16 Personalities Camping
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16 Personalities Camping


  • Frank James

    Use the buddy system and share this with a friend. 🐻
    If you're new here and wondering "what do the letters mean?" 🤔 just Ask Jeeves "MBTI"
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  • Ró McAuliffe

    Yesterday I was waiting to get into a library sale (I’m a book dealer) and while waiting, I talked to a lovely elderly woman whose husband just passed away. We talked about how my father just passed away and bonded on that sad topic. After we stopped talking, I had more time to wait, so I kneeled down and ran my hand across the grass to feel it and handle some adorable grasshoppers. ENFP was correct, in other words 😄 I looked at the leaves and made friends – even with no brownies I’d do that.

  • Kira Kusumi

    hah what a coincidence, today i leave for eastern washington to go camping and hunting for 2 weeks. the first week ill be by myself though… pray for me

  • Chris M

    OMG, so funny! I think your INTJ impersonations are a little mean though. An INTJ wouldn't even be with a person, an INTJ would be alone and scheming their next big "goal" for life, enjoying being away from the snares of society. And quietly laughing, and judging all the other idiotic campers, but behind their backs, in their journal. That's just my interpretation as an INTJ. Bang on for all the introverts! And the extroverts are so funny, you really got that! 😁

  • PurplePartyTiger :D

    There was a deer in our yard once and one of my little brothers got super close to it. I was so jealous X'D
    I actually related more to the INFP in this episode than the INFJ, I like getting away from life once in a while and just appreciating the outdoors.

    Unless there's bugs…XD

  • bliz

    Only got INTP, INFP, ENFP correct. Thought wrongly that the ENTP one was INFJ.

    Guess I've a long way to go before absorbing the MBTI stereotypes via osmosis when watching your videos.

  • Blogoosfera

    3:07 Yeah! This is definitely my dream! Escape to a mountain and be in direct contact with nature (with a mall across the street), LOL!

  • Pashmena Ayub

    Hey FJ! Being an INFJ, every time I accidentally say something stupid in a social situation or do something awkward I just can’t seem to get over it and I just kept thinking about it over and over again making my self cringe also I cannot take harsh criticism. Can you make a video on how to deal with these two problems and make your fellow infj’s life a little bearable. Thanks 🙂

  • Bella Nova

    INFP who has done exactly that skit/thought process while out on the trail when I saw a deer. Multiple times. 😳 ISTP- when I saw the whiskey bottle I immediately knew which one was my man. You nail the attitude there too! 😂

  • Benu_Bird

    Oh wow, INFJ spot on for me. I've always said my idea of camping is staying at B&B where I have to share a bathroom. I love walking in nature, animals,all that. But have to sleep with other people in a tiny tent? Hell no!

  • Світлана Клименко

    It is so entertaining to make my own guesses about the type while watching these sketches. I love it! Please, make some more! Yours are absolutely the best👍👍👍👍👍!

  • Anna Ro

    ISFJ here. My jokes are often terrible and I know it! Only today I told my coworkers a wordplay joke/good translation example from a cartoon I watched 20 years ago; I really appreciated it back then and still remember and appreciate it 20 years later. Wordplay jokes 4 life, no matter how cheesy!

  • trixi1608

    Could totally relate to the INFP one, being one. Always on the lookout to befriend animals 😉 If I were to encounter a bear, the first thing coming to my mind would probably be 'What a cute bear.. Wish I could hug him.. The poor thing might be hungry.' 😉

  • Cosmic Gem

    ENFP! that's me without pot brownies 😂 I went to the beach and I was telling my friend how cute it is that us humans get together to stand in the water to jump at waves lol she is an INTJ and was just like "you're weird" but I know she thought about it because she got quiet lmao😂

  • gtgrandom

    "No wait it's gone your face just ruined it"
    I think as an INFJ I'm def more like INFP here. Nature is where I feel most at peace. But I do miss my computer after a while lol

  • Toni Webb

    I totally relate to the INFJ. Nature is fun, especially when it's wallpaper behind you and you can roast marshmallows on your gas stove before going back to Googling interesting stuff.

  • Sarah Starkel

    Hahahah ENFP is so accurate…. we get distracted by the randomest things and then get stuck on how fascinating it is 😂

  • TheNitpickChick

    The INFJ one was 100% accurate, at least for me!
    While I do love and respect nature, I like to experience it in small, controlled doses. Going on walks or the occasional hike, sitting on a bench in a garden, etc.

    Camping gives me so much anxiety because it’s just too much raw nature all at once for too long of a time period. I hate sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag because I always wake up in pain, and the lack of simple things like clean, convenient, non-outhouse style bathrooms sets me on edge.
    Plus bugs. I hate bugs. I don’t want to sleep outside where the bugs live. :[

  • Jessica van Leeuwen

    Coming across a bear in the forest is very rare (I've never seen one in the wild and most likely never will) but Finnish children are still taught how to act when bears or wolves appear. Bears are indeed dangerous, especially females taking care of their offspring can very aggressive. Best thing to do is to act dead. And with wolves you should start walking away slowly and talk random stuff and keep your eyes away from the animal, so you don't seem like a threat. ESTP's courage (and your impression of it!) is very impressive, but the story doesn't tell what happened… However I don't doubt he found a way to deal with the situation.

