200206 Key 737 # Thurs 11 am Sisel Call Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Grasp Greatness
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200206 Key 737 # Thurs 11 am Sisel Call Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone to Grasp Greatness

200206  Key 737 # 11 AM SISEL Get Out
of Your Comfort Zone and grasp Greatness 2020-02-06_11-23-45 Hi, this is DW from Morrison Colorado Studios.
How to talk about toxin-free living in an event. Today’s topic is about events. Don’t
let yesterday use too much of today. That’s one of the things that will stop you from
going forward. You get hung up on yesterday. You get hung up and paused. To do an event
you have to get out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is more like a slave prison
camp, then it is a  Comfort zone. I’ll tell you something about a comfort zone
that I’ve discovered and it is pretty simple: Great things. Great things never come from
your comfort zone. You’re destined for greatness. You’re destined for awesomeness. It doesn’t
mean you’re not going to go through challenges. Or bad days. A bad day isn’t going to turn
into two or three bad days. That’s why yesterday doesn’t need to consume or take up too much
of today. And today you want to see how quick, how fast, hopefully before noon, how fast,
you can get out of your comfort zone! Your comfort zone does not allow you to operate
in greatness. It allows you to operate in laziness, in Comfortably-ability, in familiarity…
It does not allow you to launch into greatness. You’re destined to be launched!! From your
comfort zone. That is nothing more than a distraction. And something that will stop
you. From walking in your destiny. Laura Baccini now that you wrote it down,
take it away. Laura Baccini. Take it away again. She’s too
busy right now, guys.  Yep. Too busy writing. Can you talk today
or about the Mower Mission? Can you talk about them? Our mission.  And how we would talk about toxin-free living.
You know, like her Sisel, Safe Brochure in a live event, how do you use that if you’re
sitting at a table? Or if you’re talking to somebody and you want to leave him some information?
That’s a great thing to leave him.  I’ll give you this tip real quick as or
goes into it I like to highlight one that I had someone and I grab it and I know what
I’m gonna highlight.  This is here. Let me highlight a couple
of things that are really important for you to kind of grab a hold of. Then I handed chip,
once you’ve read some of the highlights in red, just give me a callback. That’s how I
like to use it Laura Baccini. Do some, do a little bit of greatness this
all over us today?    Absolutely. You know when you do with Mower
Mission and you use the simple safe brochure. It makes it easy. Sometimes people say well,
I’m not sure what to say. I don’t know how to explain it and so then they just don’t.
So whether you’re in front of us.  Room for people. Whether your side by side
with one person. If you just teach yourself to learn how to use Sisel Safe Brochure, it
is a super powerful tool and put it in someone’s hands and let them feel it? Let them see it.
Let them read it.  as you’re talking and have them turn to the page with a model. Family
is well, you’re talking to them about the mouse. You know Tom, Junior, Lisa. And then
they have seen it. Right there. They’re not just names that you’re going through and talk
about how they’ve made a lifelong commitment to building safe products. Then you can share
the story of the realization of Tom in the harsh chemicals in and taking it to step by
step and you can share the story right there. It’s absolutely incredible and Tom was determined
to spread the word and find healthy alternatives. And that’s what he did. That was when his quest to helping Wellness
started that the Mower Mission was born and then how were the products born? The page
just beside it shows you the manufacturing plant, shows you, Tom Junior, in the science
lab. It’s awesome, so you can share it if you’ve seen it. Share your own experience.
If you have not seen it, then just use this page and talk about how Sisel will never use
controversial potentially harmful products, and ingredients in our products. And it’s
on a mission to give people the highest possible standard of ingredients on integrity.  So it’s all written at 400,000 square feet.
It is an absolutely incredible, building, the science lab with their 18 full-time scientists
working side by side with the Mower’s. Research in the research and a manufacturing facility
like none you’ve ever seen before. And if you happen to be in the area, it’s a free.
You go on a free tour,  So please join us. At Mower mountain this
July and it’s a free tour you got to see the facility and that’s amazing. How many companies
can you call up and say? I want to see your facility. It is just incredible and everything
that happens within those walls, in that building has the Sisel safe slogan, it’s a promise?
