1997-2016 F-150 Rightline Gear Full Size Truck Tent Review & Install

Hey, I’m Alex, from, and
this is my quick review and breakdown of the Rightline Gear Full Size Truck Tent, fitting
the F-150 with 6.5-foot bed. So in this video, I’m gonna talk about the
construction and materials of this tent, what you should expect to be spending, who this
might appeal to, and then we’re gonna hit the installation a little bit later on. But right off the bat, I’m gonna be giving
this a very easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, and you should have
this tent pitched in about 10 to 15 minutes tops. So if you’re the truck owner that spends just
as much time outdoors as you do in your truck, and you’re looking to get into a little bit
of truck camping, I would definitely suggest picking up this kit, as you’re not only gonna
have the ability to fit two people safely and comfortably, along with a bunch of extra
gear, and even a couple dogs. So one of the things I definitely like right
off the bat about this three-season, two-person tent is the fact that you are going to be
up and off the ground and staying dry throughout any type of weather. But I definitely might suggest using the supplied
rain fly, as well as picking up an inflatable mattress or a couple camping mats, as sleeping
in the back of your truck can definitely be a little bit on the uncomfortable side. So taking a quick look at the materials here,
we’re gonna see that this fire-resistant and UV-protected, breathable material, that’s
not only gonna waterproof, is gonna primarily made up of a polyester-type material that’s
also going to feature taped seams, so you can ensure that you’re going to be staying
dry during your camping trip. So another cool feature about this tent is
the fact that this is going to be floorless. Now, when I say floorless, I mean that you’re
not gonna have a heavy-duty layer that you’re going to be sleeping on. This is essentially going to attach underneath
and to the sides of your bed rails, so that you don’t have to pull this on or off when
pulling out any type of gear. So again, that essentially means that you’re
gonna have the ability to get in the back of your truck without even having to take
this down. So we’re gonna see that the set-up here, that
we’ll get into just a little bit later, is going to be incredibly easy as you’re gonna
have color-coded poles right here, as well as having the instructions built right into
the bag, just like most, if not all their tents, out there. So for the fit and finish, and quality materials
here, and having the ability to camp in damn-near three seasons, as well as having a very easy
install, which we’re gonna hit on very shortly, I would not hesitate picking this up for my
own truck, just even to get away for the weekend or do a little bit of hunting or fishing. So the easy install here is definitely gonna
be a huge selling point for me, as this is essentially as easy to pitch as any type of
standard tent, but for the fact that you’re not gonna have to bolt in anything in order
to secure this. This is merely as easy as laying the tent
out in your bed, attaching it underneath, and then pitching it with your poles, and
then that’s it. So that’s my review and breakdown of the Rightline
Gear Full Size Truck Tent, fitting the 6.5-foot bed F-150, available right here on

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