2014 Rav4 Sleeping Platform and Drawer – Keeping Rear Seats
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2014 Rav4 Sleeping Platform and Drawer – Keeping Rear Seats

Hi everybody so I just wanted to give a
quick demonstration of the build I made my 2014 rav4. Making a platform
out of largely plywood and a couple two by fours. So the reason I wanted to build
it was because I spent several weeks traveling in my car last summer doing a
cross-country road trip back from where I was living in Denver back to the East
Coast and was largely sleeping in my car visiting national parks and while it works
perfectly fine- I did have everything I owned in the car with me moving back so
it was pretty claustrophobic and so I wanted to build something where I could have it
raised, have plenty of storage space underneath and I really wanted the drawer I made so I can pull
it out and my camping stove right there and just sit on the edge and cook or sit
in the camping chair and cook and store any other things that I wanted to in
there and then I wanted to make sure that this spot here had plenty of open
area and pretty beep so I could fit in my skis
and snowboards and had plenty of space just to fit in any other various
equipment so if you look in here you can see that there’s these two pieces of
plywood that line up basically where the two-person seat is and then the
one-person seat so this is wider and then I have two two by fours running up
the height of it and then a one on each side and then a two by four running
across the length of it so that it would have extra support and that’s under the
straw as well so here’s what it is can’t sit up all the way but can do a
nice lean so pretty comfy it’s all carpeted with indoor-outdoor carpeting
so it stays clean I can easily vacuum it and it’s nice and soft and then I
usually sleep with a therm rest over it with a sleeping bag and a pillow and
then here so here’s the head piece so this easily
back and forth so I could slide the seats
driver seat and passenger seat all the way back and forward and then I’ve got
these seven I’m drop pins right here so it just hold this onto the piece that’s
below that two by fours that are running across here and then also I have short
two by fours that are just about nine inches tall here one two three four of
those just to keep us stable but it’s pretty easy to to get it back in and out
and then this can pull back and then this whole thing moves on top of here so
the structure itself is built in two major pieces with the head piece as well
so the dimensions of the two bottom pieces were about 43 inches wide and
then the length for the closest one to me was about 29 point 5 inches and the
second was 30 and a half inches and then 11 inches for the head piece and I want
to make it this way so that this back piece stays stable and the drawer I
don’t really have to take this piece out I can if I want to but I don’t have to
and then I wanted to have full access to the rear seats so I made sure that I
made this piece in front of it removable and so I can show you what it is like
next to just remove that piece so here just gives a demonstration of what this
friend looks like when it’s fully down so there is a bit of tilt of the head
piece but I can just what I did find is that if I put the head rest of these
seats on upside down then it just about gives it some extra support and then I
can get put a little piece of something right between those two make sure it is
just at 180 degrees and then here you can see the support system of the rear
piece so I have a two-by-four just about here in the middle with a piece that
holds it up right there and then another 2×4 running the length right in the
front with three two by fours that I put the drop pins into
yeah as well and then there is the edge of the drawer
and up there you can see where it has the two by fours that this back piece
and front piece connect on to so now I’ll go ahead and give a demonstration
of how I’m gonna close this up and I’ll just do it from the back all right so
I’m just gonna go ahead and start by taking out the drop hands today
select all the two by fours which I usually just leave right in here and
then get a grasp of where each of the the holes are that I have that I used
for the pin right there another one over here
all right here so if we just drop down this back seat we can check out the
holes then I drilled in order to keep this in place and give it extra support
when you put the back and to the plywood in alright so this is what it looks like
totally closed so I still got full access to the rear seats and then I can
leave the two by fours over there I’ve also got my mosquito net right there
which I use for the windows plenty of storage space here got a little gap with
the two by fours that I used right in between this you can see it when I lift
it up and then we can also look in the drawer so here’s just where I could keep
the stove and once I want to use it just drop it down open it up right here put
those things up attach the propane to the side and it’s
really nice to have this drawer right here drop down it’s super easy to close
back up but that way yeah so in regards the
drawer I didn’t actually buy any separate wood for this I just used
leftover plywood for when I built the platform and when I had the vertical
supports so what I did is I just used piece of plywood on the bottom cut just
short little pieces on the side here so that when it is pulled out that I’m
still gonna have plenty of access to the stove that it doesn’t really hinder my
use at all when I’m using different equipment and then I just built a tiny
little block at the end so things wouldn’t just slide off and then here
you can see that I wanted to use hinges where that when it was here allied flat
but then I could also want a tear iliza yeah and so it’s pretty nice so then I
have a length and space to work on when I’m cooking so I did use 22 inch
brackets here and they are 100 pound brackets so I hope this gave you some ok
ideas your own car builds for a Toyota rav4
which is what I have or maybe a Subaru it’s pretty easy to change if you just
want to have different adjustments for the three for the front and if your
vehicle has higher elevation seats in the front and if you have any questions
let me know if you hate it don’t let me know
but yeah it’s worked out well for me so far I’m really excited about it and I’m
really glad that I was able to make the door and it all come together pretty
quickly yeah thanks for watching


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