15 Mini Caravans & Compact Camper Vans 2019 – 2020
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15 Mini Caravans & Compact Camper Vans 2019 – 2020

Mini. Tiny. Small. Compact. These a few of the terms that define the direction
a lot of manufacturers are moving in due to a demand that is growing exponentially. I’m Reacher. Whether you want to tow it or drive it, there
are more choices than there are words to describe them. With that in mind we’re bringing you 15 of
our favorite mini-caravans & compact camper vans. Number Fifteen Hailing from due north, Canadian based ProLite
currently offers 15 different models as of this video. The second smallest of those is the Eco, a
trailer measuring just shy of 13 feet long that is light enough to be towed by most subcompact
cars. The passenger side entrance sits directly
across from a small kitchenette having a dual-burner cooker, sink, and a 105-liter fridge. Taking up the front is a bench style dinette
w/ an extra long, adjustable table. This converts to a sleeper that’s roughly
as big as a queen-size mattress. Finishing off the living space is a floor
to ceiling wardrobe by the entrance door. Number Fourteen At first glance you might take this one for
a rusted out jalopy that should’ve been put to bed long ago. But the patina is actually a custom graphic
that someone at Ohio’s Custom Mobile Interiors should be given an award for. The interior seats up to five people if the
removable three-person bench seat is used. A rustic color scheme is prevalent throughout,
accented by a sink built into a full-size bourbon barrel. Storage compartments line both sides while
still having room to secure bicycles or other gear under the bed via an in-floor track system. Speaking of the bed, it’s elevated above the
garage area like normal, but it also has a slide-out extension that increases the sleeping
space while providing a view of the stars. There’s even a rear awning to cover everything
if needed. But really, who’s blocking that kind of view? Number Thirteen Germany. Knaus. I could leave it at that just based on their
reputation but I’m gonna say a few more words. This 19 1/2-foot long caravan is also a toy
hauler. And it manages to do so without seeming cramped,
even when it’s hauling two full-size motorcycles. The garage is multi-purpose, having a fold-down,
wall-mounted couch which creates a spacious lounge area. At night it becomes the bedroom, modifying
the couch into a sleeper, along with an elevated, transverse bed above that. Moving forward finds a kitchenette having
a stainless-steel sink, a glass-covered dual-burner cooktop, and a 108-liter fridge under the
counter. Finishing off the layout is a wet bath up
front, along with a small wardrobe next to that. Number Twelve The Defender from Australia’s Rhinomax is
15 feet of fiberglass and steel that’s made specifically for the off-road. The pop-top design has an external, slide-out
kitchen having a three burner cooker, sink, and an 85-liter slide-out fridge. Covering it all is a 122 square foot awning
providing protection from the elements. Inside is a queen-size bed in the back half
of the trailer. At the opposite end is a countertop with a
sink and plenty of storage. Next to this is a wet bath with a cassette
toilet and a zip-up shower curtain. Taking up the middle is a centrally located
dinette with bench seating and an adjustable table. Number Eleven Straight out of the Pacific Northwest, Outside
Van is a conversion company offering some of the coolest designs you haven’t seen. This model, called the Cascade, is nothing
short of the quality you’d expect from the Oregon based company. Built on a high roof Ford Transit, there’s
a powered running board that pops out when the sliding door opens. Inside is a lounge area which seats four with
the kitchenette on the driver’s side wall having an induction cooker, an undermount
sink, and a stainless-steel refrigerator. Behind this is a garage area with enough space
to fit a few bicycles and other gear. There’s also a hot & cold shower attachment
located beside this. Up above is a transverse bed that folds up
to provide more storage space. Externally there’s a hardtop pop-up tent that
can sleep another two people if needed. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Ten This forward folding camper trailer from Australia’s
Blue Water campers is named Darling. The 17-foot trailer has a lid that serves
as the platform for the queen bed when opened. The main box houses a U-shaped dinette, which
can also modify to an extra bed if needed. The whole shebang is covered with a canvas
tent as well as a 124 square foot annex that provides a protected outdoor living area. The slide-out kitchen offers an extendable
prep table, a three burner cooker, sink, and a separate slide-out for a refrigerator cooler. But don’t let the small size of this one fool
you, it can handle up to 1,300 pounds of cargo if needed. Number Nine Just outside of Grass Valley, California is
a little shop called Cascade Campers. They build their vans on the Ram Promaster
City model, keeping it simple in their belief that each one should have everything you need
and nothing you don’t. This shows in the design as the layout has
a couch along the driver’s side wall that converts to a sleeper about the size of a
twin bed. Opposite this are the cooking facilities having
a refrigerator cooler, a sink, and a single-burner cooktop. Extra power comes from a 100-watt solar panel
that charges the auxiliary battery when the van is parked. Two USB ports and a 400-watt inverter provide
outlets for using a laptop, phone, or any other gadgets. Number Eight This next entry is by Indiana based Forest
River and comes from their Flagstaff line of travel trailers. It measures 12 feet long from front to back
w/ a dry weight of almost 1,800 pounds. Inside is a wall-mounted TV and a gaucho style
