2016 Chateau Super C Motorhomes from Thor Motor Coach
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2016 Chateau Super C Motorhomes from Thor Motor Coach

today happy to be here perfect so we’ve got mich who is gonna
talk to us all about the Chateau supersede now this coach we call the sea
but it’s really got a lot of the features of the class ADAS but give me a
couple of things that people really like about the super C version of this coach
what people really like about the super C is the fact that it is a diesel
submarines we can make a little bit longer put more stuff inside the coach
here to get more horsepower can be 300 horsepower also six hundred and sixty
foot pounds of torque in this piece so what that means we should be done with
this with a big diesel engine absolutely as a 10,000 pound hit you bring all the
toys you want with you and I still pretty much about got it I could call it
absolutely alright so this thing is pretty big it’s pretty impressive if you
ask me and in order for us to get something like this down the road I’m
assuming that we need to have a real strong base with us to be built on and I
know that we get off our basement structures worked on by a company called
more right absolutely alright so let’s go take a look at exactly how more right
put these things together so we can get back to talking about the outside of
this absolutely let’s do it and Thor Motor Coach we build many of
the world’s most recognized brands of motor homes to make sure your new motor
home is the perfect fit for you and your family are engineers work with more ride
international the leader in chassis modification to design and construct the
foundation for your motorhome more ride provides the steel assembly that makes
up the basement storage and support structure of the motorhome chassis has
come to us from leading chassis builders like Ford Chevrolet Freightliner and
mercedes-benz computer-aided design models allow Thor Motor Coach engineers
to provide more ride all the information needed to make the perfect parts for
each chassis a specialized steel cutting and forming processes used for each
individual part the use of these metal forming machines help create consistency
throughout the build many chances need to be modified based on the floor plan
of the motorhome these chances will be stretched to provide the optimum
combination of storage and drivability steel see channels are welded in place
to provide strength and rigidity the lengthening of the chassis requires a
modified driveline new drive shafts connect to the transmission and rear
differential specialized machines are used to create the correct driving goals
and balance the new driveshaft before being installed on the unit steel cross
members make up the largest section of the structure spanning horizontally from
side to side over the main frame rails these cross members support the floor of
the coach while evenly spreading the weight of the coach for better stability
while driving with the newly formed structure in place the jesse is brought
in for painting to protect the raw steel from the elements this special paint is
formulated to help inhibit rust and corrosion special attention is spent to
ensure only the steel structure is painted leaving all of the automotive
components with the standard coding provided by the chassis manufacturer
even though you can’t see what is beneath the beauty of the motorhome you
can be certain Thor Motor Coach and more right international have created a
strong foundation meant to stand the test of time it was really great to see how these
things were put together I am extremely impressed and I know that my family will
travel safe inside this motorhome but of course you know a motorhome is only as
good as how much stuff I can bring with me right alright so show me a little bit about
the with his basement lays out more I can take some of my stuff thank you open up this large bay right
here you gonna notice that you not only get pass thru storage underneath there
are also gonna get erotic a storage compartment which means it’s a spun
plastic so you’re not going to have any weak points in the scenes it’s also
going to be the same thickness all the way through I liked about rusting and
older anything like that in there doing not at all it also has a drain in the
back so if you do get a little bit of standing water in there just pull that
out let it drain out I can tell you right now I’m thinking more about
turning this into the biggest cooler on a motor home’s I just feel that thing
with ice put all my sodas and you know the kids for lunch on it and then when
I’m done I can let it all hang out sure thing make tailgate a lot of fun absolutely I’m pretty sure based on that
storage compartment I could bring just about everything I want to on this trip
but you know sometimes when I’m out here in the patio area like to be entertained
underneath the patio awning give me something that I could do I get onto the
patio awning you want to bring the whole family out
here we have two Bluetooth speakers I hear what you’re connected to the
Bluetooth radio on the inside see just hook up your phone no wires involved and
also have your say your name but you don’t necessarily want to go in it’s not
a problem because we have a 32 inch exterior TV you can watch all your
sporting events or late night TV shows just out here I’ll tell you what I
really like the Bluetooth speakers because now other than the fact that my
daughters hijacked by Bluetooth connection alright so we gotta listen to
their own stuff you can bring your Pandora radio except radio slacker
whatever you’ve got you can even listen to YouTube videos out here which is
really nice because then I can also use my phone to turn the volume up and down
so I don’t always have to go back on the bed roomed actually you know make the
volume higher lower on the outside her match the the pain is very stunning it
looks great it’s it’s like what I see and cultures that cost hundreds of
thousands more dollars than what this one does so tell me a little bit about
the outside of this coach is actually going to use the same pain as those
hundreds of thousand dollar market coaches gonna be a second Spain which
