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[Music] Welcome back Tangerineys! If you’re
new to our Channel, I’m Jordan.. I’m Maddie.. and we are Tangerine Travels. We have a travel
vlog and we’re currently living in Mexico Where we’ve been for the past year or
so after selling all of our belongings to travel the world starting with Mexico. But
our travels have taken us to Las Vegas… For our three-year anniversary, whoo! So,
why are we making a video on how to do Las Vegas cheap, what the hell do we know about
it? Well, we used to live in Phoenix and we came here all the time! It was kind of like
our guilty pleasure getaway trip that we would always take because we sort of figured out
how to kind of hack the system, get the freebies, get the comps, the free buffets, free hotel
rooms, and things like that. And we figured… We might as well share the love and tell you
how to do it as well. We used to think it was just like a lavish thing that you could
only do for 21st birthday parties and bachelorette parties and stuff like that. But no, you can
do it any old time you want to with these tricks. But if you don’t know what you’re
doing, Vegas is really really expensive! That’s why you need to watch this video and learn
all of these tricks that we’ve learned over the many many trips we’ve made to Vegas. Let’s
just get right into it. Yeah, let’s do it. So the first thing on our list are the casino
apps; there’s MyVegas and Wynn apps that when you play them – and you can play for free, you
can accrue points, loyalty points, or you can Even get free rooms, free buffets, shows,
tons of things like that. Guys, we get free rooms every trip because of these apps – every single
time. You just have to pay the resort fees and with this Wynn app, we’ve been playing
it for – this is a new one to us – But we’ve Been playing it for just a few weeks and we
already have enough for 4 nights between the Two of us and that’s a really fancy hotel!
Those are not cheap rooms. No! So, essentially you’re playing like virtual slot games and
stuff, you accrue points, or gold, or gems, depending on the app. They’re really easy to figure
out and then you can use those points to get whatever the heck you want. So this is just
things that you can do in your free time, when you’re going to the bathroom, like whatever.
And speaking of free time, that is the catch here, it can be very time – time-consuming.
Time-consuming, that’s the word I was looking for. But you can get free shows, free rooms,
free buffets, buy one get one buffets, a whole bunch of other goodies like that to make your
trip a whole lot cheaper. So, the Wynn app and the MyVegas app. And just to give you
guys an example of what you can get from one of these apps, in this trip alone we’ve gotten
what? Five free nights. Five nights at the Mirage and this view… amazing, we have a Strip view and everything. We’ve gotten three buffets… yeah, we like to get the buy one
get one free buffets because it makes our food budget here go a long way. And we’ve seen
– not this trip – But in the past, we’ve seen the Cirque du Soleil, Beatles Love twice.
See it, it’s so good. And that’s just kind of the tip of the iceberg. There’s so many
rewards and you can choose from and we just think for the money, for the points, you get
a lot with the buffets and the free rooms obviously. So, that’s just some examples and
the sky is the limit really, you pick whatever you want. Number two on our list; hear us out, even if you’re not a gambler, drinks in Vegas are pretty darn expensive, almost no
matter where you go. So what you can do is pick like a penny machine or even if you’re
betting like 20 cents 25 cents per hand, you can get free drinks, complimentary drinks,
as long as you’re gambling while you do that. So, this might not be the biggest secret ever,
but if you sit down for like an hour you could get a few drinks and then that saves you 10
– 15 dollars a drink… But bonus tips, the nicer the casino, the better drinks you’re
going to get. So we were – some of our favorites – We were at Cosmopolitan yesterday, I’m ordering
scotch, we’re ordering expensive drinks off the drink menu, totally comp’d. Uh-huh. Others that we really like: Cromwell, Bellagio, where you can get – Aria always does us well. Aria uh-huh,
where you can get really nice drinks and they don’t really care what machine you’re on,
as long as you’re kind of consistently playing, so even if you’re not gambling a whole lot,
it either evens out or you can kind of come out ahead. There is a catch though, so pretty
much regardless of what machine you’re sitting at, the drinks are going to be free, however
if you’re sitting in a machine that’s at a bar – Oh, don’t do that! – There’s a good chance
they have it set up where it will print out drink tickets for you and you’re going to
get drinks a lot faster and spend a lot less money gambling if you’re not a bar. And don’t
forget to tip your waitress, at least a dollar a drink. Number three; getting around
the strip. Even if you think you’re very very close to another casino or you’re basically
right next door or right across the street, that is not the case. Vegas is freaking ginormous! And anything that you think is close is not going to be close. So, how do you get around?
Well, you could spend your whole life walking from one to the next and just hope it’s good
weather outside and you have comfortable shoes. You could use some of the free options they
have for transportation like from Mirage to Treasure Island, there’s a free tram, from
Bellagio to Aria there’s another free tram, That kind of thing. But if you’re not where
there’s a convenient option, well you’re probably going to need to do something like take a
cab or take an uber or a Lyft. Well, another hack that we figured out is this brand new
app which takes both Lyft and uber and picks the cheapest ride for you. It applies coupons
or whatever else so that you get the absolute cheapest ride. Yes, so never take a cab, they’re
super expensive. Always take Uber or Lyft. But with this app Anyride, it does it all
automatically for you, so you don’t have to flip between both Uber and Lyft to see what’s
the cheapest. It has it for you right there And we used to do that, we used be –
like it would be on my phone for Lyft and your phone for Uber and we’d be like closing
it out, refreshing it trying to get the best one. Well, it does that, so you save so much
time that way and so much money because it’s applying all the coupons that you possibly
can, so Anyride is the way to go. And because we love the app so much, we reached out to
Anyride and they’re sponsoring this video. So if you want to download this app, we’ll
