– [Glen] Whether you’re
heading out to the water, soaring into the air or if you prefer to stay on the ground, one of these vehicles
will prove to be a blast. This is Glen and today
we’ve got 15 crazy-cool land, air and sea vehicles for you. (electronic music) – [Female Voice] Number 15. – [Glen] The king of
dawrf cars, Ernie Adams, loved the original ’49 Mercury so much he decided to build his own from scratch. The car, made famous
originally by James Dean in his movie Rebel Without a Cause, soon became a household name. Adams made his first dwarf
car in 1965 out of the metal from nine different
refrigerators cut into pieces and has worked to improve
his craft from that day on. Named Rebel Rouser, it took just over five years
to build this dwarf car that looks like it came straight off a miniature factory line. Powered by a 1290 cc Toyota
motor and a Toyota drivetrain, this car can easily
cruise at highway speeds and tops out at around 100 miles per hour. Everything except the
mirrors and spotlights were hand tooled by Adams
with the utmost care. Everything on this car looks exactly like the original full size version. Since this was all handmade, you won’t find one on any showroom floor. But if he made one, you can too. – [Female Voice] Number 14. – [Glen] Patriot Campers took a GXL Toyota Landcruiser dual cab
which, let’s be honest, is a pretty nice vehicle by itself, and made it into the king
of the off-road jungle. The LC79 features almost a
whole foot of extended chassis. R0H wheels with Mickey Thompson tires, a suspension upgrade to 3800 kilograms, TJM barwork, a front and rear winch, water tank and electric pump,
a Hema navigation HN7 module, and a GME UHF radio. And we haven’t even gotten
to all the extras yet. You can have one of these
built to your specifications and boy are there a lot of options. Extras include 2X Xray 220 HID lights and a 1200 millimeter
quad optic light bar, an ARB twin compressor kit, a programmable pedal torque controller, JMACX coil conversion kit, a Rhino Pioneer roof platform, a mini canopy that
includes a storage drawer, camper storage, a fridge,
a dog crate tray built in, and a James Baroud Evo tent. You can basically live in this thing. With the power behind the vehicle and all the extras you can get, there is no stopping you on
an adventure with this thing. Pricing for the LC79 Supertourer
starts out at $125,000. – [Female Voice] Number 13. – [Glen] Sometimes described
as a jet ski with wings, the Icon A5 is a stunning
example of versatility. With actual landing gear
and Seawing platforms, you have a landing pad on the ground as well as in the water. The versatility doesn’t stop there either. The wings fold up and the
aircraft can be easily transported by a car-pulled trailer. The Icon A5 comes with a
Rotax 912iS Sport engine, supplying 100 horsepower to the aircraft. The A5 was made with a
Spin-Resistant Airframe, making it safer for a new pilot. Due to the engineering of the aircraft, in the case of a stall, the body resists spinning while
maintaining manual control and descending in a safe rate. With room for two inside the cockpit, this aircraft makes the
perfect vacation vehicle. It comes with quite a few
little extras as well. There are storage compartments placed inside the Seawing platforms as well as advanced running
lights for maximum visibility. It even comes with a parachute system if the unthinkable happens. The A5 pricing starts at around $200,000. – [Female Voice] Number 12. – [Glen] Fishing trip during the day? No problem. Fishing trip at night? No problem. On the water camping? No problem. Boat party all day and all night? No problem. The Formula 430 All Sports
Crossover is the envy of all water crafts
because of its versatility. I mean this thing has 32 cup holders. That’s just amazing. Equipped with four Mercury
300 Verado Outboard motors with the option to upgrade
them to the 350 or 400 models, this boat will get you
where you need to go with speed and style. The 430 ASC has a state of
the art navigation system built into the cockpit. It comes with full cabin accommodations which are usually only
included in closed bow vessels. It has two kitchens, one in the cabin and one under the canopy of the boat. For all the fishing fanatics, it comes with a
pressurized live bait tank, a prep station for freshly cut fish, built-in storage for
all your fishing tackle, and a 75 galleon fish box
under the port side seat with refrigerator and freezer coils to keep the day’s catch nice and cool. Pricing for this starts
out at a cool $1 million. (bass rift) – [Female Voice] Number 11. – [Glen] The AERO-X is a next
generation idea for mobility. Using tandem ducted fans,
it can achieve a max height of about 12 feet off of the ground. The fan blades are also enclosed in a shroud for added safety. The AERO-X is about 15 feet
long and about 7 feet wide and has the ability to
carry two passengers. A naturally aspirated
three-rotor rotary engine powers the fixed-pitch carbon fiber fans and runs off automotive grade fuel. The entire vehicle is
made from carbon fiber, fiberglass composite and Kevlar to ensure safety and strength. The design of the AERO-X
allows it to be piloted similarly to driving a motorbike. This allows for the
movements to be intuitive while piloting a vehicle
in three dimensions. Optimized for rugged