It’s not just that they’re saying it. It’s a Sisel Safe product that has their stamp
on it. So as you going through the brochure, you can share that about the company and I
just love it and you can kind of make it come to life. If you’ve been there. But the page
in the center it says to live better. You’ve got to choose better. This is where the education
comes in and you start to tell people about potentially harmful ingredients and what they
could potentially do, the potential risks. What might happen to your liver, your kidney,
your organs, your eyes, skin irritation, in the first time you are sharing this in a new
crowd or with the new person. They’re sitting there looking dumbfounded. Like how can I
be? So be ready to answer: How can that be? It’s a Grandfather Company.  But as you talk about these products, using
these very harmful ingredients. People get mad.  How can they be in our product?
That’s why I’m here. I’m here to help teach and educate you on helping you make the switch
on helping you to make healthy choices for your family. And that’s what Sisel is. Sisel
Safe approved stamp, is to protect your family on our planet. Live it better safer life with
Sisel. It’s pretty powerful and when you leave this in their hands, it’s not something that
just set aside. Could you show them a tear-out sheet? And then you tell them to go around in their
home and gather the items that you break. A potentially having their house put them
down on the table. Go through the sheet, see what the potentially harmful ingredients are
and what harm they could be doing to your body.  So it becomes a little bit of a project
and then it’s your job to follow up with them in a week or so. Say Hey, have you been able
to look at this? Is unsafe Bush or did you go through your products at your home and
this becomes a tool not just for you sharing the mall mission. And then becomes a tool for that person who
makes the same realization. So it’s pretty powerful, and I know you’ve done it. DW and
it’s kind of fun. You can gather the grandkids and have them bring everything to the table.
And so if you don’t have little kids using grandkids. And teach them it’s a great tool. That’s you. Laura Baccini? You’re not helping. That
was that. Was greatness coming right at us? Thank you so much and we absolutely love it
We got somebody else who operates in greatness because she refuses.   She matter fact when she even sees one of
her kids do it, she’d launch him out of there. It’s like she dropkicks him through the goalposts
of life to get him to start living life. You know, to the maximum potential and get some.   Out of their comfort zone with little task
and chores and things that she does and they’ll give her that show. Give him the Mama. Think
I look and they just move on and get it done. That’s Katie Beiler. We gonna go to Katie
Beiler.   Find out what’s going on. What’s going on
with the events with Katie Beiler, you know great things never come from your comfort
zone and good morning. How you doing good morning.   This morning at First off, I just appreciate
you guys being here every single day and putting on this call for us. The whole team of you
all that put this on. I just really appreciate that. And you know greatness when you think
it’s when you talk about greatness and getting out of your comfort zone.   It makes me think of one of the cool kid’s
songs. It says you know where it says great things are going to happen here. So First
off, are we expecting great things to happen? So if we’re not expecting great things to
happen? More likely, they’re probably not gonna happen.   So anyway, today’s about events.  And when we talk about events, you know,
I guess. I guess just one tip that I want to throw out there is just keeping it simple.
Because as people are observing you there watching when you put on an event for them
and their thinking. Can I do this?  And so we want to keep it simple so that
they feel like they can do this because what we want to do is we want to duplicate our
events. We want the next set of leaders rising and participating in the events and pulling
them in. And.  And having them participate in them and
one of my most favorite events is an event with this, it’ll say for sure.  And probably was gonna say that right now
because we just keep it simple. Sit down. Share the Sisel say for sure and largest explained
that very nicely and just brought out some points in that and then that leads into a
living room meeting.  Where you may have 10 or 15 people sitting
around either sitting around the table or just sitting in the living room. Just sharing
again. The mission sharing on the product shared
a few stories and then from there, it goes into what we call our many Masters.  And we’ve had quite a few of those going
on here in January, which was absolutely incredible. And that leads into from the Mini Masters
leads into the event that I really was itching to talk about and it Is the Tom Hour event
coming up at the Masters Convention,  In Harrisburg, PA is coming up February, the
21st and the 22nd and we have Tom Hour coming in along with Thomas and so we’re going to
hear some great things. I mean to tell you great things are going to happen.   Those few days and if you’re not planning
on attending this moment you’re not planning on attending. I would encourage you to do
exactly what they said. Get out of your comfort zone. If you feel like you’re stuck where
you’re at right now, get out of your comfort zone.   Call and get your ticket today. Book your
flight, do whatever it takes to get there. Because if you’re saying you want to be successful,
but we’re not attending the events.   What are we who were trying to kid? I mean
what are we trying to say? So I’m just saying get out of your comfort zone and when you
attend this event expect great things from this event. Expect great things to happen.
