10 Excellent Campers and Trailers for a Great Camping Experience 2019 and 2020
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10 Excellent Campers and Trailers for a Great Camping Experience 2019 and 2020

Although there is plenty of dispute about
what constitutes a true hybrid camper, there is no question that all of the entries on
this list would make for a great camping experience. I’m Chandni. I’m Seb. So let the adventures begin. Number Ten To kickstart our top ten list, we begin with
the BRS Pursuit Platinum. This robust and four-wheel drive compatible
hybrid camper has all the simplistic comforts of home combined together with an array of
modern technology. A queen size bed with an innerspring mattress
and a moon gazing window roof will give you the ultimate ‘sleeping under the stars’
feel. The Platinum also comes with a kitchen, fitted
with a fridge freezer and even a pull-out, outdoor BBQ for those warm summer evenings. The retractable goodies don’t stop there either,
as this camper also boasts a pull-out, fully-enclosed hot shower. Despite being out with nature on your latest
adventure, the Platinum still has you covered tech-wise, coming with a signal booster for
your mobile device so you can catch up on your latest Netflix shows via the TV. A modern but tough camper decorated in a simplistic
fashion, giving you the five-star feel. Number Nine With its shiny, silver exterior, the Hybrid
Condamine camper looks like it’s from the future and the interior doesn’t disappoint,
either. It can sleep up to four with its queen-size
mattress and space for two, no-frill single beds and a three-hub extendable stainless
steel kitchen with plenty of storage, makes for the perfect cookout opportunity. The Hybrid camper has an automatic lifting
roof, ample storage, and even an en-suite toilet cubicle. Based in Australia, Condamine Campers are
the firm behind this camper and created a buzz with it back in early 2018. Number Eight The Razorback is a forward-fold camper that
adds an element of toughness to this list. The collapsed model resembles a classic American
pickup truck. And even once the fourteen-ounce canvas is
extended, the Wild Boar logo just screams cool and rugged. This camper is made fully off-road ready with
rugged cut suspension. But the tough exterior doesn’t mean that you
have to sleep rough, as the Razorback holds a queen-sized double bed with a spring mattress,
and a cozy dining area that can be converted into yet another double bed. You also get hot water as standard and a pull-out
kitchen with three burners and a sink. Number Seven This classic looking trailer is nice and roomy
and with the roof up it offers seating space for up to eight people, as well as sleeping
arrangements for three adults and one child. It also comes with a slide-out kitchen with
a four-burner stove and cooler to help you feed your guests. Designed to be like a luxury pop-up restaurant,
the iCamp is perfect for larger group trips. The 18 foot by eight foot by six foot camper
is made by UdoCamp BV and is only being sold through dealerships in the Netherlands. Although UdoCamp state on their website that
they are willing to sell directly to the consumer. Number Six Upon first glance, you might wonder how you
could possibly fit everything you would need for a long-haul camping trip into the Boss
by Box Campers. The exterior is simple, and more importantly,
tiny. However, this compact camper somehow manages
to hold a queen bed, a galley kitchen with a two-burner gas stove and sink, 70 liters
of fresh water, and even room for a portable fridge. Despite the fact that this is the smallest
and most lightweight model that Box Campers have released, the Boss can withstand some
pretty rough terrain with its galvanized chassis with a rear cutaway and Cruisemaster XT Airbag
suspension. It also features an awning that you can extend
to surround the whole camper. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Five Next on our list, is the Mars Ares One. A spacious and sleek camper with everything
you need for a weekend getaway. The Ares One boasts a large sitting area with
room for up to six adults and plenty of storage across the way. When it’s time to turn in for the night, the
dining area transforms into a queen-size bed. The kitchen in the Ares One pulls out with
the side of the camper, and comes equipped with a three-burner stove and a stainless
steel sink. The exterior even has a large canopy that
can be set up at the door for shade during the sunnier days. Number Four The Alfa Wolf is the largest of all the campers
so far with a length of 29 feet and height of 11 feet. The white and blue color scheme makes the
cabin look clean and attractive, providing you keep it that way of course. The Alpha is fully laminated and insulated,
as well as being lightweight for its size, with a hitch weight of 600lbs. It comes with a bathroom and corner shower. The kitchen features blue LED lights, a nice
touch to give it a modern futuristic feel. The designers clearly had comfort in mind
with this camper, as the walk around queen bed and the warm décor just scream home sweet
home. It even has a dining table with four chairs
and a sofa to relax on. Number Three The Windsor Hybrid caravan is produced jointly
by Coromal and Windsor, who released this van at the 2017 Sydney Caravan show. Another Aussie, the Windsor Hybrid is just
as well stocked on useful features as the TuffTRAX. It comes with a queen-size bed, featuring
a comfortable memory foam mattress and lift up storage underneath. The slide-out kitchen has a built-in sink,
a barbecue and a burner for all kinds of outside cookouts. There are two models of the Windsor Hybrid,
but both are spacious enough to sleep at least two people. As of now, the caravan is only sold in Australia. Number Two The Tiger Moth is the swiss army knife of
the camper world. Handy compartments pop out in every direction,
including a 5.5 square foot counter-top, fit with a chopping board and storage space for
cooking. The Tiger Moth is built with NASA inspired
storage, utilizing every inch of available space with attach points, hooks, and bungees
for wall-mounted belongings. With rugged features for any kind of adventures,
you can go up to 7+ days off the grid. The Tiger Moth sports a roomy queen size bed,
with under-bed storage and a comfy lounge area. An optional awning can also give you even
more space. With the camper sleeping two adults, and two
more with the rooftop tent, you can also add a roof rack for bikes or a roof box for extra
storage. Weighing 900lbs makes it easy to tow for almost
all four-cylinder engines. The sCarabane is as exciting as its name suggests. Created by Green Cat Technologies in partnership
with Fillon Technologies, it can power itself through the solar and wind energy it generates
through its own wind turbine, solar concentrator, and parabolic mirror, a mirror than can aim
heat from the sun, to be used in the caravan. The caravan can even rotate on a circular
support to follow the sun and wind, as you relax. What’s more, it only takes half an hour for
one person to fully pack it away, ready to drive off. With the option of sleeping at least four
people, as well as boasting both an indoor shower and toilet, the sCarabane is definitely
spacious. Number One New kid on the block, the BRS Sherpa teardrop
trailer only really entered the trailer market in late 2018. At first glance, the trailer, with its small,
teardrop shape, may look barely big enough to fit a barbecue. But once unpacked, it has a double bed, external
shower and a fold-out kitchen. The main heated cabin can sleep two while
the awning can extend and a rooftop tank can be unclipped to provide a fun and unique sleeping
arrangement for the kids. The Sherpa also has some nifty finishing touches
such as a 21 inch TV screen, two fridge drawers, a pop-up sink, fans and even a star-gazing
window. Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
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