couch that extends out to a full-size bed. An exterior, rear kitchen contains a dual
burner cooktop, a microwave, sink, and a 105-liter refrigerator. Number Seven The current Cobra XL Off-Road model from Brilliant
Caravans is a 17 1/2-foot long, single-axle design ready for the toughest terrain Australia
has to offer. The side door opens into a front bedroom with
a walk-around queen-size bed. Moving back is a centrally located, L-shaped
dinette. Across from this is the kitchen having a microwave,
a sink, a covered four-burner range with an oven, and a 185-liter double door refrigerator. The back has a bathroom spanning the width
of the trailer which also has a washing machine tucked away under the countertop. Number Six Converted over three months by a couple that
wanted to spend their days on the open road, this Piaggio Porter Van is an amazing example
of a DIY project. Behind the cabin and along one side runs an
L-shaped couch which can also expand to serve as the bed. The kitchen is up against the opposite wall,
having a dual-burner cooker and a sink made from a repurposed copper pot. The counter space extends out on both ends,
revealing a built-in pantry shelf as well as offering a table for dining outside. A few nice decorative touches include a world
map on one wall and cut-outs of campfires in the shelving above the seats. A custom roof rack tops off the van adding
to the usable space and keeping it multi-functional. I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below. Number Five Straight out of Slovenia, the 2020 Adria Active
is a multi-purpose camper perfect for the short or long term excursions. Built on the Renault Trafic, it can be used
as an everyday vehicle having room to seat up to five people. A built-in rail system in the floor allows
the bench seats to be adjusted, increasing the storage space in the back. In camping mode, the bench seat lays flat
utilizing the back for a smoother sleeping surface. This, along with an extra bed in the pop-top
provides space to sleep up to four people. The kitchenette runs along the driver’s side
wall, having fold-down covers that serve as the countertop when not in use. Rounding out the mix is a wardrobe in the
back along with a nozzle for a detachable showerhead. Number Four Black Series Caravans, which is headquartered
in California, have created their HQ line-up with the HQ15 being one of four currently
offered. The box itself is 15 1/2 feet long and just
over 7 feet wide with a total length of 22 feet. The floor plan is an open design except for
the bathroom, which can be shut off from the rest of the space via a sliding door. The front houses a double bed with shelf space
and a small wardrobe on each side. A centrally located kitchenette has a three-burner
cooktop, sink, microwave, and a mini-fridge. Opposite this is a small dinette that can
modify to an extra single bed if needed. The previously mentioned bathroom spans the
width of the trailer having a self-contained shower with a fold-up door. Number Three California based El Kapitan has converted
many vans in their 35 year run, with the Stargazer being one of their current ones. Built on the Mercedes Sprinter High Roof,
the interior has a luxury and style usually found in higher end camper vans. A removable, third captain’s chair sits in
the doorway. Right behind that is the refrigerator with
a kitchenette sitting opposite, having a deep well, undermount sink and an induction cooker. Along the rest of the driver’s side wall is
a sofa which can convert to a sleeper. Above this a panel bed that can be mounted
on rails attached to the side walls. Number Two The Lance 1475 is one of the latest ultra-light
offerings from the California based company. And they sell it with the option of a slide-out. It measures just under 15 feet in length with
an interior height of 6 1/2 feet, yet it still manages to avoid feeling cramped. The front of the trailer houses a queen-size
bed running in an east to west configuration. A centrally located kitchen includes a microwave,
a three burner cooktop with an oven, an undermount sink, and a 141-liter refrigerator. The lounge area sits opposite having a choice
of two swivel chairs in the standard version or a sofa in the slide-out version. The back, driver’s side corner houses the
bathroom, which is virtually identical in both models. Czechoslovakian based EGOE builds what it
calls a Nestbox. This is basically a kit for your car that
stows away in the trunk or rear of a van, essentially turning the vehicle into a camper. The company makes three models with the one
you see here called Supertramp. Each one weighs anywhere from 176 to 286 pounds. Features include the basic modules for a bed,
a kitchen, and bathing. The modularity of the Nestbox also means the
user can tailor it to their liking by only using the modules that are needed. Number One The GO from Missouri’s VanDOit, is one of
two models the company currently offers on the Ford Transit High Roof. The modular design allows for the rear seats
to be added or removed as needed, offering seating for up to seven people. A small kitchen set-up can be installed as
an option as well as a portable, dry-flush toilet. The back of the van has a queen-bed on a hydraulic
lift, ensuring there’s always enough room below. The floor of the garage area slides out, offering
easy access to any cargo or sporting equipment. There’s plenty of extra storage on each side
of the garage area, including a cabinet housing the electronics which draws extra power from
a solar array on the top of the van. Finishing it off is an RGB lighting system
and roof mounted speakers by the back doors. Hi everyone, if you enjoyed this video, leave
a comment about what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is
posted, hit the bell icon below right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Minds Eye Design!


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