2014 Winnebago Travato 259G Class B Camper Van • Guaranty.com
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2014 Winnebago Travato 259G Class B Camper Van • Guaranty.com

We’ve got the all new Travado, which is an
awesome front wheel drive van that gets 15 to 18 miles per gallon. It’s got some neat
features inside, let me show you. You’ve got a 77″ long by 46″ wide bed that
folds up out of the way so you can put surfboards, windboards, bikes— kind of whatever you
want inside the unit and your bedding just folds up. Down below here you’ve got your jack kit,
and all the stuff if you need to change a tire it’s located there, real easy to get
to, and you’ll notice a very generous bathroom, look how nice and big that is. You’ve got
your soap dispensers in there so you don’t have to bring them you just have to fill the
button, Plenty of room on the toilet, nice door closure,
pretty slick! Dry storage in here Gorgeous refrigerator. Look how big that bad
boy is. And yes, you can take the freezer out and turn this into a big refrigerator. What a lot of guys do when they’re first starting
out and plugging it in to go on a trip and want to cool the refrigerator, pop this out
and all the cold air will just rush down and cool it down really quick and then you can
just slide it back in place. Three-way refrigerator, all the controls are
clear up on top to make it real easy to see what you’re doing, it has an indicator to
see when it’s running so you don’t have to be concerned is it really running or not because
the little needle will move into the green. Microwave: right up on top, it’s not too high,
it is up high, but it’s not too high. Some nice storage. Hanging space in here, and I really like what
they did— it’s a small counter, so what they did is they recessed both the sink and
your cook stove, so when you need them you can pop them up and use them and when you’re
not, you can use them as a work space as well as this. light controls are in here, it does have an
electrical outlet, good storage up on top. You have your CD player, DVD and your stereo
system, they put a nice Jensen flat-screen TV that does turn for viewing, it’s got all
your hookups back here This little dinette area is extremely convenient
for seating a lot of people, if you pull down on this little lever here, that swings around
and it also swings that way too. That’s the awning control, so even if you’re
parked in kind of a tight space, you want a little shade, just push the button and out
it goes. You can stop it wherever you want it, this goes out 8 feet, You can turn all the way around, in place.
That’s the only van we have that I know of that does that. That’s a cool deal. Then you
can hit your recline. Some of the neat features that I’ve found:
power folding mirrors, so if you’re getting into a tight spot, and you need your mirrors
in, you just hit the button. If you’re gonna go back up, there’s your backup
camera, it’s very nice, in color, it’s got a little graph in here so you can tell how
close you’re getting Did you like that? Winnebago is the only one
I know that’s got iton a van. they have it on their ERA sprinter chassis as well. That pretty much opens that up doesn’t it?
So, outside shower’s here, hose is here. porch light, and again, all your lights are LED,
so you’ve got a nice light back in here if you’re trying to do something in evening time,
trying to load up all your stuff. Water pump switch: This turns your water pump
on, and the drain pump is for taking your grey water and transferring it from this side
over to the dump side. Cause where they put it, it can’t run across so they just have
a little pump, and a flexible, and it pumps it across. And of course this part unwraps to make it
the full width. And you can leave all your bedding in there. This is the exhaust for the generator, 2800
watt Onan, as I mentioned earlier it runs off your main fuel tank. Your black and grey
drain, common dump is right here. propane access is here it’s real easy to get to, and
I showed you the on/off valve intside. Unleaded fuel goes here. If you have any questions on this product
or any of our great other products, who are you gonna call? You’re gonna call the van
guy. Call me at direct at (541) 554-9581 or the number at the bottom of your screen. Appreciate your interest, have a good day.


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