link that to – we’ll link that below, check out the description for the link to Anyride.
Number four; we said earlier that Vegas is expensive and it is. But as you get off the
strip, it gets a lot cheaper. So, you go off the strip one way or the other or you go downtown
to Fremont Street, it’s going to be quite a bit cheaper; you’re gonna have lower gambling limits, you’re going to have cheaper hotels, cheaper buffets, everything like that. But
honestly, we prefer to stay on the strip. We enjoy our trips a lot more when we’re around
the strip. And something you have to remember is that when you go off the strip, maybe you’re
staying at an Airbnb or a cheap motel, you’re Still having to pay for transportation costs,
so you have to think like, if you’re taking Maybe a five dollar Uber there and back, you
just added ten dollars to your nightly cost. And also the time that’s involved in that,
so is it worth it? I mean, it kind of just depends on your preferences. Number five;
so up to this point, what we’ve told you is how to save money doing what you probably
were already going to do anyway. But there’s Actually a lot of things that you can do in
Vegas completely free. Some of our favorite things to do are to watch the Bellagio fountains,
there is a rotating flower display at Bellagio, you can go in Venetian and see the canals
and the beautiful ceilings they have painted with clouds, walk around Caesar’s Palace and
there’s lots of sculptures and sometimes people performing various things. Also, any hotel,
these hotels are so elaborate and every single one of them has something that just makes
your jaw drop. Like Cosmopolitan, for instance, You go in there and everything is glitz, and
glamour, and sparkly things, and lights and.. I mean so, just walking into any of these
hotels, you don’t have to spend a dime but you’re gonna get sensory overload and each
of them has its own theme, its own style, very worth walking around and exploring and
you will not be bored. So, obviously, free things are very cheap. Number six is something
I didn’t really often think about when we were coming to Vegas which is; look on Groupon.
If there’s something you specifically want to do like the high roller, the world’s largest
observation wheel outside of – what is it Luxor? LINQ. LINQ, LINQ, outside of LINQ.
We’ve gotten discounted like 50% or something, discounted on Groupon just by looking on there
which is something you don’t often think to do. And if you find a Groupon that you want
to buy, be sure to Google like Groupon promo code for whatever month it is because there’s a good chance you’re going to find something that’s ten, twenty, thirty percent
off for that. But to save even more money… on Groupon and other sites, we like to use
this extension, this browser extension called Ebates and it’s kind of – it’s one of those
automatic things where if there’s an additional discount or whatever, it will apply it and
it also gets you cash back. So, say you already got 50% off, it might get you an additional
10% or 20% or whatever in cash back which is just money in the bank. Yeah, so you get
all these discounts added up and you’re Getting stuff really cheap. Number seven or
whatever number it is; book your stay directly with your hotel. Why? Well, it might be a
little bit more expensive than booking on Priceline or something like that, but you can
get your stay comp’d if you’re gambling. And that is even the case right if you use MyVegas or something to book it – yes – Because You’re still booking with the hotel’s company
like the baseline company. Exactly, so how do you get your stay comp’d? You book directly
with the hotel and then you do as much of your gambling as possible in the hotel you’re
staying at or at least with the same company. So, most of the hotels on the strip are owned
by either MGM or owned by Caesar’s. So, as long as you’re playing at an MGM or Caesar’s
property if you’re staying at one of those, then you can get stuff comp’d off your stay
at the end. But how do they track that? When you get there, you have to sign up for their
loyalty program. So that’s number eight. Yes, sign up for their loyalty program. And what
does that get you? Well, a lot of times they have an introductory offer where you can get
free buffets, free shows for a certain amount of play. Free play like $5, $10, $20 or something
like that… and every time you play video poker or slots or a table game, you’re either
going to put your card in the machine or give it to the attendant and then your play is
going to be tracked. And based on how much you play will determine how much you can get
comp’d at the end of your stay. So, number nine is at the end of your stay, call down
to the front desk or call down to the host and be like “hey, I was just wondering if
you could take a look at my play and can you comp anything off my stay” So, this
trip, you just did this this morning. Yeah, we were guilty of doing most of the – most
of our play this trip outside of our hotel. At other properties. Which is bad for getting
comps but that’s just kind of how we like to do Vegas. It’s something we could do better
but… We just go where we go and if we’re having fun or winning or whatever, just it’s
kind of one of those things. Yeah, even with the little bit of play we did, they still
comp’d us 20 bucks, so – yeah, that’s not a lot but it is something and it helps to
get that bill down. Thanks for watching up to this point, we’re not quite done yet but
if you’re enjoying this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel
to see more about our travels and the travel vlogs that we put out… And number 10, I
think the best thing about signing up for these loyalty programs and always making sure
you put your card in the machine is it’s going to make your future trips a lot cheaper. So,
if you play just a little bit, well then you’re going to be offered discounted rooms in the
future. Likely, very likely. And if you play a moderate amount, it doesn’t take that much
play to get free rooms, we can even get free rooms. You might think – well, I would have
thought that you would probably have to be betting thousands and thousands of dollars
or at least hundreds and hundreds of dollars But that’s not always the case, they’re counting
the “coin-in.” How much are putting in, not how much you end up with or how much you lose.
Yeah, they don’t care how much you win or lose they just care how much they expect to
win from you, basically what they call your “expected loss”, but yeah. So, if you play
a lot, you can get free Suites with like hundreds of dollars in comp’d freeplay. It adds up
and it’s definitely definitely worth it. And meanwhile, you’re getting complimentary drinks
