• Cj Buford

    Gateways always one of those interesting opportunity races for guys. Buschwackers dont usually make the trip, so you see guys like Tim McCreadie, Kenny Wallace, and Cale Gale in Childress cars, and Travis Kittleson (who?) in a Joe Gibbs car.

  • Cj Buford

    Boy these early ESPN broadcasts were painful to watch. The Punch-Rusty-Petree trio absolutely destroyed races. Especially Rusty and Punch, they really dragged Petree down.

  • Cj Buford

    Reed Sorenson was one of hidden busts in the history of NASCAR. Absolutely tore up the Busch series in 2005 as a teenager, then just disappointed ever since. I can't understand what happened to him. He really looked like he was gonna be a star, but just fell into the tubes

  • Cj Buford

    Why are Petree and Rusty sucking off Carl so hard, he's "driving the wheels off it" in top tier equipment, racing against nationwide regulars, retreads, and rookies. Only two Cup drivers went to Gateway to race this night, Carl was one of them, and he didnt win. How about with 10 laps to go, you talk about the leader (Sorenson) rather than the guy in 8th.

  • Joseph Bettano

    This was when the NASCAR Xfinity Series was decent! The Xfinity Series now will always pale in comparison to 2007! First off, including this track, many of the tracks that held stand-alone Xfinity races are no longer on the schedule! The 2 races Iowa, Road America, Mid-Ohio, and a stand-alone race at Kentucky, which now has a Cup race, are just about it for stand-alone Xfinity races! Another thing is the Xfinity Series now has a Chase! Personally, I have always felt the Chase should be exclusive to the Cup Series while the Xfinity and Truck championships be decided on a season-long classic points battle not reset by a Chase! To me, the last great year for the Xfinity Series was in 2011! I really hope the Xfinity Series goes back to being the way it was then!

  • Evan Williams

    This was Brad Keselowski's second start in the #88 NAVY car and eventually led to a full-time ride and eventually a series championship for the youngster and the rest they say is history.

  • Mesousa Gaby

    Holy crap, the amount of obscure drivers here makes me wonder "why didn't most of these guys get legit rides"? Oh right, this Buschwacker bullshit.

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