No going in.   That is your mind going in, you’re going to
that event and you’re gonna walk away with a nugget that’s going to propel your business
to the next level and walk into that event with expectancy and walk out with that Nugget
a change your life.   Change your business. Change everything around
you. So back to you guys.   Nugget changing experiences to what events
are according to Katie Beiler. Well, anyone that ever goes back and studied. The old-timers
went prospecting for gold. They didn’t go and set up on the bank and just say, well, OK. Gold jump into my pan.   Jump into my pan Golden, just jump right on
in there. Now they went in mind for it. They dug it out and that’s getting out of your
comfort zone that’s walking in greatness and water that one of our favorite individuals
to have on the call.   An incredible woman that’s made an impact
in a lot of people’s lives that we want to see if she’ll say hi to us this morning
and just give us a little bit of her greatness. But she understands events. She’s been around
events.   For a jillion years, you know, sometimes an
observation. Sometimes in participation. Very creative when it comes to computer skills
and promoting events. And actually on a bikini.   And now we want to bring all this morning.
Hopefully, you can say hi real quick and uh and talk to everybody. Our events kind of
important is that kind of a big deal. Do they make a difference? I mean you walk into a
venue walk in smiling, you smile during the vents, you walk out, smiling, you laugh, you
participate.   And you’re such a delightful joy to be around
Haliana Good morning how are you doing?   Baby, can you hear me? Alright, thank you.
Can we be waiting for the area all day?   You don’t know sneak. I wasn’t expecting that   Copy off my I’ve got here, but yeah, events
super super super important. Let me tell you something. You get people to come to these
events in what they gonna take away from this.  Is going to absolutely 100% change their
business their life? You get to see so many different people that are experience experiencing
so many different results.   In all different areas of their life and just
being able to see that.   It is such a powerful thing. So if you can
get to these events, you need to be there. They are so so so important. And that’s what
I’m going to leave it with just short and sweet today. Love you guys. Thank you so much
for having me on the call.   Did you hear that everybody?   How fun is that? Helen was amazing. Love Leanna.   Well, we’re gonna go to the one whos cool
being there 1st and that Laura Baccini. Send it my way out of a change in, you know shoot
me out is just done a Super High. She had some guests come all they were actually distributed,
but they had never been to the event and they came to the event that we didn’t Shipshewana
and it is just a rolling snowball and I just have so much fun together and they’re on the
phone each and every day and she sponsored 2 people. Since then she’s having her own.
Actually, she scheduled.   Two more events and it just happens from event
to event. It’s where you learn. It’s where you experience. It’s where you find you know.   Your answers. Will you meet other people who
I experiencing the same things and the testimonials? The story but camaraderie. It’s just incredible.   And somebody who just came out of an incredible
road trip with Milo is Roemeri Bontrager and going from the eventual vent. Marie had not
been on the road in a bit. And but Roy had so we had such a great time.   But they had 6 events, but Marie does event
building from event to event make a difference in your business? Good morning Marie Bontrager.
Good morning. Good morning Miss Laura. Yes, it definitely does. make a difference in people’s
lives. People that it has. It gets into thinking. What am I actually doing with our lives with
our family in the future? What does it look like? And amazingly, we gotta call just lately.   Come from another party and I’ve just been
praying to God. If this is what you really want for us, you will show us the way an Alpha
blue. We get a call in. They have signed into the business now.   And they said they had been to hundreds and
hundreds of MLM, so we’re just waiting to see where this where it comes from. But they
are hoping to help. Help this make the change in the father’s life. He has started dementia,
so we’re trying to help them out.   And I was wanting them to introduce in the
event was hoping to go out with my low again in April. He really wants to go, which makes
it a little uncomfortable at times. But Hey, like these said this morning, what do you
get out of your car, you know.   Have to get out of your comfort zone. So I
guess that’s what we’re probably trying to do is go in a little bit more out of her comfort
zone. And yes, one of these days I am going to get Roy up there out of his comfort zone
even if he tells me, Marie.   You’re good at it You can do it. 11 tells
him he just looking out for himself. He’s just trying to praise me to, you know, protect
himself, but I’m not going to eat it. Any of these in one of these days. I’m not gonna
let him get by with it but anyways, back to you Laura.   And you know Roy is really great. So I love
to be there when he’s getting out of his comfort zone, ’cause if you get Roy 1 on one, he is
so knowledgeable and he has so much to share. So  I can’t wait until that happens. Marine but
building event to event surely does make it.  For someone that I’ve seen.  At various events, not even in his own backyard.