means it flexes by the coaches going down bro that’s gonna help prevent spider
cracking really make the coach look a lot nicer years down the road so that
Automotive Group type a correct absolutely alright so what else we got
here we got an awning obviously this isn’t just your typical every day on his
I know it’s actually gonna be all electric is actually a strip LED lights
are going to be against your side all the way it really lights up your camp
ground wire campaign tonight would give some good ambience to overall here
enjoying the entertainment center thing what about these are usually see these
at the you know i three hundred thousand above but now we’re starting at these
kind of Windows on this coach sure thing these are actually gonna be frameless
windows they open up from the bottom so you can have them open up while its
raining a little bit maybe a little bit of do it might as well also allow a nice
bit of airflow to come inside the coach so we have here this is gonna be your
side view camera as soon as you turn on your turn signal is going to engage this
and show your blind spot so if you might be able to miss out on one side door
mirrors you’re definitely going to capture with this makes driving the
cultural lot easier especially in multiple lanes of traffic all right and then I come around here
and while this this campus pretty large it looks like it must be all fiberglass
correct it’s gonna be a one-piece molded fiberglass cap away from the front all
the way to this point a lot of your traditional Caesar gonna stop you there
right here even a little bit further forward alright so that’s going to cover
up above my caps off my cut out when I go up in there I got some nice big
mirrors it looks like on the outside here and there there chrome really kind
of dress up the exterior even more definitely classes it up a little bit
and then of course as we go to the front of the co-chair think one of the things
that is most striking is that when I look at these trucks when they’re on
just a lot in automobile lot they look you know pretty utilitarian or this one
looks like you know it’s a little while a little face work done and it looks
like it’s got a few more parts of the make it look a little better yet just a
little bit we’re going to a fiberglass bumper and fiberglass running boards
just the kind of time the whole look at the coach mr. slide-out room it’s pretty
big I think this will take awhile site isn’t it full slightly up alright so one of the
things that we made a change in the last few years as we now have a week off
three tracks slide mechanism that takes all Burwell slides out a little bit
about that with the main difference between the three track system in our
previous system incorporated on all of our full all slides gonna have two
tracks at the top and one at the bottom that middle tracks
can be the third track where gets the name from the way this operates as you
have one electric motor on the side and one electric motor on the other side
even if it’s coming in a little one side a little bit before the other that’s not
a problem just bring itself in and 0 back out couple of the changes we made it we
incorporated steel driveshaft into the whole thing gonna have adjustable roller
glides on the bottom instead of just two stationary one that would keep him even
pressure on the bottom of the slide that’s gonna keep it stable when it’s
going in and out and keep everything nice and aligned with the coaches going
down the road to pretty much as just an evolution of Mara had a slight system
that work well but then this kind of evolves as the room to have a bigger
just to give a little more stability going to now know as the motor home’s
change we had to change the way we build them so this is just one of the many
things that we’ve done to incorporate the bigger heavier slides so much I know
where power by big diesel up front and that’s been allowed to get down the road
but now I wanted to about what I’ve got on board that allows me to run
everything in the motorhome when I’m not driving down the road or when I’m in a
camp site I don’t want to plug into electrical outlet it comes with the 6000 watt Cummins Onan
onboard diesel generator ok with that means is gonna offer plenty of power to
run everything inside the Coach House also gonna come 2001 burger that we can
keep your refrigerator cool when you’re going down the road and also watched a
little bit of TV along with that inverter from my mistake we also have an
auto generators are correct everything ok with that generator start that’s
going to allow me peace of mind pretty much when I go on that if I want the air
conditioner to come on or if I want the batteries make sure they stay charged
generator stores can help you with that sure thing it has an automatic sensor so
few battery start getting a little bit low kick the generator on not only does
it have that but you can also set it on a timer so if you know you have a quiet
hours at a certain campground and you’re gonna make sure you have your battery
power all the way up before that time hit you can schedule to kick on an hour
two hours before and just make sure you can make it through the night also has a temperature settings so if
you have any pets inside the coach and you’re going to be gone for half a day
you don’t want to get a little too hot you cannot have it automatically kick on
when it gets above a certain temperature just to keep those pets cool I’ll tell
you what I know people travel with pets you know eighty-seven percent of our
beers claim that they actually have a pet the travel within that is going to
be a feature that really good thing I know at the end of the day when
we get ready to pack up camp one of the things we all hate to do is go dump
thanks alright so here I am looking at this num thinking this looks pretty
convenient because it’s got lots of space and it’s got plenty of area where
I can go in and hook up into you know get rid of whatever I haven’t side of
the coach give me a quick preview of what we’re looking at all the cool
things about this coaches the sewer hose connection is actually adjustable so you
can put it down or use any sort of connections to hook it up and other
