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We made it oh ay yo Good morning logang, whats poppin’ you guys it is 5:19 in the 5:20 in the morning right now. Just got out shower still my towel actually ddddd Let’s go wake the boys up, lights are going on ,ahh good morning Brennan We could no what the fuck bro bro No, bro. Don’t make me take my towel off, bro. I’ll do it yeah, Im just in my boxers bro I got you so good am vlogging bro Full of it good morning, rose. Oh, oh with the foul Jesus Cordia what you gonna lie, bro What I’ve caused the young doggy bro, buddy I found out you can’t come to ye because they think you have diseases or something. Yeah guys since ye is in Ireland They won’t let me bring kong without being like $10,000 and omar spent way too much money and this fucking okay guys I gotta keep getting ready left Come on. Maverick. It was gonna. Take care of you while I’m gone okay? We know what the I’m in mistake, hi is the real Maverick. I wonder how are you I know he was Gonna Take care you. I’m gone okay. Let me to go into Hawaii Go into Hawaii go into the light and evans got a big dick. Hey. Have you ever even been to Hawaii? No now? I have once bus back Yeah fun times man anyways We are on our way to be here, but all I got to say is that you could go home Are you needed good no? We are traveling with other people our friend Sonya and colts and my cats may and future Ex-wife Chloe Bennet But I got one question there’s where they had nowhere that bo they have over there bro. Evan do you see him, bro? I can’t see anything whoa I can be there mom What’s your magazine? What is the trumps America? Are you good bro Ali Bennett reading? What are you mycology today the laws of attraction? This is my favorite the crossword puzzle Grandma Chloe in the house everyone wears you see Chloe It’s like kind of in the back. I like to humble myself. I spit in economy right where were you sitting? Economy no, she’s in first class. She got first. I make it fucking lie bro. Which is what oh? Chloe Bennet’s right there Bye, Chloe course you can young lady, what’s your name? Oh? Sorry everybody you guys don’t know what you signed up. We’re going on a trip with LP. Are you in the logo? Oh – give chloe a high five and then just dab on her stuff all right Why’d you hit that drawer? Why did you hit it must be nice being rich boyo those sigma. Oh, yeah? Oh, this is good You’re right there. We’re right here. Yo you bro. This is the roster Brendan Evan call Serious that’s my boy over there had a great guys look it’s the way if the plane catches on fire I’ll be the first to know can I say that out loud Okay guys. We’re about to take off, and we just found out he might not be shipping our bags on this plane ah Okay, I’m gonna be interesting to see how that plays out also. Are you good bro? Hey, bro? Okay, it’s definitely not good, bro Somebody told me that I wasn’t wheels what kind of kid guys we got about two hours left I’m not one heaven to let we’re going to have some really heavy snow with you next today. You’ve got the stretch Chris futures doing Also, the real reason why I’m here chloe came to visit house first class Because we’re not there chloe. That’s who we’re not there Lost in your eyes, oh Jesus are you good bro? What am I sorry? I don’t know In the most lenient flight ever we’ve been able to do anything Let’s just hope I didn’t forget our bank because I don’t have to talk first steps into Hawaii. Oh Where’s Chloe Bennet is that Chloe Bennet? How do you feel about the bag situation oh? The bags aren’t here. They’re gonna be pissed she has her back before we left this nation. No you do not know you Hope you die. I hope Jeff instead the same thing tomorrow night if their bags are here or no I’m just literally book so you’re on so you’re going to freak out Calm before the storm right all the dudes is just in a line. We’re not even looking for our bag We’re just watching to see if their bags are coming cole your bag made it yeah There’s more excited to see her bag than to come to Hawaii I don’t think chloe’s bag arrived. My bag did not arrive. No did your bag arrived no, and it has my door spills in What the first door so make me stay being a door? Where did the dwarf is so this is the follow camera Following Chloe Bennet? She’s looking for her bags right now? She’s running now ah son of a bitch man to that companionship will eat anything you desire on Merch It’s true link in description get your Maverick merge. Oh boy. We got boys You know um man, what we do yo while we were waiting to get our bags the girls got something for me Chloe Chloe Chloe Lamey Lamey or like you Gonna get late it blame me this all oh I appreciate your hard work. I’m glad we all got laid by Chloe Bennet. Oh Look at this vehicle fries Dang dude what an interesting start to life no bag is raining not even big enough for hungry. I’m hungry Can we get food then and then go down? Yeah? Oh man look at us getting food wow so cool Okay enough of that oh Guys, we’re at the house. We spent like way too much money on this house. Let’s go check. This bad boy out yeah. Yeah, yeah