19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted | The Dodo Adoption Day
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19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Finally Gets Adopted | The Dodo Adoption Day

Oh, you’ve got a great smile. The paperwork said Ace is nineteen. Ace was surrendered
to the Sonoma Shelter, and then the fires started. And he ended up 150
miles away at the SPCA. I went to see Ace the day after
he arrived at the shelter. – Hey bud! – I was surprised to see how he pranced like a
much younger dog. When I asked to foster him, my only
intent was to get him out of the shelter. Because he’s nineteen. And he’s been through enough. And he needs to get into a home. Okay. Ready to go home? I just was hoping somebody
would adopt him. Randy and Rula and Kodiak. Everybody’s waiting to say hi. Okay Ace, welcome to your foster home. That would be Randy. What do you think Ace? It’s not big but it’s comfy. Ace, this is your water bowl. Ace, you thirsty? You thirsty, darling? No? This is where you’re going to eat. Nothing in there at the moment,
but we’ll feed you later. Randy, you want to be first? Come here. Come on, because I
can lift you up. Rula, do you want to come out? They weren’t too interested
in each other. It took us a few pass-bys just
to get them to sniff at each other. This is a biggie. Look at him run! Oh my gosh. Now there’s a happy boy. When I first brought Ace home he was very aloof. He didn’t solicit attention. Didn’t seem to care if
I pet him or not. Three weeks, he started feeling
more comfortable here. Playing with Rula. Oh, he sees the ball.
Look at this. Yay! All right! He loves to take long walks. And he likes to lead
the pack on the walk. Good boy! This way. Ace thinks he’s two. Yeah, it’s like a teenager.
Like a much younger dog. He could play with
toys all day long. He never met a
toy he didn’t like. Ace was featured on
The Dodo’s Adopt Me series. I will feel really sad to see
Ace go to his forever home. I will also be so happy for him. They got 67 emails from people
that wanted to adopt him. So we were overwhelmed. And, you know, happily so. Of course I’m going
to miss Ace, but it’s all about him getting
into the right situation. And then he had twelve
dental extractions. Ace would not be
released for adoption until he was completely
healed from his dental surgery. And it took a month for
his mouth to heal. And he couldn’t play with his toys. And maybe that was
an advantage in a way, because then he had to
seek out attention from me. And then it was just a few days
later I came home from shopping and he was happy to see me. And he jumped up. Now he does it every time I
leave the house and come back. He jumps up. When he first came up and put his
head on my lap and started nuzzling me, It tugged at my heart. That is when I decided that
I was going to adopt him. Because I love you
so much already. He’s already a family member. So this was just like
making it official. – You’re officially adopted! -You want to look? My biggest hope for
Ace moving forward is that he continues to be happy. I got more toys for
you Ace, never fear. And playful. And doesn’t let his age
dictate what he does, or feels, or where he goes. And it was so worth it. Cause now you’re my boy. Are you going to be
my first foster failure? I think you are.
I think you are, my boy.


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