15 Tallest Building in the World 2019 That Have Completed Construction
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15 Tallest Building in the World 2019 That Have Completed Construction

– [Glen] In the race to reach the skies, these buildings are
literally head and shoulders above the rest. The following 15 skyscrapers make the Eiffel Tower in France, the Shard in London and the Empire State Building in America look like tiny bungalows. I’m Glen and this our list
of 15 tallest buildings in the world that have
completed construction. (light music) – Thank you for watching
Mind’s Eye Design. – [Amber] Number 15. – [Glen] Now, onto our
first completed tower and what better place to start than the former tallest
building in the world, The Willis Tower. Construction on the building
was completed in 1973 when it was known as the Sears Tower. It retained the title as
The World’s Tallest Building for a quarter of a century until 1998 and then changed names in 2009. The tower is 442.1 meters
tall with 110 stories. At the moment, the largest
tenant of the skyscraper is United Airlines which
occupies 20 floors. (light music) – [Amber] Number 14. – [Glen] Next up just so
happens to be the building that robbed the Willis Tower of it’s crown back in 1998. Technically, this building
should occupy two spots on our list, but we have rolled
Petronas Towers into one. They held the crown as the
tallest towers in the world between 1998 and 2004, standing at 451.9 meters with 88 floors. The towers are made mainly
out of reinforced concrete with a steel-and-glass exterior designed to reflect Islamic art and Malaysia’s Muslim religion. The first tower is
occupied solely by Petronas with the second, housing
various subsidiaries and associates. (light music) – [Amber] Number 13. – [Glen] Construction on the Tower T1 began back in 2013 and
it was completed in 2017 with the tower opening the next year. It stands at 452.1 meters tall, just 20 centimeters taller
than the Petronas Towers. The Changsha IFS Tower
is part of a development that also features a second
315 meter tall tower. Usually this would be considered tall but it simply looks like the little brother in this scenario. The main tower features a mega mall and a hotel at the very peak for you daring holiday goers. (light music) – [Amber] Number 12. – [Glen] The tallest building in Vietnam, Landmark 81 only opened in 2018 after three years of construction. Despite architecturally only
being 461.3 meters tall, the tip of the tower
stands at 469.5 meters with 81 stories between
that and the ground. Between those two extremes, you can find a hotel,
conference facilities, restaurants, bars, retail
spaces, luxury apartments and even an observation deck at the crown of the tower. In September of 2018, the building survived a
minor fire scare on floor 64 after a welding incident. (light music) – [Amber] Number 11. – [Glen] And now to
Russia, the Lakhta Center. It started construction back in 2012 and topped out in 2018
although it is still not yet opened it’s doors. It became the tallest building
in Russia in October of 2017 when construction surpassed
the Vostok Tower in Moscow. The Lakhta Center stands
at 462 meters tall with 87 stories and
will be the headquarters of energy company, Gazprom. In 2018, when laying the foundations, the tower entered the
Guinness Book of World Records for the longest, continuous concrete pour. (light music) – [Amber] Number 10. – [Glen] Construction started on the International
Commerce Tower in Hong Kong back in 2002 and finished
eight years later. When opened in 2010, it was
the fourth tallest building in the world but has slipped down the list a little since then. It stands at 484 meters
tall with 118 stories. Four basement floors
house a shopping mall, while a five-star hotel can
be found between 102 and 118 and office space in between. The world’s highest swimming pool and bar can be found on the very top floor for those of you who want to practice your breaststroke in the clouds. (light music) – [Amber] Number nine. – [[Glen] This next entry on our list looks a little like a giant bottle opener but it’s impressive all the same. The World Financial Center in Shanghai was built between 1997 and 2008 but it was well worth the wait. The tower stands at 492
meters tall with 101 stories and three separate observation
decks along the way. The Financial Center
features office space, the hotel, a museum, retail
space and a parking garage. Just imagine the size of that beer bottle. (light music) – [Amber] Number eight. – [Glen] The first of our buildings to break the 500 meter mark, the 101 Tower stands at a staggering 508 meters tall. Between 2004 and 2010, it was
the world’s tallest building before eventually being surpassed by the current title holder but we’ll get to that one later. It was built between 1999
and 2004 and unsurprisingly, features 101 floors. It even has an elevator that
takes you from floor five to floor 89 in 37 seconds at nearly 38 miles per hour. (light music) – [Amber] Number seven. – The CTF Finance Center opened in 2016 after seven years of building. The tower stands at 530 meters tall with 111 floors above
ground and five below. If you thought the elevators in the last skyscraper were fast, the CTF Finance Center boasts one of the fastest in the world reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour. The tower also houses a shopping mall, 59 floors of offices, 355 apartments, 251 hotel rooms plus bars, restaurants and more. (light music) – [Amber] Number six. – A beautiful tower built on the legacy of one of the worst
terrorist attacks in history, the One World Trade Center Tower was rebuilt on the World
Trade Center Complex after the horrific 911
attacks back in 2001. Building began in 2006
and was completed by 2013 with the skyscraper opening the next year. It stands at 541 meters
tall with 104 floors, the majority of which are
leased out as office space. (light music) – [Amber] Number five. – [Glen] Up to 554.5 meters now, the Lotte World Tower comes
in at 5th on our list. Building began in 2011
and was completed by 2016 and is currently the tallest
building in South Korea. It comprises of office space, residential, a hotel and a six-story observation area at the very top of the tower. Two Russian and Ukrainian explorers, famously broke in during construction taking the stairs part way up before free climbing to the top. That video reached over
three million views online. (light music) – [Amber] Number four. – [Glen] After the lot was purchased by the Ping An Group at auction in 2007, construction started on
the Finance Center in 2010 with completion coming in 2017. It reaches just over 599 meters tall with 115 floors above
ground and five below. It is currently used as
a high-end shopping mall, conference center, hotel,
retail space and offices. It’s elevators can reach
speeds of 22 miles per hour. (light music) – [Amber] Number three. – [Glen] It’s fair to say
that the Al-Bait Clock Tower stands out against the
modern glass skyscrapers on this list. It was built between 2004 and 2011 and stands at 601 meters tall. It also features the largest
clock face in the world. Take that Big Ben. The Clock Tower houses an array of things including a mall, health
club, residential areas, hotel rooms, shops and more. It was built after the destruction of the historically
significant Ajyad Fortress. (light music) – [Amber] Number two. The bridesmaid of our list. The Shanghai Tower clocks
in at 632 meters tall with 128 floors above ground. It also features the joint highest building observation
deck at 562 meters and the second fastest
elevator at 46 miles per hour. This tower really can’t catch a break. The beautiful curved
helical skyscraper was built between 2008 and 2014, opening in 2015. (light music) – [Amber] Number one. (piano music) And finally, the granddaddy of the ball, the tallest building in
the world, the Burj Khaifa. Standing at 828 meters tall, this monster in Dubai is just
under a whopping 200 meters taller than our 2nd placed entry. Built between 2004 and 2009, this tower looks like
something straight out of a sci-fi classic but you’ll definitely need to
use one of it’s 57 elevators. (light music) – Hi everyone and thank you for watching. I’m Chon Lee with mind’s Eye Design. We love to hear your feedback so please leave your comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video, leave another comment and let us know and then if we use your idea, we’ll give you a shout-out in that video. But don’t leave yet, keep
watching because there’s more. (light music)


