15 Favorite Camper and Caravan Designs (concept)
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15 Favorite Camper and Caravan Designs (concept)

– [Narrator] Just as much as I like seeing a final product hit the market, I also like to see the imagination, inspiration, and ideas that came about but never saw the light of day. I’m Reacher, and here
are 15 of my favorite camper and caravan concepts. (techno music) – [Woman] Number 15. – [Reacher] This first
entry is named after its ability to open and fan
out to a 252 degree radius. Each one contains a living
room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and office, with
each of the components set up on rails allowing it to be opened by just one person. There’s also a protective
screen that encloses the house providing protection from the elements. – [Woman] Number 14. – [Reacher] This one gets a high five due to the intended
nature of the camper shell being made from fully
recyclable materials. Not only does this one
include plenty of room to maneuver, it has a pop-up roof for increased headroom, and twin beds that convert to sleep three people. The rear offers a slide-out deck area with a roof, mosquito
netting, and fold down seats. That in itself is a
feature I’d like to see on every trailer. – [Woman] Number 13. – [Reacher] Slide-outs
are a common feature on camper trailers these
days, so it’s no surprise that this one would have them. But these aren’t your normal slide-outs. A crank-based mechanism is used to open wing-like structures that rotate out from a central point on
one end of the trailer. This increased space houses a living room, full size kitchen, and room to sleep up to four people. – [Woman] Number 12. – [Reacher] Intended as
a mobile office space as well as a camper, this
one has a raised floor that serves as a sitting
area with a circular table. It also converts to a sleeping area as the table can be lowered as needed. In addition to having storage
space underneath the floor, there’s a mini-fridge
hidden in there somewhere which means you’re never far from having plenty of nice, cold
tasty beverages on hand. – [Woman] Number 11. – [Reacher] Designed with
the modern city in mind, this one is small enough
to fit in a normal sized parking space. It consists of two areas,
one in each half of the pod. A wraparound system connects both halves serving as both an entryway and protection from the elements. One side serves as the
living and sleeping area while the other houses
storage compartments and a bathroom. – [Woman] Number 10. – [Reacher] Not much is known
about this collaboration between BMW and the North
Face clothing company. It consists of Futurelight
fabric stretched around a carbon fiber
geodesic dome shaped frame. Although it doesn’t
seem to be very spacious it does provide room to sleep two people. How someone plans on getting the trailer up a mountain is anyone’s guess. – [Woman] Number nine. – [Reacher] Like I mentioned earlier, slide-outs are a common
feature in campers, but putting them on a
teardrop is a new one for me. If it has been done,
feel free to let me know in the comments where and when. Although there is a lack of interior shots on this one, I think it’s safe to assume it looks like most
teardrops do on the inside. From what I can gather in the photos the expandable sections not only double the usable space, but
they operate independently of each other, so this one
officially gets my cool vote. – [Woman] Number eight. – [Reacher] Although this one is intended for short distance, short stay usage it still has most of what
is needed for longer trips. It’s split into two main
areas, the front living space containing the bed, a
mini-fridge, and cooker as well as the rear space
which houses a large bathroom complete with a stand-up shower. Power comes from a transparent solar panel on the roof which also
serves as a skylight. – [Woman] Number seven. – [Reacher] This upgraded VW Westphalia is the brainchild of
French-Canadian designer Alexandre Verdier. The goal was to create a vehicle both eco-friendly and
stylish that made use of all the available space. Each one runs on a four
cylinder hybrid engine as well as having a 170 watt
solar array on the roof. The greenest feature by far
are integrated containers for recycling and composting. Add in the choice of five different models and what’s not to like? – [Woman] Number six. – [Reacher] One of the
coolest things about concepts is the ability to incorporate a feature that might not make it
on a production model. In this case it’s the expansion system that has the rear half
fanning out from the front giving the camper roughly
a 90 degree angle. In its expanded form the extra space forms a lounge area with
an adjustable canopy. The front half of the trailer houses the sleeping area and living room while the back has a standard size kitchen and bathroom. – [Woman] Number five. – [Reacher] This next
entry is a collaboration of more than twenty
different industry experts and companies over a two year period. An ultramodern aerodynamic exterior houses two single beds
arranged in a v-shape that could be turned
into a large double bed, a large shower and vanity, as well as a living room and kitchen. A large fold-out deck on
the rear of the trailer offers extra space to
allow you to stay connected with nature while being inside. In addition to all the
app-controlled technology it also includes fingerprint activated biometric access, truly making
it the caravan of the future. – [Woman] Number four. – [Reacher] The name of
this one is an acronym meaning Colors Of Life In Motion. It’s composed of a car and caravan combo which allows the vehicle to be used independently of the
trailer once it’s set up. Its design offers more
on the inside than out, having a dinette and large
cab-over sleeping area in the front with a
kitchenette and shower area taking up the rear. Personally, I think the
vehicle camper combo has a lot of potential,
but like everything it has its pros and cons. Let me know what you think about that one in the comments as it
makes for a good topic of discussion. – [Woman] Number three. – [Reacher] Another
collaboration, this one isn’t actually commissioned by MINI, but draws heavily from
the automaker’s style with a bit of Airstream
thrown into the mix. The high end pod opting
for a more luxurious and modern aesthetic, offering
all the amenities of home. Incorporating a design
mimicking a hotel suite, a large bed and sitting
area are at one end while a bathroom with a full
size tub is at the other. Separating the two is a counter area that serves as a minimalist kitchen. All of this is surrounded
by large panoramic windows and skylights which makes
the already open spaces seem even bigger than they are. – [Woman] Number two. – [Reacher] GMC came up with this one as a modern alternative
to the ever-changing housing market intending for it to be a mobile urban loft. It runs on a diesel electric hybrid system while an additional solar
panel provides power for onboard resources. Using integrated resource
management technology allows a person to
utilize onboard supplies for weeks or months as needed. Since this six-wheeled behemoth looks like an RV on steroids, I’m
guessing the only problem you may have is parking. – [Woman] Number one. – [Reacher] The Romotow distances itself from other campers in many ways, having a ridiculously modern design that is classier and more modern than most apartments. Not only that, but it’s different in the way that it functions. It swivels outwards increasing
its overall size by 70% while allowing access to a covered deck. The front contains a
dining area and kitchenette that is highlighted by wraparound windows. A short hallway leads to
a large master bedroom that has circular vented
windows on each side while a centrally located
full size bathroom separates the two areas. Like the others on this list,
this one too is just a concept but the company is currently searching for manufacturers that are
interested in its design. – Hi everyone and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni with Mind’s Eye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback so please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video leave another comment and let us know. Then if we use your idea
we’ll give you a shout out in that video. But don’t leave yet, keep
watching, because there’s more. (orchestral music) – This episode of Mind’s Eye Design is brought to you by Ztylus Stinger, an emergency escape tool
that can save your life. With a sharp razor to cut your seatbelt, a two-stage spring-loaded window punch, and can even be used a
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  • Greg Bumgardner

    With the six wheel camper, which is the front end? Other than that some crazy but cool designs. 😀

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