He likes to make the trip he likes to take the team and he came yeah a couple of hours
up to one of the events that we did a few weeks ago.  And he was at another event in Pennsylvania. It’s just somebody who knows the difference
in why going to events can help your business and that is there and left and not only to
host them. He helps his people and he attends him so Aaron laps. Do you think events in building from the eventual
vent is important?   Good morning Lauren. The whole Sisel family
do I think they are important. Why? Absolutely.   I think that’s the lifeblood in what with
what we do in the network. The marketing arena is building doesn’t really have and have to
be in that arena, I think is in every business. Everything we do. It boils down to involving
ourselves with people.   We can have events on the Phone. We can have
events were having an event right now. We can have an event with the product so that’s
a topic that can go on and on and I’m not gonna recap what was said. I’m gonna try not
too but everybody is Neil did this morning you listen to Katy, you listen to Laura, you
listen to Marie.   Uh, the Wl didn’t get on till he was done
talking like Seven 8 minutes into the call, but.   Everybody has so great tips and they’re coming
from experience are coming from their heart. If you’re new today if your new listening
to this call the recording or whatever it is. Laura touched a little bit about the Sisel
safe slogan or promise whatever it is whatever you wanna call it If your new coming into
this, you might think, yeah, you know they can put that on. There is just a marketing
thing, but people? I wanna tell you.   That is a promise. Then it comes from you
heard Laura’s passion in that to me means everything to this mission. It’s a sign that
what we’re saying, what we’re taught Is legit.   Ann. If you wanna, if you if you’re still
questioning it. I’m not asking you to believe me, Laura or anybody. I’m asking you to test
it do your research. 11 would double dare anybody to find something that that.   So stands up against is not I don’t ever want
to say this is the best out there, but it is the best that I have found and I believe
it’s the best. Did anybody in on the in the Sisel family has found as well? But I think that’s where our foundation is
and once you kind of grasp that by being to the Masters Convention, if you will. Going
to some of these events seeing some of the leaders, you kind of that. This was my experience.
You kind of get to actually realize that Hey, this is real. This is something that’s true.   But once you get inside them, hours had their
hearts You get to know them.   It kinda in my opinion, double endorses that
Sisel safe promise because without it we can’t back up what we say. Then what do we have
to build on? But that’s.   That really touched me. It really hit me when
Laura the way she said it, and I think about that a lot. So if you’re questioning this,
is this really real? Your opportunity to meet two of them hours is intense coming up in
Pennsylvania this month. Tom, our senior himself and Thomas the 3rd.   Great people. You look at the company you
think you got a great product you think you got a great compensation plan. Do you think
you got a great opportunity? You’re still questioning something good that Masters get
your questions answered. I guarantee your life will be changed. But for those of us
that are out recruiting already.   Somebody mentioned something about follow-through.