things we liked about our coaches is that has a black handle for black tank
in a great label for your great thank you can avoid any confusion if you take
a look out to left have still have a little bit extra for storage in here so
for extra hoses and things like that and also keep in mind this is already cast
underneath here that’s going to allow you to do is if you do have any spillage
you can close it out and bring about the bottom and have no problem but I gotta
tell you these are pretty comfortable captains chairs up here don’t you think definitely alright so these are for
factories here to get that nice big arm rest here in the middle I like it
because it gives you some additional storage up here which we’ve never seen
before it’s gonna be new for 2016 ok so do for 2016 and what else can you show
me up here on the desk area up here you’re gonna have your in dash
entertainment system this is going to be counted central control fear cockpit not
only do you have your radio period also has blue tunes for your phone call so
this is gonna be where the displays are for your left and right turn signals may
also it’s gonna be when you put it in reverse its gonna show your rearview
backup camera so I do look at this is Google me right away is a dormir lumiere
means what you can actually plug your phone into this and it will mirror what
shows up on the screen your phone so if you have GPS on your phone at all show
up right here to have Pandora radio or anything else like that will actually
show up on this display that we’re not fumbling with it while you’re driving I
really like that cuz now I have my Apple maps up and I want real time traffic now
I can have that plugged in and better yet me as the navigator over here I can be
the one looking at my during it you can see that there on the screen but then
you’re not you’re making sure that you’re paying 100% attention to the road
that’s always key safety is first right along with this mistake we also have
hands-free audio so that way if you need make any calls they can all be
hands-free you don’t have to worry about you know getting pulled over yes it is take a look up here the deaths either
some auxiliary switches but the thing is most intriguing is this little area here
that has been minus and plus but what’s that this is actually gonna beat your
drum brake controller for your trailer so if you have brakes on your tow
vehicle and seem really easy to operate well within reach you know it’s really
nice I don’t have to the dealer now and I actually have one installed because
the motor coaches are a thought through this and actually given it to me when i
buy the coach what this ten thousand pound hit we know that we’re going to
have people telling heavier loads and they’re going to have that brake control
alright well that is something that’s really great also I notice over here
we’ve got a little switch here that allows you to go from the front to the
rear that’s actually gonna be your fuel tanks correct yeah alright so you gotta
get extra fuel capacity you know I think we’ve pretty much seen what we need to
see here in this area and when we head back to the living room cuz i think
thats gonna be something people want to see months ago I really like what’s
going on here in the living area because it just seems you know very comfortable
and also you know pretty moderate so I’m looking at this furniture and it’s all
leatherette myths tell me what the big advantages of this leather effort after
as opposed to fabric protection to be able to be cleaned a lot easier just to
use kind of mild cleaner that way they can be more resistant to stains
scratches things like that as we talked about earlier lot of people to travel
with pets and mistakes do happen so I wanted to be material it’s easy to clean
so everything looks really great and you know this would work looks fantastic to
tell me what color is this one this is going to be our Sydney maple its kind of
the lighter color but also on this commentary on notice that we have a
raised panel also be solid wood faces another thing we didn’t have this
coaches added some years to some of the cabinet doors to kind of give it a
bigger higher and look alright with that looks fantastic I think I hope the
ladies are really going to like it when they come in and of course as I look at
the floor I know if there’s no carpet this motorola and that’s a big plus for
years definitely what this is gonna lie to do is not have to lug around a vacuum
cleaner anything like that just jet or something along those lines it’s because
it is both flooring gonna be state resistant mold and mildew resistant also
when it gets a little wet it’s not that slippery Joshua and then finally looking
up at the ceiling I see something’s up there that I’m
really intrigued with the first of all it looks like we’ve got the halogen
lights but I don’t think those are hella dudes anymore I think these are actually different Brady and
these are actually led k they’re not going to put off a whole bunch of heat
like those old halogen lights did not allow your coach batteries to last
little bit longer cuz I’m not gonna be drawn as much power I like that cuz we
were talking about our auto Jen starts this is just be one kind of energy
saving method we put out there so we don’t have to use that just aren’t all
the time so much we talk about the living area but now we’re standing it
looks like that’s a pretty good temporary looking kitchen absolutely is
gonna have solid surface countertops for those hot pants down it’s not going to
damage it we have a good side 60 40 split think that’s gonna have seat
covers that match the countertop it’s always nice to have a gooseneck faucet
that if you want to you can actually detached this get in there and make sure
that you this is a nice and clean now right behind you look in this kitchen
area looks like we’ve got some pretty good appliances in there usually are via
plants that are smaller than what I have in my house but it’s kinda look like
about the same size as what I have at home absolutely this is actually gonna be a
whirlpool kind of standard microwave case of you want to you can actually fit
with everyone inside just like you would your house is not going to be the