  • Minds Eye Design

    Thanks for watching everyone!😍 Just to clear up height requirements, we based the order on what was considered architectural. We did not count antennas.
    📢*Leave comments* and let us know what video topic you would like to see?👀 I'm also curious if anyone has ever been to any of these buildings and what they thought seeing them in person? 😲 Let us know in the comments below!

  • Adrian Gunnison

    I'm from Chicago and I love The skyline here is Beautiful, with the New Addition of Wanda Vista tower and Nema towers and a few more Approved I can't wait to c this skyline in 2020 💙All these other Skyscrapers are beautiful in there own way de I did not like 2 outta all on this list but My fave has to b Shanghai World Financial Center I always liked that design beautiful skyscraper in My opinion,..

  • Brother SMan

    Good video. I've been to 4 of the towers: Petronas Towers, Willis Tower in Chicago, Burj Khalifa and Clock Tower in Mecca – all of them have great observation decks

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    You should not include the World Trade Center, it is cheating it’s height with the tallest plastic covered antena in the world

  • Your Royal Highness

    Get rid of the broomstick on top of the new World Trade Center and it wouldn’t even make this list.

  • Barbara Jenkins

    Willis, Petronas, Changasha IFS, Landmark 101, Lakhta, International Commerce , Shanghai World Financial, Taipei , Guangzhou Financial, 1 World Trade, Lotte World Trade, Ping Ag Financial, Abraj Al Bait,Clock Tower, Shanghai Tower, Burj Khalifa ( not sure about spellings)


    Soon to be completed, somewhere between 2020 to 2021 will be PNB118. Therefore shall it be taller than Ping An Tower in PR China ? Or Shanghai Tower perhaps?? Anyone ? I really anxious to see and hoping to obtain exact fact and figures about the most up to date World's tallest skyscrapers list.

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  • Zachary McDonough

    Most of these entries were buildings, not towers. For example, if the the words tower and building are used interchangeably, then Skytree would be number 2 on the list. However, Skytree, in Tokyo, is listed as a tower, not a building. Also, One World Trade Center is 1,776 ft tall. This number reflects the American year of independence.

  • Ruffi Fuffler

    Only fit people without back problems can ride elevators in tall buildings without a back brace, and in some cases only with oxygen.

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  • H D Dunbar

    Great videos…I almost got dizzy watching some of those shots….WOW!!!! From 1998 to 2000, I lived in Northern New Jersey. The terrain there is very hilly. The road to work was along a high ridgeline facing New York, so many mornings the sun shone on the gleaming World Trade Center Towers off in the distance. When they were destroyed, it seemed that New York had a big hole put in its heart. But this is the UNITED STATES and we don't let terror acts keep us down….I look forward to returning to NYC to see the new WTC….thanks for your video!!

  • Dennis Dougherty

    Very nice. I have been on elevators that approach 50 miles per hour. Why are the not used in these now taller buildings? Also, there is no clock that I know of (at least not in London anyway) named 'Big Ben'. This is the name of the BELL not the clock.

  • Alan Libertone

    Much room for improvement with the overall quality of this production. I allways like learning about and viewing data about tall buildings, however I am not impressed with how this video was executed. thanks for the work though, I did get to the end unlike many top # lists on spewtube

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    Come find me so we can get married!! Love ya!

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    interesting fact. the worlds tallest building is not hooked up to a citywide sewage system. it sits on a sewage tank that has to be continuously emptied into trucks. that's progress.

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    This is a good video but I’ve always disputed how they measure how tall buildings are. In my opinion it should be to the roof of the top of the highest usable floor, not a spire. For example the Willis Tower, #10 has 110 floors and the petronas towers, #9 has only 88 with a large spires. This is a full 22 floors shorter but it is considered “taller” buy this and many lists…

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    Factual if your into amounts and speeds for elevators"
    that are way too fast to get to get any good piece of ass,,

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