environments like farms, ranches and underdeveloped regions with no roads, dirt and debris are not an issue for the fan blades or the motor. Due to the three
dimensional operating area, it’s not recommended
for mountainous regions or anywhere the altitude changes quickly. Pre-orders are available now and the price is expected
to be around $85,000. – [Female Voice] Number 10. – [Glen] This ultra
minimalistic helicopter is one of the lightest
manned helicopters out there. Measuring just over 20 feet long, the Mosquito Air delivers performance, reliability and ease of flight. The Mosquito is made up
of aircraft grade aluminum to maximize weight savings without reducing strength or safety. The entire engine package
only weighs 70 pounds, increasing the weight
savings even further. The main rotor is controlled from a floor-mounted
joystick and a control mixer. The tail rotor is
controlled by foot pedals. The compact 64 horsepower
engine allows the Mosquito to hit max speeds of
up to 70 miles an hour while consuming five
galleons of fuel each hour. The maximum range is 60 miles and its normal cruising
speed is 55 miles an hour. While flying is normally
an expensive hobby, the Mosquito makes it a little cheaper, costing only $20,000. – [Female Voice] Number nine. – [Glen] While this one looks more suited for a post-apocalyptic wasteland
than your city streets, the Devel Sixty is a
force to be reckoned with. Produced by the same company that made a 5,000 horsepower supercar, its pedigree speaks for itself. With a 6.7 liter turbo diesel V8, the Devel Sixty pumps out
a whopping 700 horsepower and goes zero to sixty in 5.8 seconds. It has full six wheel drive
and independent suspension. The tires are all on military rims and the vehicle has seating for up to six. The Devel Sixty comes standard with height adjustable suspension, two inches for the front and back, front and rear cameras, a night vision display
on the front and rear, and custom interior and
exterior color options. The most beneficial feature of the car is that everyone on the road
will get right out of your way. Pricing on this one
starts out at $450,000. – [Female Voice] Number eight. – [Glen] The Rokon Trail-Breaker has been around since the 60s and has been making waves ever since. The world’s original and
longest producing manufacturer of all-wheel drive motorcycles, Rokon has been delivering performance for longer than some of
their riders have been alive. The Trail Breaker has
unmatched versatility for work or recreational activities due to its lightweight design, wide tires for any terrain, and a high ground clearance
for driving over obstacles. The Trail-Breaker delivers
sure-footed traction with the tires and plenty of pulling power thanks to the all-wheel drive system. Superior torque from the
all-wheel drive system allows the Trail-Breaker
to tow up to 2,000 pounds. A little 208 cc engine
pushing seven horsepower allows the motorcycle to
travel up to 35 miles an hour. Price tag on this one is a modest $8,000. – [Female Voice] Number seven. – [Glen] Innovators at the
NASA Johnson Space Center, in collaboration with
an automotive partner, have developed the Modular
Robotic Vehicle or MRV for short. The vehicle is completely electric and has no mechanical
connections to the propulsion, steering or brake systems. Instead the driver
relies on control inputs being converted to electrical signals and transmitted by wire to
the motors in the vehicle. The MRV is driven by four
independent wheel modules called e-corners. Each wheel can be rotated 180
degrees on its steering axis. You could literally drive 180% sideways and parallel park the car downtown. The MRV was made to learn about
and develop new technologies that could be applied to
future Rover expeditions. While those technologies will
be applied in future Rovers, for now, we get to reap the benefits of those new technologies in the MRV. While the MRV won’t be
for sale any time soon, you could license the
technology used in the MRV and create your very own. – [Female Voice] Number six. – [Glen] The Seabreacher
is the adrenalin junkie’s best friend out on the water. With its design similar to a crazy mash up of a fish and a fighter jet, the looks won’t be the only
thing that grabs your attention. Semi-submersible, the
Seabreacher is capable of diving down under
the surface of the water and rapidly rising upward,
breaching through the surface. The clear acrylic canopy
allows the pilot and passenger a clear view of everything
above and around them. A second underwater view port gives you vision of everything
underneath you as well. Unlike conventional watercraft, the Seabreacher operates
more like an aircraft with control over pitch, roll and yaw. This allows the vessel
to carve left and right, jump over or dive under waves and even do barrel rolls under water. The Seabreacher was designed with self-righting weight distribution. The wing and engine weight is
all located low in the vessel so even if you find yourself upside down, you’ll quickly roll
around to right side up. Pricing on this one starts
out at around $80,000. – [Female Voice] Number five. – [Glen] If you happen to be planning an expedition to the Arctic Circle, you might wanna bring this
tank of a vehicle with you. The ARKTOS evacuation
craft was originally made for offshore oil rigs in the Arctic in case anything ever went wrong. But it has since been used in many different rescue fashions. The ARKTOS evacuation craft