    Had a good laugh at "Have you ever looked at a leaf before?" Might be some good mindfulness exercise, honestly.

  • Abdul Rahman Tarek

    Why every video ENFPs wear a funny shirt and looks like they are in another world or don't know what they are doing 😅
    I am an ENFP BTW 😂

  • Ayits SPLINTZZ

    INFJ is me…but I actually really enjoy camping! especially without a tent and sleeping directly next to the campfire 😌

  • Alayah Thompson

    Am I the only INFJ with anxiety towards bears and cougars but some how every time I end up in the bush the come. Like I was on one side of a mountain where I lived they had closed down the lake because of a fearless bear. So I went to the other side of the mountain to a inlet and the moment I step out of the car the bear emerged out of the tree line beside me…. This stuff commonly happens to me..

  • Phoenix Robinson


    Estp mad at the bear!😂😂😂

    I feel like im more ISTP in this video😆😆😆 at least with the whiskey part 🤣🤣🤣

    P.s. James I want a heart!!🧐

  • Tamlyn Adolph

    I LOVE that you don't swear. Geeeeez, some good clean comedy that isn't masked with profanity 🙌

    Also, INFP here, tried to get close enough to pat a seal. It barked, I slipped off a rock, cut my leg, broke my shoes. I now have a small scar and a pair of touristy priced Havaianas.

  • No Body

    ENFP is spot on, even though I generally don’t indulge. I probably would accidentally- like hey brownies and be swallowing one before they had the chance to tell me they were those kind… or if the other camper offering the brownies was a really hot girl.

    Although another ENFP camping might have gone like “hey guys check out this fish I got helping some dude who was drinking whiskey and catching them with his bear hands.”

  • Jumana Pearl

    This came up in my recommended and I wasn't disappointed. Made me laugh so hard… That INFJ is me… I was out camping with friends and had no reception to get Mobile Data…. I needed to play some tunes….

  • Christine Bingham

    I'm an INFJ and I definitely relate more to the wonders of nature rather than someone who wants to escape back in the modern world.

  • Café Startup Girl

    LOL, I was thinking, “He’d better not do an ‘I’m so in touch with nature’ thing with INFJ!” I am INFJ, and was thinking how much I hated camping and being away from my familiar surroundings — and you did something similar. So happy 😋

  • Christy Collins

    I saw the ISFP rap suitable for an ENFP. Many of my ENFP friends liked to rhyme and come up with weird songs on the spot alllllllll the time. I also felt like the ENTP bit was going to be INFJ, but it makes sense. INFP was spot on though 😂👏

  • Bumiste

    One day, when I was traveling alone and camping, I was hanging out with a group of elderly people that befriended me…I bought marshmallow and sausage because I thought we would have a fire…But…We didn't because they went to bed…So I had to walk the whole campground to find people who would be having a fire…Found only one…Tho I ended up eating marshmallow and sausage with young kids – Women ENFP

  • Nicole B.

    Dear Frank James,
    do you want to know why you're so brillant with your "16 personalities" videos? Because you are an INFJ. One the one hand, you have amazing people reading skills. Instead of just flatly imitating peronality traits of the personality types that you can read on the internet, you give your videos a twist, you give us lines which are very sublte, yet fit the personality to a T, completely subtle. You are creative and empathic, true introverted intuition and the epitome of a high functioning INFJ that we can see in your videos. Then, your humor is completely dry and yet so fresh and charming. Also, on the other hand, your judgement function makes your videos very pleasing to watch because you put a lot of effort into production, also offering the viewer a lot of things to look at, like changing your apparel. This must take a lot out thought and planning. Thank you for your funny, yet very insightful, videos and thanks for existing on this world!

  • Donna Woodford

    Which personality is the biggest "bs"er? Pretty sure I know who that would have been.🤡 Which types are the "blind" supporters who lap up every word, supporting all the made up stories? 🙈Maybe create dialogs with these bozos.

  • S p a r t a n C u p c a k e

    Hey, ENTJ here.

    I really like these videos and also, given that binocular human vision works out to about a billion pixels in total, you'd need a graphics card with the capacity to render 60-80 billion pixels per second at 60fps to get the graphics INTP was talking about. Conservatively, you could render real life at that resolution with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 and 16-32 GB of suitable DDR4 RAM based on what your motherboard can accommodate.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for producing such entertaining content! ^^

  • - Shooting Starlight -

    Huh. This is the first infj I couldn't relate to.
    I actually forget about using my phone when I'm in nature because I just feel at home there. I only use my phone to take pictures when I'm camping. 😊❤

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