while that’s all happening. Exactly. Number eleven is finding – I did this, eleven. Number
eleven is finding the best machines. And you can do this by going to the website vpfree2.com.
What this is going to tell you is where to find the best video poker odds. So, our favorite
machines are at The Cromwell or is it Cromwell, Just Chromwell. Cromwell. And we play these
machines that; if overtime you played it for millions of hands for every thousand dollars
you put through the machine, you would lose about five dollars – with the caveat – that
you’re playing perfect strategy. How do you learn perfect strategy? Well, this is another
one that is going to take some time but – it’s not impossible. Yeah and you can get really
really good with just a few hours of practice. Yeah, so I’m not a numbers person, I’m not
a counting cards person, I’m not even a cards person really when it involves a lot of strategy
but I was able to learn this with some apps like free apps that you can practice with
then essentially that you have those odds, like some of the best odds in the casino.
Yeah, but if you go to a great video poker machine and your strategy sucks, you’re gonna
lose a lot of money. You might as well play The slots. And honestly, this is a numbers
game. Even if you’re playing the best machines with perfect strategy, you can still lose
a lot or win a lot and still have big swings but over time, you’re going to lose very little.
And so the reason we bring this up is because you could sit at a penny slot or whatever
and just leave your luck up to chance, you’re just pressing a button essentially or you
could learn the best strategy, perfect strategy if you can and then you – it’s up to you to
pick those hands and you’re either gonna break even, maybe lose a little bit and if you’re
lucky, win a little bit while getting those complimentary drinks. Number 12 is, go to
Vegas during the week if you can, so that’s – Monday through Friday – I mean, Sunday through
Friday. Sunday through Friday. We really like doing this because there’s a lot less people,
you’re not fighting through the crowds. Biggest deal is just that the rooms are way cheaper.
Number 13 is that a lot of times when you come to Vegas you’re gonna want to go to night
clubs you know, see DJs and whatnot. Before just going up to the door, there’s a few things
you want to do; go out on the street especially in front of that hotel, find promoters. A
lot of times if not all times, there are gonna be people that are trying to get you to go
in there already, so they’re gonna give you free entry, for ladies they’ll have to give
you free drinks, sometimes they will even cop you a whole table if you’re with a group
of girls. Something else you’re gonna want to do is hydrate yourself a lot before you
go and also do your drinking before you get into the club. So, why hydrate yourself? When
we were at Encore Beach Club, the water was $30! 30 – $30! I think that’s the most we’ve
ever overpaid for anything and their reasoning was, if there isn’t a drinking fountain within
like a hundred feet or something, they have to give you glasses of water but if there
is, even if it’s outside, they don’t legally have to serve you water. So then they can
charge you freakin thirty dollars for a water bottle. And don’t get too hooked on the free
drink with your entry. In our experience but doesn’t always happen, that’s kind of a tactic
they use to get you in the door and then it’s nowhere to be seen. Go because you want to
go, don’t always just make your decision based on getting a free drink because you might
end up waiting for like three hours in line to get in only to be disappointed. Clubs in
Vegas are some of the most expensive things you can do. Another way you can get free entry
is going to FreeVegasClubPasses.com. This is a promoter website and they’re legit, everything,
they tell you on that website is true. If they say you’re going to get a free drink,
you’re going to get a free drink. Unlike a lot of the promoters on the street. So that’s
a good way to get into clubs, beach clubs, strip clubs. Strip Clubs [laughter]. It’s
on there [Laughter]. Alright, number 14 is that, for eating on the strip, food is super
expensive, so we already mentioned that we like going to the buffets. The best value
we think for any buffet we’ve tried on the strip is at Mirage. And another way that you
can get discounts besides using MyVegas and getting like a buy one get one or getting
one for free is if you are a military, if you have a military ID, you can get 40% off
for you and up to three guests that are with you. Another little hack for the buffets is
to go right at the end of breakfast or right at the end of lunchtime. So, breakfast runs
until 11:00 typically, so if you go right before 11:00, you get the breakfast price
but then all the lunch food comes out right before the higher dinner price and then you
get all the dinner food. Number 15 is also about food. It is still expensive, so if you’re
not interested in the buffets, there’s another option and that is Uber Eats. And this is a
new one to us, I never would have expected this because typically you’re looking at expensive
delivery, it’s also usually higher price than actually going to the restaurant but in Vegas,
you could be paying like five, ten, fifteen, twenty dollars to get to a restaurant and
get back, so if you order Uber Eats and they have these rotating deals for free delivery,
you’re not paying for the delivery, it’s delivered right to your hotel, perfect if you need some
drunk food or something like that, or you’re just tired and don’t want to walk around like
so often it happens. Great option! And you can find stuff for fifteen dollars or less
per plate which is really a great deal. Yeah on Uber Eats there’s a lot of options around
ten bucks a plate. Or we even ordered from this Thai place and it was a huge meal for
10 bucks and we could’ve easily shared it. Yeah. But if you’re staying on the strip and trying to find food,
you’re going to be a hard-pressed to find a meal under $15 and more than likely it’s
gonna be in the twenty dollar range. So, Uber Eats, great and convenient option right to
your hotel. So what do you guys think? Did we miss anything? Do you have any Vegas hacks
that we haven’t mentioned on how to save money? Let us know down below in the comments. If
you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel to see more that we have coming up. Share
this video with a friend if you think they might enjoy it and find it valuable too. And! GONG THAT BELL so you get notified the next time we put out a new video. We’ll hopefully
have some more Vegas videos coming up for you guys – where we can see there. [Music]


