15 Impressive Campers and Caravans with Bathrooms
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15 Impressive Campers and Caravans with Bathrooms

– [Reacher] Getting to
your outdoor destination should be the hardest part of camping. But there’s one other thing that can sometimes be a bigger hassle. I’m Reacher and here are
15 campers with bathrooms to help you get going once you get there. (bright music) – [Narrator] Number 15. – [Reacher] The name of this
first entry could be mistaken for something made by Disney but one look at it tells you otherwise. The Hollywood’s interior
measures just a hair shy of 24 feet while still managing
to include the amenities of a caravan much bigger in size. Stepping through the door, you’ll find a kitchenette
spanning the width of the trailer along with a large U-shaped dinette. The rear of the trailer
contains a full-size bathroom which also spans the width of the trailer, and the sleeping area. The bed and the
previously-mentioned dinette are both housed in side-by-side slide-outs that operate independently of each other. (gentle music) – [Narrator] Number 14. – [Reacher] I’d like to think
there’s a bit of nostalgia in all of us who are fans
of all things campers. If so, then this entry is for you. This model of the aptly-named Retro is no slouch in the size department, coming in at just under 28 feet in length and eight feet in width as well as having an internal
height of six and a half feet. The main sleeping area houses a queen bed with a floor-to-ceiling
entertainment center that doubles as a
cabinet and room divider. Moving toward the rear
brings you to the kitchenette with a U-shaped dinette housed in a slide-out sitting opposite. Bringing up the rear is one
of my personal favorites, a set of bunk beds. Next to that is the main
reason this one made the list, a bathroom spacious enough to have its own separate
bathtub and shower. The contrasting color scheme you see here isn’t the only one available but there’s something
about it that hearkens back to the good old days like no other. – [Narrator] Number 13. – [Reacher] This one isn’t the first from Australian-based MDC
that we’ve talked about and it definitely won’t be the last. The 22-and-1/2-foot-long trailer supports a contrasting black and white color scheme both inside and out
that maintains a simple yet stylish modern look. Judging from the layout, sleeping
is important when camping as the queen-size bed takes up
the front 1/3 of the trailer. The rear has a bathroom spanning
the width of the trailer that includes an enclosed stand-up shower. Located between the two is a kitchenette with full-sized appliances
and a small dinette. An added bonus is an external
slide-out cooking area because really, why be inside
when you’re staying outside? – [Narrator] Number 12. – [Reacher] Canadian-based
Prolite is becoming one of my new favorites to
feature here on the channel due to their selection of trailers which sits at 15 models as of this video. The current third largest in that line by both weight and size is the SUPREME at just under 2,900 pounds and
just under 21 feet in length. Starting at the front,
you’ll find a queen-size bed with a small entertainment
stand at the foot. A centrally located island
sits in the middle of the floor with slide-outs on opposite
sides of the trailer, one housing the kitchenette and
the other a full-sized sofa. Rounding out the mix is
the bathroom in the rear that, like others on this list, spans the width of the trailer. – [Narrator] Number 11. – [Reacher] This big
brother to the Legacy Elite offers the same layout as the base model, differing only in a few structural details and optional sleeping accommodations. And like those so far, it’s about the same size at
23 and a 1/2 feet in length with a six-and-a-1/2-foot interior height. For the most part, both models
of the Elite II are the same, housing a self-contained wet bath and closet in the rounded
nose of the trailer. They also have a centrally located dinette and kitchenette located
directly opposite each other. Taking up the rear is the option of either a twin-bed configuration or U-shaped bench seating
that, like the dinette, can also convert to a sleeping area. – [Narrator] Number 10. – [Reacher] Like the earlier Retro, this one has bunk beds,
but unlike that one, they’re not stuck next to the bathroom, so score one for the
adults who never grew up. Moving forward, you’ll
come to a kitchenette on the opposite side of the entrance while across from that
is the dinette area. Finishing up in the front
is the main sleeping area as well as a vanity and a
fully enclosed wet bath. – [Narrator] Number nine. – [Reacher] This largest offering from the Scamp light of trailers has an interior space of 116 square feet, making it just the right
size for a small family. The rear of the camper houses the dinette with a wall-mounted table that folds down, allowing the area to
convert to a queen-size bed. Moving forward, you’ll find a kitchenette and food prep area in the center of the trailer opposite each other. This model offers two layouts, both having an enclosed wet bath and a queen-size loft bed in the front. – [Narrator] Number eight. – [Reacher] As of the
making of this video, the Hobby DE LUXE is offered
with 13 different floor plans. The 515 UHK has a kitchenette along the wall opposite the door while facing that is a
fully enclosed wet bath. On each end of the trailer
you’ll find sitting and sleeping areas which
brings us to the coolest, and I mean absolute coolest,
feature this one has to offer. The front of the trailer has
a standard set of bunk beds with a dinette next to them. The rear has a large U-shaped bench seat spanning the width of the trailer. This, along with the dinette,
converts to extra beds and that aforementioned coolest feature? There’s another bed on the
ceiling over the rear area that lowers to create an
even larger set of bunk beds. Altogether, that’s enough
room to sleep more people than I would actually
trust together in a camper. – [Narrator] Number seven. – [Reacher] This 21-foot-long caravan from German-based KNAUS is another example of everything you need in just
enough space to put it in. There are two entrances on this one, a normal side door and a
larger door in the rear. Upon entering, you’ll find
an extendable wet bath and a closet flanking the rear. Moving forward brings you to a kitchenette and an L-shaped dinette that
converts to an extra sleeper. The front has an elevated bed that also raises up to provide storage for any larger outdoor gear. This, along with the extra
