10 Things to Know Before You Vacation to Ambergris Caye, Belize
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10 Things to Know Before You Vacation to Ambergris Caye, Belize

I’m Kim the abundant traveller in this
is Ambergris Caye these are a few tips to know before you go number one they take US dollars in a
risky so I recommend that you bring lots of $1 bills to pay for the small
incidentals number two the ATMs are safe and in
Burgas key but remember they only give belizean dollars number three also about
money and Amberg is key they do not like American Express so bring a MasterCard
or Visa number four stop at duty-free in the Belize City Airport and pick up your
alcohol whether you want to drink wine or rum it is much more expensive on
Amburg is key and you can bring it with you from the mainland next there are two
ways to get to ambergris key from the mainland either take a $37 round-trip
belizean theory or tropic air for $89 each way another tip about tropic air is
booked directly with them and not a third party if something changes it’s
much easier to deal directly with the airline number six definitely try the
local cuisine either Creole or the coconut curry
I recommend Alfa gone and elby’s no need to do fine dining the next tip is the
reef here is very fragile remember to bring reef friendly sunscreen and bug
spray tip number eight assume all the prices are in Belizean dollars no need
to ask if it’s USD the next tip is it’s great to see the island by golf cart but
I suggest you rent a golf cart in San Pedro rather than at your hotel it’s a
little cheaper speaking of San Pedro I suggest staying
on the south end of the island near the town of San Pedro there are many more
shops restaurants and many more things to do near the town it’s close to the
airport sometimes it’s loud but it’s worth
saying near town I’m Kim the abundant traveler and I hope you enjoyed this
know before you go amber jiske Belize see you on the next


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