  • Tangerine Travels

    Aside from getting comps and discounts through the MyVegas apps, don’t forget to check Groupon for Las Vegas deals. Before you purchase one, sign up for Ebates so you can get cash back. I’ve earned over $700 cash back so far. Get a $10 bonus by signing up through our link: https://www.rakuten.com/r/OURTAN3?eeid=28187

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    Thanks for this video! If I hadn't seen your comp page, I wouldn't have thought about it as I don't gamble much. With 2 tier credits, I still went from paying 40-45 per night to paying 28 per night by signing in to my account. Rebooked the trip and saved almost $100 between room and taxes.

  • Craig Martin

    I do allot of what you guys are saying already. I get comps for rooms using Myvegas, and players cards. I also collect airline miles, I live on the east coast. My goal is to spend less than $200 to $300 to get there, and get comps while there. Airlines have deals with Uber & Lyft, and Casino's. Such as Southwest & Mgm. Ebates is good, I use airline shopping portals to, miles again. I used Groupon at 2 bars, and 3 restaurants there. Out of these videos on here yours is pretty good. I agree on stay more on the strip. And to the Veterans out there are some discounts everywhere, there even some Casinos you can eat free. Stations Casino's have Operation Thank You. Check out their website, free coffee at Starbucks, free food or buffet specials. I always talk to retires who forget to check these discounts, they are all over Vegas, in every property.

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    To all the predators in this comment section:
    This woman is not just flesh. She does not exist for you to gaze upon, to fantasize about, to dominate, or to assign value to. What she chooses to wear has nothing to do with you. She does not need or want your appraisal. She is a person, making a video with her HUSBAND, sharing valuable information. If you are here for any other reason than to learn from these people or to support their hard work, then you should leave. If you are here because your twisted appetites are more important to you than individual worth, then it's time you scrutinized your thoughts because there is something deeply broken inside of you.
    To Tangerine Travels:
    Thanks for the video, guys. It was very helpful.

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