traditional RD one which is about half the size of our 11 cubic foot
residential refrigerator which because of that burger will be able to be online
going down the road there’s no gas needed along with the appliances Thor
Motor Coach has an exclusive on something we call it rapid camp you tell
me a little bit about what rapid campus traffic is gonna be a wireless remote
that controls a lot of features inside your coach not only gonna control couple
lights inside your coaches also going to control your generator so you can turn
on and off with remote you can bring your jacks up and down you also bring
your awning in and out and finally can actually bring your entire slide in and
out that way if you’re next to somebody else is coaching the campground kinda
close to a tree while camping out in the woods you not to be standing inside
looking out the windows make sure your ok I think that’s really great feature I
think it’s a feature that people will really appreciate once they own the
coach so we’ve got rapid camp as we move our way back in the coach I think that
there’s probably a pretty decent sized bedroom based on what I saw outside and
so let’s go take a look at that kind of talk a little bit about it let’s go back
here in the bedroom like we talked about a lot of wardrobes
basis got a his and hers and look at this there’s even a washer and dryer
closet that its cracked out ready for its if you want added after the fact that you put a
washer dryer in it but if you don’t know I just got a big storage area that also
doubles as a nice closet you don’t put that washer dryer and then back here
we’ve also got a big screen TV which is a nice 32 inch that you can easily see
from the bed that bad actually gonna be a Denver mattress cases not gonna be
your traditional foam rematches of something much more comfortable right
now and I think the Denver mattress is two-sided secret flip it over then you
have to worry about breaking down and it’s got an exclusive warranty that’s
better than just about everything out there in the market so many as we work
our way from the bedroom into the bathroom in the back is really cool this
thirty-five SFR plan that I have about upfront and about in the back so tell me
a little bit by white people like this floor plan it’s nice to have separate
bathrooms for the same reason it’s nice to have two bathrooms in your house if
you want to you can kinda have the the main living bathroom and back so you can
leave out your toiletries and after putting away every time somebody comes
to the coach because they can use that half bath of I think it’d be great to
get people over there not going to your room in the middle of the night to get
there then of course in that bathroom I was nervous and it’s got a pretty good
sized shower has got a porcelain toilet and of course lots of storage space
especially that all-important medicine cabinet space now I’ve got places that
you know put my pills or shampoo were you even have an extra roll of toilet
paper definitely alright so hate MIT I won’t let you know it’s been great
talking to you today you’ve really told me a lot about this motorhome and I
think people are going to be very impressed when they see it its due 2016
Chateau super C and we are seeing on lots today can we absolutely if you can
visit our website you can actually find a dealer near you alright thanks again thanks for having
me all of our motorhome engineered using the best combination of
aluminum steel and fiberglass the walls and roof are constructed from aluminum
which provides a strong yet lightweight skeleton to support the overall health
of the motorhome our floors are built from steel the heavier steel
construction helps lower the overall center of gravity of the motor home
while providing an excellent platform to help insulate the interior of ERP from
road noise cancellation within the walls roof and floor is low density
polystyrene foam insulation is form fitted to all structural areas to
provide protection from the exterior elements the side walls are finished in
fiberglass large flat sheets or rolls of fiberglass or laid upon elimination
table to be prepped and bonded to Lee aluminum structure a large glue
applicator runs beads of adhesive every inch down the length of the structure to
ensure 100% coverage now elimination process takes place the entire walls
roof and floor are inserted into an individual elimination bed where air is
removed and pressure is applied causing the adhesive in the walls to flash also
known as vacuum bonding this flashing permanently bonds all the layers
together providing an optimal structure to build a motor home with elimination
process complete a final routing of all cut outs in the structure is performed
openings on the walls and roof were framed in aluminum foil the floor is all
framed in steel this extra step ensures the openings are always sized correctly
so items like Windows events in entry doors will fit each and every time


  • born68

    Yeah they don't have a lot of carpet in these coaches but they sure do suck for dogs. It's like an ice skating rink, especially the dogs who are kinda excitable. running around and slamming their face into every wall and drawer never gets old lmao. ABSOLUTELY

  • RVguy

    We are on our 5th motorhome and presently have a very nice Chateau Citation (Ford V10) motorhome.
    The one major gripe I have today with RVs is the hideous vinyl graphics on the exterior, especially when
    they get aged and faded. I wish RV manufacturers would go back to the adult looking horizontal stripes.
    These graphic swirls look like a kindergarten child did some finger painting on the exterior. Yuk!

  • blumajikboi

    this is where you get things wrong…. 1, its too damned big, you don't offer a much smaller coach using a 550 diesel chassis.  2  Not everyone wants slides.  3.  why isn't the roof completely covered with solar panels and why wont this coach run completely off of solar without a genset or propane? 4  Not enough fresh water

  • Юра Казаков

    These motorhomes wants to the run on a e85 ethanol or green natural gas fuel and that's it. #GREENVEHICLE #GREENLIFE

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