15 Practical Gift Ideas for Camping Lovers and Outdoorsy People
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15 Practical Gift Ideas for Camping Lovers and Outdoorsy People

hello my name is Anta and welcome to my
channel it is December so I thought I will put together a short video to give
you some ideas about gifts you could give to people who love camping all the
items that I list are functional or almost all of them some of them are a
bit more fun and they come in a range of prices this video isn’t
sponsored but I will put some affiliate links in the description box so if you
choose to shop by those you get your product and it helps me keep making
videos so let’s get straight to it big part of the camping experience is
cooking so I thought I would list some things that are useful or interesting
for those who get outdoors and also cook outdoors if your friend or family member
goes camping and has the option of open fire a Dutch oven is a great gift it is
a cast iron pot designed for use on an open fire and you can essentially do
anything in this you can fry food in this you can boil water you can make a stew you can make a soup you can even bake bread in addition to that you may choose
to get a camping fire tripod that’s something you may give if the person
already has pots and pans for cooking but they don’t have a tripod those who
don’t use open fire when they’re camping camping might benefit from something
called a Kelly Kettle it’s essentially a flask
and it has a tube inside where you make the fire so you burn some twigs and
sticks and it boils the water very efficiently
and that means that without having to have a separate fireplace you have a
little contained fire very efficiently boils your water for cooking and there are
some adaptations of this kettle that you can actually switch parts to make it a
little pot not just a kettle another option that is fantastic for those who
are camping in locations where you cannot have an open fire is an
all-in-one cooking kit that comes with a fire adapter
I’ve added a link to Tranglia kit that comes in various combinations from one
person cooking kit to a whole family kit but these are lightweight they’re
usually made out of aluminum aluminum… and they’re a type of item that you buy
once and you keep forever something that will enhance the
experience would be a cool box you can get simple things like bags that are
just insulated will work for a day to two days and you can get sturdier cool boxes a high quality water purifying water bottle is also a great gift
because if you’re camping you may find yourself around questionable water
sources including campsites because of the nature of location breaches can
happen so it’s good to have this kind of purifying water bottle your water is
always clean if you want to give a gift that contributes to the leisurely
and relaxation part of the camping experience you may look at giving
hammock or an inflatable couch both these are great options it’s just that
hammock requires you to have access to trees while an inflatable couch is is a
much better solution for a flat ground area I’m not talking about the kind of
90s inflatable couch there have been couple companies now
making lightweight self inflatable or person inflated couches that are a bit
like a banana shape that simulate the hammock experience and are a good
alternative to that and the third thing that contributes to leisurely experience
is an external canopy or a tent extension something that provides roofed
outdoor space these again come in a range prices you can get something very
cheap from your local depot that provides garden stuff or you can go with
something more extravagant a practical gift can be a Swiss Army knife or in
general a multi-tool style knife these common ranges you have some that are
more specialized as a extendable spork and then you have some that have
everything on them and others that are specifically for camping so they will
have a good knife on them and can openers and bottle openers and things
like that that’s a tool everyone needs and you can get these customized or you
can just go with a classic trusted brand still in the practical gift section is a
solar and crankable light even if it’s not such a powerful torch it means that
if you run out of batteries you are not stranded you always have the option
to crank the light for yourself or to charge it during the day and this has
saved me in the past where I’ve made my way back from a town near the campsite
and the regular torch the battery dies so I’m saved by my crankable
light that shows me the way back through the woodland I want to finish this list
with two items that are a bit more fun one is a wireless Bluetooth speaker
these come in a big range I personally use a small Anker speaker that lasts
for 24 hours is damp proof and dust proof therefore perfect for having it
outdoors and the very last thing that would be a good gift for somebody who
likes to try new things or somebody with kids is a starter telescope telescope is
a specialist item so if you want something very grandiose I recommend
going to a specialized shop however you can find a starter option online and
that should help people kind of wrap their heads around how one works what
they like about it and do they want to continue exploring in this kind of area
alright that was my list of 15 items 15 gift ideas for people who love camping I
hope that you have found this useful I hope that you are inspired and have gotten
some ideas please let me know if you like this video by clicking that
like button and subscribe for more content next week I’m gonna be uploading
a similar short list with ideas for people who do hiking and backpacking so
return for that yeah thank you for watching bye

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