130 kilometers separate Boulemane Dadès from Agoudal our next stage between the two, the village of Ait Merghad where we met Lucine Atlas at the Assaka hostel We are on a new stage of our journey after the Dades Gorge we had planned to do about 150 km yesterday we only made half that is to say 70 we ended up in a small village called Aït Merghad where we are at one end of this village and there we followed the signs where there was marked hostel Assaka and we thought maybe this is where we have to go to spend the night and so we went through the roads but also through the paths that led us so far so here we come by chance it’s a place that called us we got here and we were greeted by Lucine, Lucine who is Atlas guide and who has designed with his friend this inn and you’ll see it’s a pretty special place This bank Assaka it is located in the middle of a haven of greenery it is a pretty incredible place because we are on the Atlas Mountains so we are a little higher up and we followed from the gorges of Dades an oasis like that, that winds up along from this Atlas and at this place so the main crops is potatoes and fruits like apples, which is pretty amazing me I thought apples they were produced practically only in France or at least in this kind of place Normandy etc … I did not think we could grow apples here but not only we grow we provide all Agadir all Marrakech we provide all the big places of Morocco and in this place, where Lucine has set up this inn, he organizes hikes whether in 4 x4 that is walking he speaks four or five languages very very educated in this local territory and when we arrive home we arrive first because patio who opens who is really very welcoming but we got there at night so it was small lights everywhere it’s really a nice place with a well and then as we slip into this maze of corridors and rooms and there are rooms adapted to everything, rooms lounges, we’ll go see that Everything revolves around a fountain like in any good self-respecting ryad there are two lounges, two large lounges one here to drink tea or eat another one for the winter because we are a little higher up here it snows the winter huh so there is 1 winter with a fireplace in which it is good to warm up, “the chimney universe is important” and then there are a total of six rooms that can accommodate 35 to 40 beds depending on the configurations in most there are showers with hot water and then there are also dormitories where we can get groups So cooking as you know it is my hobby here we are in the place that I love the most and in Morocco unlike at home in France we do not eat at meal times we eat when we’re hungry, so last night when we arrived Lucine took us on a tour to the village feast it was the end of the holiday of the end of the Eid And then back he concocted us a few small kebabs of kid we reveled I assure you it was a treat if all the rest of the kitchen is also authentic is good that what we ate last night you can come with your eyes closed I have not much doubt about it We are a little sad to leave Lucine and her hostel he offers us some apples for the journey, a journey that holds many surprises The trail that takes us through the Atlas is not only not intended for motorhomes but it is even very difficult to cross two vehicles however, the higher we go, the more we are delighted by this absolutely fantastic scenery It’s amazing every 10 kilometers we totally change the scenery I can assure you that no motorhome of this size has ever ventured on these roads if children are not aware of this extraordinary setting Marie and I take full eyes and we keep getting off the vehicle to go to pictures because we can not use drones we decided to do everything by hand, what is extraordinary in Morocco is that wherever you go you are likely to come across people from where you are, even in the depths of nowhere as this shepherdess we met with her baby in the middle of a desert there was nothing else than her and her sheep … when we see the number of kilometers traveled along ravines, precipices, with 90-degree turns in impossible conditions with climbs in the stones of the descents in the sand we ended up hanging a bumper which ultimately is a lesser evil considering this course rather atypical Both landscapes and climate change about every 10 km and the only thing we meet on the road are 4x4s and men on donckey We are very lucky with the weather because if we did three quarters of the road under the sun arriving in Agoudal the storms were threatening “We did not expect that!” “what worries me is The sky ! We have a beautiful black sky, we arrive in a valley where It’s a scene of madness ” “I never thought we would go through there !” Agoudal is located at 2300 meters above sea level making it the highest inhabited village of all Morocco Leaving the slopes just in time and under the storm we stopped there to make a last stop in an inn where we took the opportunity to eat a last tajine The next day we will take the road to Lake Imilchil and Khénifra where we spend a last night before returning to Larrache then Tangier for the end of our Moroccan journey Thank you to all the people we met, thank you for following us on our Youtube channel thank you to everyone who took part in this trip do not forget to subscribe, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and we’ll see you soon for future adventures

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