floor space in the rear, allows the trailer to
double as a toy hauler. That bit of diversity is something that could add a lot of appeal
to these mid-side trailers, so pay attention, designers. – [Narrator] Number six. – [Reacher] If I didn’t tell
you this one was an Airstream, it’s a safe assumption
you’d still know anyway due to the distinctive design. The side-entry door opens to a floor plan that provides everything you need while still feeling spacious. This is partly due to the panoramic window that wraps around the front, providing natural light to the interior and giving it the feeling of
a space bigger than it is. Features include an L-shaped front dinette with a wall-mounted table, a
kitchenette along one wall, and an enclosed wet bath and
bathroom opposite each other. Sleeping accommodations are provided by a queen bed in the rear
as well as the dinette which converts to a double bed. There are currently 19
layouts for the Flying Cloud and though this behemoth
is just under 26 feet long and eight feet wide, it’s still in the middle
of the pack for its size. – [Narrator] Number five. – [Reacher] The Model L by EVOKE is one of the longer entries on the list, coming in at 32 and a 1/2 feet. It’s also one of the more luxurious, as can be seen in these photos. Two slide-outs which house the lounge area and dinette add to the
already spacious interior while a full-size kitchen and electric fireplace round
out the main living space. The front half of the
trailer has a large bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower while the rest of the space is dedicated to the sleeping area
containing a king-size bed. I’m sure there’ll be more in the future as they’re on our list of new favorites. – [Narrator] Number four. – [Reacher] Here’s another
one that’s growing on me, the idea of a motor home over a caravan. In addition to the cab doors, there’s a side entrance
that opens to a lounge area directly behind the driver seats with a small kitchenette
and food prep area occupying the space to the rear of that. Moving back brings you
to a stand-up shower as well as a bathroom and vanity that flank the entrance
to the rear bedroom. The bed itself is different
in that it’s split at the foot that allows it to serve as a twin setup or as a full king-size using an insert. There’s also a bed above the cab area that lowers to provide an
extra sleeper if needed. – [Narrator] Number three. – [Reacher] The Forza 34T AE is one of three accessibility-enhanced
motor homes currently offered by Winnebago. It comes in at just
under 36 feet in length, running a bit shorter than
most comparable motor homes, but the double slide-out design
more than makes up for it. The wheelchair lift as well
as the side door are located directly behind the cab area. The lift itself is compact enough that it’s indistinguishable
from the outside and takes up no extra space inside. A small kitchenette with
an extendable countertop runs along the wall beside the door while the lounge seating
and dinette are housed in a slide-out directly
across from the entrance. To the rear of that is the bathroom which contains a large roll-in shower flush with the existing floor. Finishing out the living
area is the rear bedroom with a queen bed that’s
accessible from both sides. We’re never gonna to
hesitate to voice our praise for any company that makes
products of this nature, so high fives to Winnebago
for going above and beyond. – [Narrator] Number two. – [Reacher] Although it’s
still in the pre-order stages, this one from SylvanSport
has to be included not just for the bathroom
but for how it’s set up. Looking at the layout
gives you the impression that the kitchen and
bathroom share a space, but that’s where the ingenuity comes in. The kitchen is housed in
a self-contained slide-out that sits over the shower floor, revealing the full extent of
the design once it’s opened. This allows for it to be used both indoors and outdoors as well. The lounge area and table are located in the rear of the trailer which also serves as a garage-style space for any outdoor gear while traveling. Sleeping accommodations
come from the lounge seating which converts to a queen bed while another motorized queen bed lowers from the ceiling as needed. Once again, more ultra cool bunk bed mojo. The first deliveries are
planned for fall of 2019, so keep an eye out if you’re
thinking about getting one. (moves into light gentle music) – [Narrator] Number one. – [Reacher] This
intimidating-looking caravan comes in at 24 feet long, seven
and a 1/2 feet wide, and has an estimated
weight of 8,800 pounds. That’s not too shabby
for a mid-sized caravan. The entrance opens into the
bedroom area in the front of the trailer containing a
walk-around queen-size bed. Behind that is a centrally-located kitchen with full-size appliances along one side and a U-shaped dinette opposite that. The rear of the trailer
houses a large bathroom with an enclosed stand-up shower while next to this is the feature that gives this one its name,
a set of triple bunk beds. Along with these and the
previously mentioned queen bed, the dinette converts to
an extra sleeper as well. Outside, you’ll find amenities
such as a slide-out kitchen, integrated fold-down
tables, a large side awning, and a smaller awning over the front window that doubles as a 60-watt solar panel. So there’s our list of
possible alternatives to keep you from getting
too close to nature. Did you have a favorite? If so, let us know in the comments, and if there’s any you feel
should have made the list, feel free to put it in
the comments as well. If we can find a spot
for it in a future video, we’ll make sure you get
credit for the suggestion. Before I go, I’d like to give a shout out to a new acquaintance of ours
by the name of Alan Heath. Alan’s YouTube channel is
loaded with video reviews of the many campers that he comes across during his travels as both
an enthusiast and publisher. We’ll provide any necessary
links in the video description for those of you interested
in more in-depth information, so be sure to go check
it out after the video and let him know how much
you appreciate his work in the process. As always, thanks for watching. – Hi everyone, and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni with Minds Eye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video, leave another comment and let us know, and then if we use your idea, we’ll give you a shout out in that video. But don’t leave yet. Keep watching, because there’s more.


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