10 Impressive Off Road Campers & Tow Behind Trailers 2019 – 2020
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10 Impressive Off Road Campers & Tow Behind Trailers 2019 – 2020

Tow behind trailers such as tear-drops and smaller Caravans are prominent in the camper industry not only because of the diversity and design and pricing But also due to the ability to tow them using smaller vehicles This alone has increased the possibility of owning one to a large percentage of the population Myself included I’m Reacher and if you’re like me in that regard Then you may find just the one you need in this video as we’re bringing you ten Campers and caravans sure to get you on your next outdoor journey Number ten This caravan by Australian-based Innovan has a fiberglass molded body on a monocoque composite chassis. It measures a little over 16 feet in length and seven feet in width while pneumatic struts raise the roof to increase the operational height to just under 11 feet. Two single mattresses can be pushed together to make a queen-size space to sleep to people comfortably. Storage runs along the front and side providing a hundred and ninety-five cubic feet of total space. Optional features include a remote-controlled air conditioner, a refrigerator-freezer unit, an internal three-burner cooker, bathroom area, and an external slide-out kitchen. Number nine When I think about camping and off-roading South Korea isn’t usually the first destination to come to mind. But that may change after seeing this rugged teardrop style trailer from Cavallo. The design of the Mischief H-1 puts a lot of focus on storage having multiple compartments around the exterior for kitchen accessories, tools, and utensils, along with two Swing Out containers mounted on the rear of the trailer. There’s also an exterior shower located in its own compartment as well Along with the entrance doors on each side the back of the trailer raises to provide ventilation and access to the internal storage This is located under a secondary bed that converts to a couch when not in use Along with the main bed. There’s room to sleep two adults and a child Power to any electronics such as the TV or air-conditioner is provided by a large solar array mounted at the front of the trailer The pop-up roof provides additional airflow as well as increasing the standing room. An added bonus to the roof is its transparency which allows a view of the night sky from the beds. Dual side awnings provide protection from the elements allowing use of both sides in tandem Number eight I know when it comes to teardrops you think you’ve seen them all, but this one by Vista Buell is cooler than most, and it hails from Minnesota. So, you know, it’s also tougher. Oversized doors on each side open to a sleeping living lounging area sizable enough for a queen-size mattress The bed serves a dual purpose as it can convert to a couch if needed revealing a large storage area underneath. Along with this is a floor-to-ceiling headboard that has a pass-through allowing access to the kitchen without having to exit the trailer. Another key feature are the porthole windows on each side as well as the oversized picture window in the front. The kitchen can be customized to the needs of the user having options such as a stainless steel sink, a glass-covered cooktop, a portable fridge freezer, and drawers with a slide-out cutting board. I’m Allie, and it’s mine side trivia time. By looking at just these images. Do you know what this is, and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment sections below. Number seven The AntiShanty may appear to be your standard cargo hauler at first glance and that’s understandable considering the all-aluminum structures minimalist design. It comes in at just over 17 feet long, having a side door entrance, along with the rear panel that opens gold wing style, which can also serve as a makeshift awning. Inside the main floor has an open layout, utilizing modular beams that attach to the side walls, allowing them to be used as bench seating and tables, as well as a queen-sized sleeper. The pop-up A-frame roof raises manually in seconds having panels at each end that can be left open or closed This space offers more sleeping accommodations in the form of another queen sized bed When traveling the roof lays flat with the trailer still having plenty of room to maneuver inside if needed Number six It seems fitting to name a product in relation to its use, especially in the case of the no boundaries line of trailers from Indiana Based, Forest River. The company currently offers ten models under the brand ranging in length from 14 to 25 feet. Features on these include, a complete kitchen having a gas range, microwave, basin sink, and a refrigerator, along with dinettes of various shapes. These along with the queen-size main bed convert to extra sleeping accommodations Interior bathrooms and showers come standard in all but the smallest ones so there’s a bit of relief in that area Slide outs are offered in about half of the models housing the main lounge seating while increasing the floor space The layouts are diverse