can carry over 50 passengers on board and can traverse many
different types of terrain. The craft gave up wheels
for a track system, not only to increase mobility but also to increase passenger seating by eliminating all the extra components that come with a standard drivetrain. Each track is powered by its own 260 horsepower Cummins Diesel Engine. On land, the engines are
linked through hydraulic motors and propel the ARKTOS to speeds
of up to 10 miles an hour. While in the water, the vessel operates more like a jet ski using a water jet combined with a 360
degrees steerable nozzle. It propels the craft at
speeds up to six knots. The tracks, which are covered in spikes, allow the ARKTOS to traverse
any type of icy terrain and climb 34 degree inclines. The price tag on this
one is getting up there. Around $3 million. – [Female Voice] Number four. – [Glen] It’s slick, it’s futuristic, and it flies. The Blackfly is another
breakthrough innovation in personal flight. The future is now. And with enough luck, flying vehicles will be
everyone’s mode of transportation. Being all electric, the Blackfly causes no
emissions during use. Not only that but it comes
with a vertical takeoff and landing system so
you can get up in the air and back down on the ground even with limited space to maneuver. It also has cruise control if you’d rather stare out the window and just enjoy the ride. It has a takeoff and landing assist system and if you’re feeling really fancy, it has a return-to-home feature where it will take you
home and land itself. The Blackfly is controlled by
an intuitive joystick system and multiple helpers for the uneasy pilot. It achieves lift with eight propellers mounted on the front and back wings. It comes standard with
a ballistic parachute should the need to bail out arise. And a low powered glide mode so hopefully you won’t have to bail. Pricing has not been
released on this plane but they say it will be comparable to the price of a new SUV. – [Female Voice] Number three. – [Glen] During a time
when aerodynamic knowledge was still new and the art
deco style was everywhere, Orley Ray Courtney took a
1934 Henderson Streamliner model KJ motorcycle and
designed and handcrafted an aerodynamic shell that
encased the entire motorcycle. The upgrades he made to the motorcycle didn’t stop just at the stunning design. It featured 10 inch wheels
and high profile balloon tires sourced from the aircraft industry to give it a silky-smooth ride. The modified chassis
included hydraulic brakes and a modified Henderson KJ fork in front and a modern rear independent suspension. It has a car-like dashboard, a large headlamp that
move with the steering, and a raked-back screen that deflected air onto the rider’s chest. This one of a kind motorcycle
would be extremely hard to get a hold of since it
spends most of its time at the Northeast Classic Car
Museum in Norwich, New York. – [Female Voice] Number two. – [Glen] Though it may look like Jawas are about to jump out and
start scavenging for parts, this is no sandcrawler. It’s the JL421 Badonkadonk, or just Donk for short. This thing is built like a tank and it’s definitely not
street legal in most states. But then again, who’s
gonna stop this tiny tank? The Donk is one of a kind armored land cruiser recreational tank. It can transport up to five people internally or on the roof. It can be piloted from the inside or from an exposed standing
position through the hatch. It comes with a 1,000 watt sound system so everyone can hear
your mobile tank party a mile before they see you. And of course, it has a
pyro technique effect system with optional rocket pods. The outside of the vehicle is
covered in light armored steel providing you with ample
protection from stray blaster fire. Lucky for you there’s no need for deep space travel to
Tatooine for one of these. They can be found on
Amazon starting at $20,000. Before we show you our number one pick, don’t forget to comment down below and let us know which
one of these vehicles will jumpstart your next adventure. – [Female Voice] Number one. – [Glen] The jet powered
glider built for one has to be one of the most
stylish ways to get around. With a jet engine powering
the glider from take off, after adequate altitude is achieved, the engine is turned off and it can be flown as
an unpowered glider. It’s only seven feet long but
has a wingspan of 32 feet. You pilot the glider from a
prone position at the center. Turning is as simple
as shifting your weight and using a few handles
to control the rudder. Underneath where you lay,
there’s a jet engine. With considerable separation from the walls of the engine pod in order to permit better cooling and prevent excessive fire risk, most of the glider is made
from fiber reinforced plastic with a wooden skeleton, making the thing rather light,
weighing only a 150 pounds. The glider can reach speeds
up to 75 miles an hour and has a passenger weight
limit around 110 pounds. Unfortunately for us, there are no plans for this
glider to be mass produced, nor would the blueprints
be freely available due to the safety risks associated with inexperienced pilots. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. (lively music)

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