I think that’s very important as well. That’s something that I gotta tell you. I’m that’s
my challenge.   Busy in different arenas and with what we’re
doing. But that does work. It’s proven itself over and over again. It does work if you just
follow up with your people a week after you talk to him. Follow through with them. I’m
rambling on here, but I’m fired up if you can’t tell I love being a part of the Sisel
family. Love what we have her hands on here it just keeps getting.   Better. So keep doing what you’re doing. Like
Laura’s signature is. I believe it says to stay humble. Be kind of work hard. You will
succeed. I guarantee it back to you guys. Have a great
day.   Airlines that was good stuff, but that’s just
good stuff. We’ve been hearing good things about you from everywhere he’s been. He’s
been doing that Johnny Cash thing. I’ve been everywhere man song, and we’re gonna
go out somebody. That’s absolutely amazing.   And a life changer. Someone who understands
and has grabbed a hold of the fact that they realize that you know great things never come
to those that stay in their comfort zone. Or, come from. Those are great things. Never
come from your comfort zone. L rose you’ve had a blessing. Come to you. You’ve been through
some challenges. Double hugs from the Sisel family. A lot of love and prayers have gone
up for you guys. Gotta people stay in the background there
just waiting for an opportunity and but we just love you man. You’re amazing. But you
had to. Dominic Baccini comes in recently I believe. Is that right and head? Dominic
is that that rose? Is that correct?   Yes. Can you hear me? I can hear you. And
yeah, that was an event that was a pretty dynamic understand.   Yes Sir. We really really appreciated it and
Dominic gets an awesome job. We just.   Yeah, he. He wasn’t sure how that’s gonna
work for you know him speaking for a whole hour like that, but he didn’t. He just runs
right-on kind of runs like a nice diesel. It was neat.   What you do is he had some good deep training
in it, but it’s not deep as hard to understand. It’s just realistic and that’s what I love
about this whole team.   Is a real nut you know the genuineness and
it just.   And it made me my thoughts go out when I heard
her and talk to her a little bit about, you know meeting them hours and what it does like
a double guarantee and I just had to think back in 2018, it’s about a year and a half
ago. We were out tomorrow mountain.   And what that did for us? For my wife? Really
when she comes home, she said it just. It just dropped deeper. And we’ve been with social,
you know, for probably 2 1/2 three years at that time, but it still it just shows.   You just feel more of the hours, heart and
that’s where what we really appreciate. I guess I come to the point or any company and
I don’t care what kind of products you know. Kind of like Aaron said, you know, this is
the best week found.   But 11 feel it all goes back to the owner,
the owners, and their integrity and why they’re doing it for. So I guess if somebody you know
has another company or something, they like to offer. I’m like a.   Well, you know what? What the owner’s integrity
and that kind of work start with me. That’s what I really appreciate with this company.
And yeah, we’ve been through some challenges things that I’ve never experienced in my life. But the Lord was there and there were a lot
of people praying for us. We could feel that there’s not even a question and so we appreciate
that. Want to say thank you for all the prayers you guys prayed for us.   We could use everyone and we appreciate it
and I just wanna say the Lords been faithful an I wish everybody the Lords, blessings and
back to you guys.   Absolutely amazing everybody Elrose right
there out of Ohio. And you know we’ve heard him called we’re talking about Dominic. Now
we’ve heard him called, you know, Cowboy Dom.  And, uh, you know, traveled, Amen, Ski Dom
but a new one today come out of the Diesel Dom be for Dominic Baccini run it. I could
be so fine old machine before the dog.   Is coming at you live right now everybody,
and I believe he’s up in Utah mountain somewhere. How are you doing this?   I’m doing great. Are you doing? The diesel
is in the house.   Dom, I love that one. That’s us. That was
pretty cool. I’ll take it.   Did you with it he dubbed they dubbed the
Dorn Diesel Dorn deduct it.   Yeah, 11 say I take it because I like it,
but that’s the funny thing about nicknames. Whether you like him or not. Once you get
him to get him. So I was, I appreciate that one, but this
this is a great call. Awesome job today. We appreciate everything that you do every day.   We appreciate Miss Helen run in the back office
to make sure that this runs smoothly and that everything. No, no one really sees what goes
on behind the scenes. It’s usually pretty smooth. People that speak on the call frequently.
They can tell when she’s not there. I always have a hard time.   People in the back office and unmute him to
make a little bit of lagging and so it’s important and it’s amazing what she does for us. So
they get in Italian and mom. Thank you for what you do every day. Facilitate and helping
the team.   Doing everything that you do, we have an incredible
team of people. We have incredible leaders and friends and team members on this call
every single day. So I’m learning some growing. Some have been veterans in the industry and
they take that skill set here.  But we appreciate the whole team. Now Mary’s
look, it says this, she said at one time, but we’ve used the reference a few times talking
about a puzzle one piece of the puzzle is missing. You might as well toss out the whole
thing.  You’re not going to get a complete picture
and so each person that we work with that we have the opportunity to create relationships
and bond with and everybody participating in this. Everybody plays a crucial role and
we appreciate.  Everyone. So I thank you for that. Do you start off the call talking about doing great things and stepping out of the comfort zone?

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