with the smallest one having a fully open bare essentials floor plan that allows it to double as a toy hauler Other sizes are available for the single camper all the way up to the whole family Number five Taking the family traveling is no small feat considering everything you need or think you need in your choice of Caravan The Mantis from Houston Stax outdoors might be the one due to its features and functionality. inside. starting at the front is a couch spanning the width of the trailer that doubles as a set of bunk beds Moving back finds a self-contained wet bath with a cassette toilet Next to this is the galley, having a stainless steel sink and dual burner cooker. While directly opposite is a counter area that can be used for dining or food prep. Filling out the back of the trailer is a dinette that converts to an almost queen sized sleeper From front to back almost every bit of extra space is modified to be used as extra storage large windows all around Open to provide plenty of natural light and airflow giving an already roomy interior the impression of a space larger than it actually is Number four Building a camper involves finding that balance of aesthetics coupled with the features that provide the necessary quality and comfort. In-Tec RV is chosen to continue this tradition with the release of their newest model the SOL Dawn. Measuring 16 feet from tongue to tail, the interior spans 7 feet from side to side with a height just over 6 feet The front has the large panoramic window that has become a signature feature of the SOL line of campers Just inside is the dinette which can seat up to six people and then convert to a queen-size bed at night Next to this is the microwave and refrigerator while a dual burner cooker and large basin sink take up the rear. In between is a fully enclosed wet bath having a standing room of almost six feet For those interested the SOL Dawn should be on the market in late 2019. Number three This next entry is what a teardrop would look like if it took steroids Hailing from the land down under the Sheoak is the latest endeavor from Lumberjack camper trailers The look alone says off-road but to avoid doubt the fiberglass body sits on a hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis measuring around 15 and a half feet long and 7 feet wide Entrances can be found on both sides via the hard-shelled outer, mesh-lined inner, combo doors. The layout is comparable to the teardrop style having a queen-size mattress in the cabin along with a built-in sound system and TV The galley is behind this accessed externally by a rear hatch It has a larger than average stainless steel sink and four burner cooker But it does so at the expense of the normally included countertop and space for a refrigerator Number two This next to last entry also comes from down under. The newest offering from Patriot campers is the X-1H and it too re-affirms why Australia is a world leader in the caravan industry Whereas most trailers of this style have a separate rooftop tent this one has the tent stored away in the hardtop roof. It opens via remote-controlled key fob in under 60 seconds creating a sleeping area for two people. The top of the roof has a 140-watt solar panel providing power for two 135 amp power batteries. A 270-degree batwing style awning can be attached as well Between this and the tent awning, the trailer has protection from the elements almost all the way around The trailer itself provides an l-shaped kitchen taking up one whole side Included is a slide-out refrigerator tray with an attached sink along with a fold down countertop and dual burner stove The structure of the trailer has an all aluminum body mounted on a galvanized steel chassis All told it measures just over 11 feet long, 6 feet wide, and just over five and a half feet tall, with the dry weight of 2070 pounds. It can handle and added 1400 pounds of cargo. So feel free to pack aunt Edna’s somewhere in there as well Number one It may not look rugged, but rest assured, the Vortex Black Edition from On The Move Caravans is every bit of what Australian-made stands for. The first thing that stands out upon entering is the highly contrasting black upon white with shades of grey Surprisingly this manages the luxurious look for such a basic choice of colors. The front bedroom offers a walk-around queen-size bed flanked by multiple cabinets Next to this moving back is the kitchen, which has a four-burner range with an oven, a flush-mounted microwave, a large basin sink, and a 6.7 cubic foot refrigerator. Directly opposite. this is a dinette, having bench seating with hinged footrests, and an extendable table. Housed in the back and spanning the width of the caravan is the bathroom The luxury shows in this as well, having a fully enclosed shower, a cassette toilet, and a countertop basin-style sink. Beside this hidden away via a sliding counter top is a top-loading washing machine The intimidating look and build combined with the amenities and comforts of home make this one a definite choice for both on and off-road travel Hi everyone. 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