Like that in motion. Why won’t you fly? Noah, it’s a villa. It’s not even a house Yo, this this is my deal. You’ll come great I’m not Gonna Lie There’s no IDc rusty. I want to sweat my dick off. So I asked a guy. Oh there it was the air conditioning He goes oh this house does haven’t I’m worried about the girls room. I know they’re like oh Hmm. Good choice welcome back Master don’t okay. I don’t know what I’m doing. Why was I taking charge of honest honest epitome um? No air conditioned. He knows we spent so much money on this wedding we were in a hot car like like between Logan and chloe like some clogging types like Would you like are we staying here? So guys obviously this is Incredible, but what’s better than a pool a Pool with the flow do no fall bro Why bro guitar outside fine the house is waves we have each other So we’re going to figure This out and exactly what we’re doing Do you guys know me when I go on trips or whatever like they need to be like top-notch So I have a hawaii expert coming his name is His name is Sam. He’s a legend on the Island, but yeah what they’re doing. When did you get? These next four days are gonna be absolutely crazy man like who knows I might be like Jake Paul by the time. I’m done Also, I just want to point out we don’t even have a bathing suits. Yeah, yeah, so go choice, dude. What is my boy? Wash approach give me one second count to one and good that’s not far without a little man Doesn’t feel like a man up suck at everything. Oh my gosh. There’s so many activities. You can do here guys like a sharpened million Behind go seek. Where’s ever dude, ya guys Agony, Lay join okay ah You put ice my butt. Thank you, bro. I don’t know if you missed the memo, but the house has no air conditioning So this feels really refreshing Guys good news our legend is here Sam potter Nice to meet you good high five. I know that’s a freshman something This is the wall out there noggin popular all right so the man sam. Do you have plans for it bro? I got some plans, but you got topknots plans or like like shop not by our universe when you get hydrated stunts. Oh You got coconut What are you doing? I Swear to God you’re the guy in the movies that ever girl cheats on their husband do it That’s you dude before we came to this trip. I was like damn like Chloe by Nickelodeon type thing I’m kind of fall in love with Sam. I think for to be slogan Slogan flow Hahahaha, what’s your date night? That’s sweet pussy Are you put that in there is I got in there? Yeah, it’ll be squeak me I picked up the honest I’m probably kiss you. Oh better word often I like it, but like he goes was it too Easy just set me up. That was a classic a lot real. It’s not here’s my fault. No Sam was in that tree, bro Yo, what’s in that tree pies? Oh? He’s a song about this You go, whatever look it’s for Playa Yeah, we are about to finish off the night by going cliff jumping yo yo let’s see. What’s going on here We got the classic drink in the hand or you’re also carrying chips. You’re a walking mess You’re walking my say although is it going down you’re writing here. We go wait What really all the moms doing that yeah? This is the move Ro Icicle Mark Chloe got places to be cliff that need to be jump let’s go cult Yeah, I appreciate his like half enthusiasm to be in my vlog he at least made a noise for me oh Good fun. That’s where that one salmon. Just spot like litmus level like we would say wow, I was high because I didn’t catch this is reading this a dangerous sign here what you need to know before you enter the First one many people have drawn here good thing. I’m not a people I’m a vlogger didn’t you know being from Hollywood? You know being an actor vlogs it’s not often you get to Go outside and go actually experience nature or a fucking again. So what I do go I make sure to say fuck me as many times as possible Is it over there sense also convenient? How you just pop out of the bushes probably made it was all Locating we made it to the spot as you can see Hawaii as always looking beautiful The sun is setting right there, not gonna Lie it took some fire pictures myself my dad logan Paul If you want to follow me there, I don’t know what it is about like views like this Maybe it’s maybe it’s cuz I’m around my friends understand it really just happy relaxed place right now what you guys noticed about me I work really really hard, but I know I don’t want to say that I do but I enjoy it That’s the thing for me luckily I have found what I love to do like Genuinely love to do and I get to do it every day and the fact that you guys Like it literally means the world to me I heard that as always to keep pushing to find What it is that you love so every day you can wake up knowing you want to work hard? But you don’t have to work have exchanged the world baby Okay, crazy inspirational anyway guys that is the vlog if you are Not subscribed make sure to subscribe these next couple days is going to be crazy this landscape is incredible And yeah guys I will see you tomorrow as usual. Take it is it hot what? Those weird


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