the tandem
back seats and you’ve got transportation for those places the van just won’t go. Number 9 If you think having a catchy name for your
company and product doesn’t help sales, then pay attention to this one. German-based Clever Vans has been producing
its “Celebration” model going on four years, and it’s already one of the most widely sold
vans in Europe. This is due to a low starting price and an
optimal layout that has features found in vans both larger and costlier. The lounge has room to seat four people utilizing
an extendable table and the rotating captain’s chairs. Behind this is an enclosed wet bath with a
rotating cassette toilet. Directly opposite is a small kitchenette having
a dual-burner cooker, sink, and refrigerator. The back of the van has an east to west configured
double bed with a large storage space underneath. Number 8 Germany’s Westfalia does offer off-road options,
albeit as a package to their existing vans, with the one seen here based on the Amundsen
540 D. Built on the Fiat Ducato chassis, it runs
on the short side, measuring just 18 feet long and 7 feet wide. It still manages to include all of the much-needed
features having a dinette that seats four. The kitchenette sits adjacent to the sliding
door having a dual-burner cooker, sink, and a 65-liter refrigerator that can be accessed
from the outside. The wet bath sits opposite, having a stainless-steel
sink and a rotating toilet for a bit of extra space. A full-size transverse bed takes up the rear
of the van, having storage space underneath as well as room for a bicycle or two. An extra bed can be had by converting the
dinette to a sleeper if needed. Along with the four wheel drive system and
rugged decor, the 4×4 package includes a bike carrier that mounts on the back and a roof-rack
cabable of holding any other necessary gear. Number 7 Another German company doing van conversions
is La Strada. Their newest endeavor is the Avanti H Plus
built on a Fiat chassis. It was released earlier this year as a big
brother to the original Avanti H, offering the same layout, just 15 inches longer. This added space comes in the form of a rear
garage area complete with removable shelving and plenty of cubby holes. Inside there’s plenty of room to maneuver
due to the lack of a standard rear bed. Instead, a drop-down bed is located in the
front, accessed via a stowaway ladder. The dinette has space to seat four people
using the captain’s chairs and the extendable table. Behind this is a 138-liter refrigerator sitting
opposite of a small kitchenette. Another advantage to the raised bed design
is a larger bathroom having the toilet and sink separate from the shower area. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number 6 Germany’s PÖSSL Mobile has announced its
new 2020 line-up. This includes the Summit Prime Series, which
are upgraded versions of the original Summit camper vans. Having three models to choose from, they range
in length from 18 to 21 feet and offer a similar layout with only minor differences. Each one has a front lounge/dinette that can
comfortably seat four people using the extendable table. A large sunroof directly above this provides
plenty of light, along with the sky roof, which can open as well. The kitchenette sits along the passenger side,
having a dual-burner cooker, sink, and an 80-liter fridge/freezer that opens from either
side. The two bigger models also have a slide-out
pantry. Sleeping options include a full-size bed in
an east to west configuration or a set of twin beds that can be connected with an insert. Number 5 Stylevan is another one that falls into the
conversion van category, with the Equinox IV being one of the many models offered by
the French company. Although the layout is standard, it’s also
modular, which provides the freedom to move components as needed. The rear seats being an example as they can
be folded up and stored on their side, creating plenty of extra space for when there are fewer
people. The lounge can seat four people, utilizing
a removable table for dining. A small kitchenette sits opposite having a
dual-burner cooktop and sink, along with a 50-liter refrigerator. Bathroom facilities are extremely limited
on this one having a portable hideaway toilet and an external hot & cold shower that can
be mounted to the rear hatch. The back of the van has a full-size transverse
bed with a large storage compartment underneath. The pop-up roof provides space for another
full-size sleeper in addition to the extra standing room. Number 4 German-based Kompanja builds their vans on
the French-made Renault Trafic. This may seem odd, but the company chose it
based on added space for the pop-up roof, which provides an extra 6 inches for the width
of the bed. Down below, rails in the floor provide a modular
set-up, which allows the versatility of using the vehicle for passengers, cargo, or as a
camper. The standard layout has the kitchen in the
door offering the ability to use it from the inside or outside. Two individual rear seats fold down, creating
a space large enough for a queen bed, which can extend over the tailgate. Underneath the fold-up bed is plenty of space
for gear and cargo, along with a slide-out having multiple removable storage containers. Number 3 This special edition by German-based Hymer
is called the Blue Evolution. And that’s another one that falls into the
catchy name category. Built on a Fiat chassis almost 20 feet long,
it’s basically a themed-out, Free 600 model. But don’t let that downplay anything as the
black accents against the metallic blue paint are nothing short of eye-catching. Four people can dine in the lounge area using
the table, which has a swing-out extension. A small kitchenette sits opposite this along
the passenger side wall, having a glass-covered cooker and sink as well as a 90-liter refrigerator. Moving back finds a wet bath with a rotating
cassette toilet and a faucet that doubles as the showerhead, allowing it to be used
outside if needed. A fold-up double bed in the back provides
sleeping room for two people with space for two more up in the pop-top roof. Number 2 The Club Joker, which also has the absolute
coolest name, has the distinction of foregoing the traditional rear bed layout. The blue on black on grey decor stands out
in the dinette, which can seat four. The table is removable, allowing for this
area to be converted to a single bed if necessary. Behind this is the refrigerator, which sits
across from a passenger-side kitchenette having a dual-burner cooker and sink. The back, driver’s side corner houses a wet
bath with a showerhead that can also be mounted under the rear hatch for those closer to nature
days. The main sleeper is stowed away above the
cabin of the vehicle, providing a full-size bed with plenty of views through the large
windows and sunroof. Built on the Doblo Maxi, the 3C Multi-Camper
is offered in two models. The 3 C’s in the name indicate the ability
of the van to serve as a camper, car, or cargo van due to the fully modular design. This allows owners to customize and install
components as needed for camping/van living or to remove everything down to the bare walls
and floor. Camp when you want or use it as a regular
vehicle, and haul some gear in between. Number 1 Coming out of Canada with over 50 years of
experience in the industry is Leisure Vans. Their 2020 addition is a rear lounge layout
created to mark the tenth anniversary of their Unity line-up. Measuring 25 feet, it’s built on the new 2019
Mercedes Sprinter Cab chassis. The focal point of the floorplan is the lounge
area, which has an L-shaped sectional sofa that includes two power recliners with built-in
footrests, large windows, and a wall-mounted TV. Moving forward finds a centrally located,
split-style bathroom with a toilet and vanity sitting opposite of an enclosed shower. The front of the van has the kitchenette with
a sink, glass-covered cooker, a slide-out pantry, and a refrigerator. Sharing this space is the dinette, which has
bench seats on each side. An extendable table can be moved as needed,
providing room to seat four people. Sleeping accommodations come in the form of
a full-size murphy bed in the back wall along with the dinette seats, which convert to an
extra bed as well. And for those of you who are big fans of the
clapper, the vehicle’s systems can be controlled via an app on your tablet or smartphone. Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
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